Friday, February 27, 2009

New Gmail Feature!


Use to be that we had to attach each single photo, file etc to our email and wait to add the next.  What a handy feature THIS is.  Now, you just click on ALL the files you want to add and voila!  Love it.

Its SUNNY & our daughter sent me this… she said it made her think of me.  Awww!   We used to love these stories.  Being she’s in her 20’s now, this really touched me that she remembers.




  1. Awwwe! How sweet of her!
    Thanks for the tip on Gmail. Will be using that for sure!

  2. yes it is awesome Mel remembered ...Melissa and my was Grama and Me ..and she still has the book was an awesome set of books he did...
    I will have to try that ..Gmail is great. Have a great weekend...


  3. Oh how sweet! What a great memory!

    Take care my friend!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Isn't that just the MOST precious thing? When our children come across things that remind them of their growing up years? LOVE IT! What a sweetie for her to share with her WONDERFUL mother!

    I use Gmail a lot now and YES, what a FABULOUS feature - YAY! I have always used my ISP mail address because I have NO size limits but since recently becoming so active on Facebook and having NO idea that I would have SO much mail streaming through on a daily basis, I have resorted to using Gmail for my designing communications!

    Okay girlfriend, NOW who is the AMAZING one! My goodness girl, your photographs are AMAZING, your Corel Webinar shares are FABULOUS and YOU, well, how about all of the aforementioned adjectives and then some!!! *smile*

    I attended my first Webinar via Adobe and hosted by Linda Sattgast last year. VERY, VERY cool and innovative. Hmmmmm .... thinking .....

    Your APPLE looks VERY tempting and I am sure well worth EVERY single BYTE!!! He, he ...

    You and Mr. have a LOVELY weekend and I hope the now melts soon so that you know SPRING is TRULY on it's way!

    Linda :)

  5. How absolutely SWEET! HUGS! your daughter is just a SWEETIE! :)
    thank you for the gmail info! Have a GREAT weekend!


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