Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weather’s Playing with my Emotions!


Fullscreen capture 25022009 50958 PM

See, tricked into thinking the snow was all melted away… sure there is still a tad of ice on the lake…. this taken via webcam yesterday about 5ish…

Fullscreen capture 26022009 82800 AM


Sigh… to THIS!  This morning its snow blowing every which way.  Well, at least its blowing so its not piled up everywhere.  I understand Vancouver got up to 18 centimetres yesterday!  I told Mr. that the weather has menopause, going through the hot and cold flushes.  I can identify :)

How’s YOUR weather looking?

I received some lovely awards from my friend Shirley – I WILL get them published, really I will, Shirl.  Why not wander over to her blog and check out her cool rock collection!


  1. You know why it´s snowing again?
    Read about it here:

    She prayed for it! :)

  2. snow and more snow...ugh. Yes that is it menopause... Globe warming age is really not sure which way to go.Spring please to later . Have a great day


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  4. We had a skiff too, so you are not alone and Victoria has flower count coming up soon guess the numbers may be down.

  5. Um, I will not tell you that it has been in the 60s here. Nope, you didn't hear that from me!

    I do hope it warms up for you soon my friend. I am sure you are getting tired of all that snow, although I can't see how :o) But that's easy for me to say since we hardly ever get any!

  6. Just come inthe house as I need a break after my first dog, as I have a touch of flu and my head is banging! so stopping by here whilst I take a pain killer!
    Well spring is definitely on it's way.. I have the kitchen door open as it is quite mild :) sorry not really meaning to tease! heehee!
    the birds are twittering away, snowdrops looking healthy, daffodils are sprouting and my headrows have got buds.... should I go on!!!!
    Na, I'll give it a rest..

  7. Good Morning Barb:)

    This pretty much says it all.hehe

    Love and hugs,

  8. me again..if that one doesn't work..try this one..LOL

  9. I smiled at your post title.. Weather's playing with my Emotions..... Driving in this last snow storm I commented to my husband that snow always makes me so happy !
    I guess it doesn't make everyone happy! I opened my door to say "Hi!" to my neighbour across the street out shovelling the foot of snow on her driveway ..and her retort was .. "shut the door.. I'm not talking to you!" She blames this year's snow on me since I told her last summer than i was praying for a snowy winter ! smile..
    She can't stay mad for long though...we're good friends.. smile!

    Thank you for visiting my blog .. just thought I'd come over and say hi ..and I see you are a fellow BC resident!
    Oh ! The Earls you saw in my photo is where we used to live - we were driivng through on our way home ... we moved a little east 3 years ago -- where there is more snow!

    I love your blog .. very fresh and pretty ! and your saying - Your house will look better if you decorate it with friends... how true!

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