Thursday, May 28, 2009

Demi and I visit the dentist!

Ohhh so PRETTY!

Ok, I admit I've been a baby about this whole going to the dentist thing. My dentist's office (other than the needles and discomfort of trying to hold my mouth open for an hour) is actually a pretty painless thing to do. As I showed you yesterday, unlike Jack and Jill I did not fall down but did break my temporary crown... and today I went in and got it replaced with a nice shiny gold one. When Cheryl showed it to me in its case, like a miniature piece of jewellery, why I just HAD to take a picture of it for my blog. I hope when I die someone will pry it out of my mouth and figuring what it cost me if they sold the gold it could sponsor a child in a third world country for a year. After all, as my Mother in Law reminds me often - you can't take it with you!

Hey, it looks like i have sideburns *snort!*

Ohh all gleamy-shiny!

What was fun, was once I explained to Cheryl and Dr. Nofle that I was going to blog my crown Cheryl got a twinkle in her eye and told me I was not alone in wanting to share this. She'd heard that even Demi Moore, the actress, recently posted her own unflattering photo on twitter of her with a MISSING tooth! Well, if Demi can do that so can I! You can read the article of Demi's experience HERE.

So, OBVIOUSLY I did not take a picture of my own mouth - Cheryl and Dr. Nofle joined me in bringing you this fun post.

Dr. Nofle and Cheryl

Thank you for letting me post your photos and I'll not be afraid to bring my camera next time too. I think it says a lot about both the facilities and your friendly staff to allow me to do this. PS - its a nice time to say thank you to your entire office (especially Heidi) for fitting me in whenever I've had a problem, for cancelling appointments when I had to shift them and for phoning with reminders when I've forgotten.


  1. Haahaahaa! what a post......... I would never imagine a photo of the inside of your mouth on your blog ever.. but there you go, you do like to amaze me heehee!
    keep on smiling!

  2. Glad you are able to smile about it :)

    They look like a great team, and very understanding of your blogging addiction.

    I am working on my blog post - can you guess the topic?!!

  3. way to girl ...only you could do it ...not me ...but you did it so awesome ...sounds like a great dentist office ..have a great weekend


  4. you never cease to AMAZE me! hehe Thank you for sharing such a FUN post! your dentist looks like a GREAT guy! :) Have an AWESOME day!

  5. Neat post, the dentist team seem like very nice people.

    Have an excellent weekend!


  6. Good Morning Barb:)
    COOL post! Your teeth look great too! Thanks for showing us!hehe
    hmmm...wonder if I should have posted my rotten wisdom tooth??? ewwww!!! snort!:)
    How sweet that they went along with the blogging idea.How fun!

    Love and hugs,

  7. Hey, I've a old tooth too, same place, opposite side:)

    Its great that your dentist "gets you" and is happy to pose for photos.

  8. Ah vois que vous aimez bien
    les dentistes...Vos couronnes sont superbes en Or, mais pourquoi pas en céramique....dommage bien vrai on dit que l' or vieillit bien.
    Une ancienne de la profession, avec beaucoup d' anecdotes en souvenir.



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