Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to All

I know, I'm a bit early, but I couldn't wait....

Yes it is true all, Barb has captured my heart. I have temporarily hacked into her site even though she changed her password. I am hoping she will forgive me...

but I must confess to all my love for this precious women. She is a perfect wife, companion and her life is an inspiration to me. I have watched her grow in Christ and now she has become quite an encouragement to me in my faith as I know she is for all of you!

Barbara, I love you forever and it keeps growing everyday. I pray that the Lord continues to work in your life as you and I walk in faith together. I love the way that you love Jesus and I know that this faith will carry you forward to greater and greater things. I look forward to what lies ahead.

Thank-you to all who read this blog who have befriended Barb - she talks about you often and I know she feels richly blessed by all of you!

I better go before I am caught.

I love you Barbara!



  1. Oh Mr. Miles.. you are so awesome.. I know she feels the same way you do about her... she always talks about you.. hugs and happy Valentines to you two.

    Love Joy

  2. How sweet! We love her too - Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Great post - we love her too :)

  4. Awwwe! How sweet! You have a keeper, Barb!
    Happy Valentine´s Day to you both!!

  5. Good Morning Barb and Miles!!:)


    This is sooo sweet! Kinda scary too!!LOL I am soo glad you are not real bugs.hehe

    I hope you have a fantastic and wonderfully romantic evening!:)

    Jim is taking me out to dinner tonight!!:)He has been my sweety for a LONGGGGGG time.:)Who would have thought when I was thirteen we would meet..fall in love ,get married and spend the rest of our lives together??:)I KNOW the Lord has everything to do with it.:)

    Enjoy your day!!


  6. Mr Miles, you are a fantastic blog-hacking husband. I'm sure she will have forgiveness in her heart for your hijacking her blog!

    Mrs Miles,
    Happy Valentines day my friend. I just popped by to say "I love You". NOOOO not the same "I love you" love that Mr Miles says. The "I love you" love said between friends! You inspire my creativity and faith more then, I think, any other online friend has and you will never know how appreciative I am that God has blessed me with you.

    Huge hugs on this beautiful day. I hope Mr Miles has something so amazing planned for you that your heart can hardly take it!


    there are lots of yummy pictures for you on my blog today!


  7. Well I do know how much your wife ..and I know she returns it 100 percent ... you two were handed picked by the Lord . And are a blessing to all. Love you SIL I know your man will be spoiling you today

  8. Waahaahaa! LOve that layout... oooh Mr Miles what a valentines surprise for Barb.. so cool and I know there will be no venom in her bite lol!
    Have a glorious day both of you :)
    ya made ma smile.

  9. Happy Valentine's day to you both!! HUGS! :)

  10. Hi you two!

    We dont usually comment too much on the blogs but this one I had to make a comment about.
    Bill and I laughed aloud when we laid our eyes upon it..What a great job Miles!!! It was so ingenious of you ...Very Well Done!!
    Now off to eat some Lobster my Billy is making me..
    Happy Valentines Day

  11. Awww...Happy Valentine's Day Barb! What a sweetheart you have there! Gorgeous in your wedding dress girl!


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