Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bacon Faces

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Last night I cooked a ton of bacon for a breakfast at our church which we had this morning.  As each piece was done, I laid it on a piece of newspaper to drain.  It felt so WRONG to lay the pieces of cooked meat on the faces of the local realtors.

It sure was a good idea to precook the meat though – last time I did it all in the morning and it took forever, created a huge mess and left me sweating and smelling like a slab of bacon all morning.  This way, I just had to pop it into the oven to warm. 

Usually I don’t eat ANY breakfast {yes, this drives Mr. and almost everyone else in the world batty} – but somehow having a HUGE delicious breakfast {including chocolate chip pancakes, applesauce, muffins and quiche} feels so RIGHT.

Do you eat breakfast? 


  1. Sounds really yummy, your breakfast!
    During the week I don´t eat breakfast either. Just on Sunday´s.
    But then it´s just cereal or some buns. A big breakfast is something I´ve never made. I would rather sleep longer... :)

  2. I usually eat something for breakfast even if it's just a granola bar. And I am definitely a fan of chocolate chip pancakes!

  3. Thank you for sharing a GREAT way to do bacon!
    DH and i go out for breakfast most Saturdays & Sundays, of eggs and potatoes and yes BACON...YUM!! :) but during the week, for me it's mostly cereals.
    Have a WONDERFUL night!

  4. My Sweetie must have a proper breakfast every morning. I wasn't so good about breakfast for a good part of my single life until I got a little older. Now we have one of the following:

    * a boiled egg and a piece of toast
    * a poached egg on fried mashed potatoes with a couple of rashers of bacon
    * an egg over easy with pan fries, tomato slice and 2 rashers of bacon
    * roast beef hash with poached eggs on top ... drool
    * scrambled eggs and toast
    * Scots oats supplemented with Chia seed, hemp hearts and ground flax (very filling)
    * scones (though rarely)
    * puff apple pancake
    * rarely, paprika blintzes
    * buttermilk pancakes ... a real comfort food
    * pumpkin/bran/oatmeal muffins

    for some of our more common breakfast/brunches!

    When I was single, I'd buy a pound of bacon, fry it all up and freeze it so I could take out one or two slices at a time ... so I wouldn't stink up my house AND to save the extra time. Worked like a charm ... so long as one used it up within a month or so!

  5. Usually only at the weekend. I spend so much time trying to get Toots to eat during the week I tend to forget about myself:)

    Now if I were to be offered chocolate chip pancakes, muffins and bacon that would be a different story. Somehow a bowl of cereal just isn't that appealing any more.

  6. Good Morning Barb:)
    MMMM your breakfast sounds delicious! What a great idea about the bacon too...although a pic of you all sweaty and greasy and smelling like bacon..would have been VERY entertaining.LOL
    We have a breakfast every morning.Jim has taken over the breakfast cooking.He seems to enjoy it.:)He made bacon...eggs and pancakes yesterday morning for us.Very good too.:)We have something different every morning.The day before..he made waffles..made in the waffle iron.:)Some mornings we have oatmeal..some times french toast..sometimes hot cereal and sometimes cold cereal.Some times omelettes..and sometimes ham,egg and cheese on toast.(one of my favorites).:)One of his favs is to make a couple pieces of toast..lay them open..then fry some eggs ..sunny side up and place one on each slice of toast and then eat it that way.I haven't tried that yet.LOL
    Hope you have a fantastic friend!!

    Love and hugs,

  7. Yes, I eat breakfast! I'd be dysfunctional if I don't! :-)

  8. yes breakfast ..that is one I have a hard time doing to ..seems so rushed and then I turn around and it like 2 in the afternoon to close to dinner ...must change my ways are so cute. Way to SIL

  9. I love bacon sandwiches!
    Barb, I've tagged you... it's a game involving photographs, hope you find time to play amidst your big project!

  10. Good morning sunshine... wow.. why couldn't I think of cooking bacon ahead.. it drives me crazy how long it takes when you have a full house of visitors. thank you for telling us about that. Thank you again for coming and checking in on me.. .you are such an awesome friend. I really do plan on blogging more.. I really am. Hugs.. Joy

  11. nope. if i eat breakfast Im starving all day, and food is literally ALL I can think about.

    So its a few pots of coffee instead.


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