Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanks for stopping by to see my show and tell items today. If you're visiting for the first time today and would like to find out more about the show and tell, or even sign up to join in the fun, just click HERE to be taken to Kelli's blog where you can find out all the details or add your name to the links list. At least I'm HOPING there's a Show and Tell today, for there's not much happening at Kelli's at the moment, but do check, it might go ahead.

Today I'd like to share a gift I just received from my dear friend Melanie. Melanie is very talented with crafts and over the past few years she's been experimenting with beeswax candles. She noticed I had a set of beeswax candles hanging on my tree last year, alas I had to throw them out because they were getting old and gummy and did not smell nor look so nice either.

Mr & Mrs Beeswax Santa Claus!

These are her version of the Santa Claus's in wax. Well, I think they are SO cute! I love all the small details she's tended to. They measure about 10 inches high and she was thoughtful to include the little dishes for them to melt down into - that is as if I'd ever actually BURN them...

Hmm... Santa's getting on in years, must wear glasses so he does not overshoot a roof anywhere? Or perhaps its for reading the small print on the googlemaps on his ipod...

And Mrs. C, well, she's got such nice pupils, must be straining in the dark to wait and make sure Mr. C comes home safe in the sleigh, right?

I love her hands. C'mon, we all know she's trained all those elves to do crafts, so its understandable the hands would be a bit swollen and arthritic, right?

I'm going to treasure these for years to come. Thank you Melanie, you'll be able to come and enjoy these sometime very soon, ok?

* * *

Its proving to be an extremely busy week. I was blessed to join over 100 women at an inter-church celebration on Wednesday - a warm time of fellowship with women from all through our valley and it was a nice way to begin the festive season.

And I'm expecting five guests for dinner on Friday night - so have put some time and effort into decorating and planning a tasty menu. And then ya, I try to do Christmas cards at the same time. I got real pretty fast though. I had to put everything on hold for an hour, take a deep breath and then p.r.i.o.r.i.t.i.z.e. Sometimes we get going 100 mph without knowing where we are headed!

And I ALWAYS take a few moments out to be blessed to visit with my one and only sister Nina (click HERE) to see what wonderful carding adventures she's been up to on her blog (she's a newbie, be gentle on her) only... she posts EVERY day... kind of like my friend JanMary (click HERE) who is blogging DAILY from now till Christmas, her Christmas decorating and traditions. I'm having a hard time keeping up, ladies? Not Complaining. I also love check in with my SIL Judy (click HERE) too, for she keeps me up to date on her side of the family along with some sweet layouts. Love my nieces to pieces, even if I rarely get to see them (hugs)

At any rate, I took a few moments out to finish up these little elements for YOU! I hope you enjoy them. I'd love to see what you make, so send me a small jpg of your layouts, along with credits and I'll publish you!

Thank you all so much for your faithful visits and especially for those comments... sometimes thats the very fuel that keeps me coming back.

And in case you live on Mars or somewhere just as far removed from earth and have not been told that KimB's and Linda's blogs are Christmas Central (meaning they ALWAYS have a fun post and a little 'sumfing special') then... if you just didn't know... then just click HERE (Kim) and HERE (Linda) to check them out!

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  1. Beeswax is so much fun to work with. Great!

  2. aren't those neat? Thanks for the close up detail of the wax! May these look (and smell) great for many years to come!

  3. Those are soooo cute! What a wonderful friend you have :) .

  4. Hope your dinner goes well tonight. Thanks for the links to your family. Will be checking those out.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Your candles are soo cute! How sweet of Melanie to make them for you.It looks like a lot of work to me.:)I've never tried candle art.I bet it's fun though.I love to watch the crafters make them.:)
    Thank you soo much for the cool sequins.:)
    Sounds like things are gonna be busy between now and Christmas.Soo glad it wasn't my deodorant keeping you from my blog.LOL
    4shared is wierd today.It says you have no dwnlds even after I dwnlded.Go figure!:)
    Have a wonderful evening with your guests. I bet they will enjoy every minute of it.:)


  6. Those are neat! I love crafts that are made of other things we normally wouldn't think of using. Last year my mom bought her brother-n-law (who's a farmer) a Nativity Scene made out of cornhusks! Who would have thought? Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my post today. :o)

  7. I love your beeswax candles! I used to work for a homeless program and we had a workshop for resident to earn some money. One of the projects was making beeswax candles... sweet memories than you for reminding me!
    www.quilt -n-

  8. Thanks so much for the mention :)

    Love your candles - so cute!

  9. What a unique idea! And a great gift for you.
    Youasked about the advent calendar we made, I've seen numerous ones and some are made with fabric, quite a few are done with the cookie sheet and magnets. I think if you Google it, you'll get some good samples.

  10. I love the candles, too cute! I hope your dinner party went well! Sounds like fun! I would love to have dinner at your house. I bet you are a great cook, at least the bread always looks yummy!

    Take care my friend!
    I hope you have a good weekend!

    BTW, I got your email. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Right now I don't think I have any software that works. I just have the normal software that comes with a newer computer (well at least one that was bought this year). Is there any semi-inexpensive software that you recommend? It might could go on my wishlist for Christmas ;)

  11. wow that Melanie..what an awesome job ...that gilr loves you two so much ...give her a hug for me ok time us girls will go for tea again. I bet your dinner was awesome tonight ...sorry I have not been around ...our connection was down...boohoo

  12. Love the beeswax Mr. and Mrs. Santa! So sweet and special.
    Linda C

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  14. Love this....Thank you! :)

  15. Great detail work on those candles...I wouldn't be able to bring myself to burn them either...


  16. Aww they're so cute! LOL on Mrs. C with her swollen hands! Well you know, as you age...;)

    Thanks for stopping at my blog! :)

  17. Love the feastive Sequins, thank you very much. I am downloading as I type. Thank you for sharing your Melanie Candles.

    Hugs Sis,

  18. Thank you for sharing! These sequins are fun!

  19. cute santa candles & yes they're just for enjoyment not burning lol, thanks for stopping by,hope you're having a wonderful blessed holiday season

  20. MORNING ;-)
    Oh goodness- how gorgeous are those candles! I've never seen anything like those before! KEEEWL as Nathan would say! lol
    Thanks for the sequins my friend! LOVE them!

    Will catch up during the week- I'm sneaking on while everyone is still sleeping-hahaha.
    Been rather a BUSY weekend so far!


  21. Hi Barb,

    What lovelies you have made!!! I really enjoy looking through the pictures. The meal you served up sounds absolutely delicious!!!

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