Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ohhhh - what are you wasting your precious time here for? Gina has some lovely crochet sponges waiting to be won! (Zikes, they look so pretty I'd use them for coasters or something - LOL!)

Just click HERE and you'll be there!

If you can handle being 'creeped out' (sort of halloweenish in December) - you gotta nip over to Bunny's blog, because - well I won't give it away, but its worth it. Just click HERE.


  1. crochet sponges? hmm, will check them out for sure!! Thank you for your visit to me blog!! That ALWAYS makes me smile!!! will check out that Shelfari thingie!! lol how fun!!! Have an AWESOME day! :D

  2. hello, Mrs Miles... you got me so intruiged about Bunny so I clicked and went back to visit craftealady! Bunny's link isn't there lol!
    huggy woo's

  3. Thank you Sis for sharing, those crochet sponges are quite pretty really. Thank you for sending me to Bunny's blog, I love the eyes. I love typing on my logon for blogger, makes me smile.

  4. "Good MORNING!!"
    Well, ok "afternoon"...
    well ok,
    there that one covers all the time zones. LOL...

  5. G'day fair lady! Stopping over to say HELLO and WOW, thanks for the blog link! Bunny's CREEPY incident reminded me of one we had not too long ago - poor Bugs, I feel for her at the moment!

    Hope ALL is well in your little "pocket" of BEAUTIFUL Canada. I am plugging along on my poor worn out computer (or is that ME that is poor and worn out!!!) to get all of my Christmas projects completed.

    Wishing you a MOST glorious day sweetie!

    Linda :)

  6. Thanks for the links. I followed them both. I see your sis's blog is coming along nicely. Those are lovely looking sponges. Bunny's blog is always a hoot! She never disappoints! LOL.

    I often find myself wonering what critters are looking in on us?

    Have a lovely day!


  7. Goodmorning... ok.. well afternoon.. it is a beautiful sunny day here today.. if my throat and head didnt hurt I would be out there walking bug.. but maybe I will go for a ride and sit by the water. Have a great day I am sure you are busy as a little bee.

  8. Thanks for the tips. Have entered to win also.
    And I really thought those were eyes spying on them at first...
    Hope you are doing well!

  9. No Way - another week has flown by! Where did it go?

    Life is so busy but I NEED a visit with my friend! Hopefully next week we can squeeze eachother in!


  10. Good Morning Barb:)
    Cool sponges! My Mom made me one a few years ago.They are great!!:)
    Hehe...went to Bunny's blog.Thanks for letting me know about it.Made me laugh out loud.LOL
    Hope all is well with you.:)
    Think I will go see what Nina has made.:)


  11. I would never be able to burn those candles either. That was so sweet that some one made them for you.

  12. Very unique candles! She is very creative.



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