Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alpaca and Deer, Yard Sale Buys and a Tooth

Frosty and deers_DSC1347

If you follow my blog you know we have friends who own alpaca. They are very interesting creatures. Every once in a while Roger sends me a photo or two. I thought you might enjoy this one of 'Frosty' meeting two deer.

Mom and Alta Mom and a Friend at a good yard sale

May 2009 Blog

I also promised to blog about the good deals I got at the yard sales I went to last week with Mom and her friends. This photo is just a sampling of the great deals I found. Pictured here are a set of place mats for $1, a star and moon mirror (which matches our guest room decor), 13 tupperware spice containers for .25 cents each, a DVD set of 20 Alfred Hitchcock movies for $2, and a set of bright, colorful glass pasta bowls for $4

And finally... I could be upset about this -


That's adhesive on the bottom, not food LOL! This is my second temporary cap from a molar in as many weeks. I must be hard on my teeth, or grind them at night because I've managed to crunch up two. The edges are very sharp! I think I'd rather it came out of my mouth then to have swallowed it with my food. And I'm covered totally by dental. So, I'm not upset at all. And my appointment to get the real cap put on tomorrow. So its good. really. I'd love to know if you have a scary dental story!


  1. My teeth are woeful, and my dh and kids don't have a single filling between them!

    I latest horror story was getting a tooth extracted the day before we flew to Disneyland Paris. He was on his THIRD set of pliers pulling it out....he says he rarely needs to even use a 2nd pair on anyone!

  2. love all the goodies you got ...way to go girl ugh

  3. Oh no! I know what that feels like, but for me it was a permanent crown and I swallowed it!!! You do not want to know how I looked for it.... UGH!!
    I hope your dentist has hard holding cement! :)
    Great deals you found there!

  4. great goodies - thanks for sharing - no bad dentist stories - except a dry socket - never ever drink from a straw after a tooth extraction UG!!!

    Have a great day!


  5. Love the yardsale finds, as for the dentist, not many interesting stories here...

    now you did promise a story about HOODOO's?????

    Good luck with the dentist tomorrow... :)

  6. Ouch! That sounds painful! Love the picture with the alpaca and the deer. And ya gotta love a good yard sale! Those bowls are beautiful!

    Take care my friend!
    Hope the dentist appt goes well.

  7. Good Evening Barb:)
    LOVE the pics of the alpaca and deer! How cool!
    What great yard sale finds!! Bet you had a blast too.:)
    Sooo sorry about your tooth.Bummers!
    Hope all went well today and you are as good as new now.:)
    I haven't had a lot of successes with the Dentists.Maybe that is why I wait too long before I go??LOL I get dry socket every time I get a tooth pulled and the pain is too much.More that the toothache that sent me there to begin with.But..I did discover a new treatment for them.I went to a new Dentist this last time I needed a tooth pulled and she said she could pack it with a medicated packing that would dissolve over time and I wouldn't have to suffer with it again.She was right!!YAY!The time before that I had gone to my regular Dentist who almost broke my jaw while trying to pull an impacted wisdom tooth.He tried for the longest time to pull it and I had to actually hold my jaw up with both hands cause he practically put his whole weight on it to try to pull it.He finally gave up and sent me to an oral surgeon right away from his office.Can you see why I changed Dentists?LOL I haven't been back to the new Dentist since she pulled a tooth for me.I told her I could feel it while she was pulling it and she would say..uh huh..agreeing with me..but not stopping???? OWWWW!!! I should get more work done..but am not looking forward to it at all.:( Thanks for the memories.LOL

    Love and hugs,

  8. Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm still alive & busy!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got my Dads room all ready as This Thursday evening he will be coming to stay with me while my Mom & brothers family go on vacation for the month of June traveling in the RV!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also been busy outside working on the flowerbeds when weather & asthma allow me!!!!!!!!
    I went yard saling 2 weekends ago just to find a rocker & walker!!!!!!!!
    Guess what after driving around my community I found a MARVELOUS pink rocker for $5 & the gentleman even put it in my car I was lucky it wasnt raining & put the top down!!!!!!!!!!
    Than a couple of houses down I found a ADORABLE Walker for Kayla its a blue car which she can also bounce & play with toys on it for #20!!!!!!!!!
    Also got some COOL toys & ADORABLE straw hats free for her!!!!!!!!!
    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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