Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6th Picture



Louise (LouCee as she is so fondly known to us here in blog-land…. and hay, I always want to drawl the Cee out … LooooCeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)  Well, Louise has challenged me to post my 6th sixth SIXTH photo on my blog.  I dunno, feels spooky this 66sixthhhhh thing, you know.  Being a Christian that number does not sit right. 

At any rate, here is the the sixth (tongue tripping over that word today too, twisting right over with the xth part.  Makes me think of Sylvester Lisp in the Sylvester and Tweety cartoons, you know?)

No, this is NOT the sixth and so on and so forth, this is just the sixth of the folder I’m working with lately.  I haven’t really shared what my BIG project is to date, so I’ll cough up now – now that its public knowledge. 

Many of you know that my Mr. works at (and I attend) a Learning Centre – I actually graduated here at the ripe old age of 43  (GOOD old age I say – I truly DID get ‘older and wiser’)  Well, the Principal at the Centre is retiring at the end of next month.  She’s a wonderful person and good friend.  She’s a huge advocate of education and learning – and has an especial place in her heart to see people come back to finish high school – even if they are up to their senior years.  I think the oldest person I saw graduate from the Learning Centre was in their 80’s – how cool is THAT?

I have SUCH an admiration and respect for Bev – she’s a very special woman.  I know there are many who will agree that her presence in our lives have made us better people.  She instilled a confidence and strength in myself.  Thank you, Bev, for the sacrifice of your time and dedication to help me become the person I am today. 




15 years passes quickly – truly in the blink of an eye! 

The school started off in one community, actually in the humble room of a local hotel!  After several years, the school expanded to a second location in a neighbouring town and eventually a third community was added.  In all this time, Bev remained as Principal at all three – so as the schools grew, Bev had to shoulder all the more work.  No wonder she’s ready to pass the torch!

We’ve known for a long time that retirement was coming, but I’m sure we’ve all been avoiding the reality of it in our hearts. 

So, when the staff inquired what Bev would like as a parting gift – she had no hesitation to say that a scrapbook of her years of her career and years at the Centre.  I have been busy gathering, scanning, collecting and compiling photos, articles and information for the past several weeks and I think it will be several more weeks before the book is ready to publish. 

Part of me does not want it to be finished, for that means the reality is here …




We had a potluck lunch last Thursday and the students presented her with a ‘money tree’ and a beautiful embroidered gift.  The tree is a ‘real’ tree which can be planted out – Bev loves to garden.  She will certainly have time to do this now.  What a nice thought that the tree will grow and spread out roots – just as the gift of learning she’s instilled in each student will grow roots out to the generations in their own families.

I thank God for people like Bev who give their very lives to give a helping hand to others.  Its a true honour for me to take this project on – its a labour of love and a small opportunity to give back. 

Great Louise… now you got me all teary, first thing in the day – way to go, girlfriend! *sob*  Don’t all stand around and watch me weep – why not visit Louise and check out the sweet kit she’s giving away? 

Oh – and a last minute tack-on here of interest.  Yesterday I was watching the news and heard of a hotel burning down… and realized it was from the area where my friend Cicero hails from.  Why, not only that, she was unaware – so off set her husband with camera and in hand and voila! – we have our own news coverage… how neat!   You can read about it and see the pics by visiting Cicero’s blog!


  1. What a great project my friend! I am sure she will love it! You are talented my friend so I am sure it will turn out lovely!

  2. Good morning SUNSHINE!!! I am stopping in this morning before I get myself FOCUSED for what the future has forthcoming for me in SCRAPLAND and I just wish to leave you some SOUL-SEEDED lovin' and to thank you for gracing my blog with your presence and for being a constant source of encouragement and inspiration!

    I may be MIA physically for a bit, but know that you are planted deep within my heart and are in my thoughts daily darlin'!

    We are SO blessed to have people such as Bev (and Miles is a given of course! *wink*)in our lives - they TRULY make us better people in SO many ways. I am SO proud of you for taking the steps to complete your education and for me, age is just a state of mind! 43? Just a baby my sweet!

    Have a GORGEOUS and MOST joyful day love! I have NOOOOOO doubt that your LOVE-FILLED project for Bev will fill the room with MANY oooooo's and ahhhhhhh's!!!

    Linda :)

  3. What a beautiful gift she will have to treasure always.

    I have been tagged by several people to do this 6th photo thing - really ought to get around it!

    Have a lovely day.

  4. I love the idea of a gift money tree with the tree being real and plantable!

    She will surely treasure that book you are putting together. She sounds like a person that deserves such a treat!

  5. awesome sis ..you can do it and it will be a treasure she will love forever. I know how hard you have been working on it. I know that all at the school know how much you love them and are there for them. Way to go ...great grade 6 picture.


  6. Aww Barb.. didn't mean to get you teary eyed.. here's a tissue :)
    isn't it lovely to wind through your memories and I guess by your 6th picture you are really working hard on the album.
    Barb, I just went to Cicero's link and came back to you instea lol! is it me?

  7. Very cool gift! And thank you for the lead to LouCeeeeee's post - that kit is awesome!

  8. Good Morning Barb!!:)
    I KNOW how hard you have been working on this project and it will be much appreciated..I am sure!:)You are soo sweet to do this for her!!I sure hope we will be able to see the finished product.:)
    Thank you so much for the links.I LOVE that beautiful kit of Loucee's.She is soo sweet to share it with us.:)I still need to comment at Cicero's but wanted to come back here first..before I get lost in the web.LOL That happens sometimes...when I click on a link..then there's another link there that I click on and before I know it..I am way lost.hehe
    Just for fun..I went to my sixth pic folder to the sixth pic in that folder and it was a pic of Jim moving a big rock when doing our back yard.:)He was using a lever and a rope.:)Okay..I got curious! LOL

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Love and hugs!

  9. oh that is a WONDERFUL project! and you are sooooooo SWEET to do this! :)
    Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


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