Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thank you to all of you who left comments and also emailed me with get-well wishes, and also to say "Happy Anniversary!" I truly appreciated each and every single one.

I had prayed to be delivered from my cold for our weekend, and I was truly delighted for it happened completely - and timely.

I woke on wednesday - our 'official' anniversary, a very, very sick person. Though Mr. Miles and I exchanged cards and gifts I was not truly able to give it my total attention for I slept most of the day away in a weak stupor. I was completely stuffed up with a pressure in my sinuses and all the yuckness that goes along with it. This 'cold' really kicked the stuffing out of me!

Mr. Miles was trying to prepare me for the emotional 'crash' I might have had if I was not better, but I assured him that I was confident my prayer that we would find me healthy would be answered. He was amazed that I woke thursday COMPLETELY better. Not just breathing a little easier. Not just a LITTLE better, but absolutely 100% feeling good and eager, able to pack and plan for our little romantic getaway!

God is so good!

We had researched and chosen to return to a beautiful resort which we'd visited once before, several years ago. Its a nice, quiet time of the year and they have terrific packages on. Its very quiet and peaceful, though I suspect this changes for the Valentines weekend.

The resort sits on beautiful Okanagan lake and is situated high up on a hill, so the veiws are sweeping and romantic.

The first thing we did after gettting settled in is to go for a walk to the beach and hiking trails. As usual, you can dress me up but can't take me anywhere... within the first 5 minutes I'd managed to locate the muckiest point to take a photo from and walked around with something like liquid cement on the bottom of my shoes. Typical for me. I also took a good dive on the trail when the top layer of soil was melted with a slick sheet of ice underneath - and wound up with a mucky glove, pants and coat.

There's a long boat dock which I'm sure is jam-packed in the summertime. The walking trails begin from here.

My baby is so patient with me as I made him c.r.a.w.l. out onto the end of this slip for a photo shoot. The particular one I asked him to pose on was pretty rickety and he was not entirely impressed that he had to drop to his hands and knees. (yes, he looked both ways to make sure nobody could see)

I put out a display of old photos in our home recently, covering many of our years together and realized that Mr. Miles used to ALWAYS take photos of me, but as time slips away so did the amount of photos we took of one another. I vowed to change that.

Fair's fair - I did my own little crawl too!

I love this shot I got of my handsome one atop this rocky outcrop!

The view from the end of the trail!

The few reluctant last moments of our weekend - a bountiful breakfast in the restaurant, overlooking the lake and pools - one hot, one cold.

One especially nice touch to our time away, was that my dear friend Amalia had pressed a gift into my hand on Thursday when I saw her. It was a set of two cassette tapes, called Strengthening Your Marriage. Right, cassette tapes, those small square things with the brown ribbon inside? And the tapes were produced in 1990 - from Focus on the Family. But the neat thing is? We HAVE a cassette player (Amalia did not know this at the time) and I took the tapes along with us. We played one on the way up, and one on the way home. How powerful they were. How they ministered to us. How awesome. Marriage ministry NEVER grows stale! The recipe still remains basically the same - Hard work + commitment + trust + honesty + dedication + faith = a good, strong marriage. Its not about what your spouse can do for you, its about what YOU can do for your spouse.

Our time away gave us a real opportunity to connect and grow closer. It was a much needed break from everything we know and a wonderful time of refreshing. Your marriage is SO WORTH investing in! The best gift that Mr. Miles gave to me this anniversary was himself.

And it was sunny the whole time too! :)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Greta pictures!

  2. i LOVE the photos and thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL & romantic weekend! looks like you had a GREAT time! :D

  3. Love the photos of your getaway spot Barbs!!! Glad you shared them! I'm also glad you're feeling better. MWah!

  4. Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!
    So glad that your feeling better & were able to ENJOY your AWESOME weekend GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TYFS the AMAZING photos!!!!!!!
    Do remember to get photos of both of you together TOO I'm so sad that I have very few of me & Don!!!!!!!
    Next Thursday will be 8 years since his death so this month is really hard for me!!!!!!!
    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good Morning Barb:)
    WOW!What a beautiful place! I can feel the peace just looking at those wonderful pics.:)
    I am thrilled you were healed and were able to enjoy your trip.:)We have a totally awesome God!!!
    Miles is such a sweety to crawl out there on that rickety plank for you.You could have photoshopped him in it.LORL shhh..don't tell him.:)
    Thank you so much for sharing your weekend with us.:)How sweet!
    Love and hugs,

  6. The resort looks awesome and you got some really nice shots there! I loved seeing you in them too!
    I´m so glad you´re feeling better and hope that you have a good week ahead of you!

  7. wow what a romantic loving awesome weekend and there are not two who deserve it more . And yes God is good ...I am so glad He touched you and healed you and He gave you and Miles the time you two needed two are so faithful to the Lord. God Bless you both you SIL. Chat to you soon. Love the new blog layout .

    hugsssssssssss & lots of loveeeeeeee

  8. Oooh, Mrs. Miles, that looks like a loverly get-a-way! I'm so glad you had sunshine ... and that your health was restored in time to enjoy it all. I bet all that humming helped to clear those sinuses ... all those good vibes (LOL). Such great shots of you two and of the views.

  9. Hello my lovely friend... your photos inspire, your love inspires, your friendship inspires.

    I love you.

    I'm glad you had a great weekend.~G

  10. I am so pleased you woke up thursday morning without a hint of ailment... You must have had a glorious long weekend, your photographs are just perfect,they most certainly reflect what looks to me a fabulous spot for a romantic getaway. I blogged last Friday with a selection of snowy pics, when you find a little time pop over for a peek ;)
    love your hearty blog design too!

  11. Glad you are better and what a hearty tarty blog you have my dear! Too cute!

  12. So glad you're feeling better! And those pics are great!

  13. It looks like you guys had a great weekend! I'm so glad. I love all of the pictures. What a beautiful place! Hubby and I are talking about taking a weekend away this year for our anniversary in July. I can't wait!

  14. Love your photos, and love your new blog look too :)

    Seems like you had a wonderful get-away.


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