Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mmmm - Nummies!

Ok, so now there is a little TRENCH around our mailbox. I was heading out for a walk yesterday and checked BEFORE walking {like how silly is THAT?} and what should I find to my complete and utter astonishment? Another parcel!

I was in disbelief! So, I did a few little loops round the boxes {neighbors must really wonder!} and even though I was on my way TO my walk, I could not resist. I was careful to check the package cuz it was from my sister, and she knows I'm such a kid that I can't wait to tear open a parcel. Sometimes she puts a caution on the package, like "do not open till ???-day" Sometimes she's even MORE clever, she will address it to Mr. Miles and have him be the gaurdian.

But this parcel had nothing on it, so I opened it immediately.

It was these neat candies and a beautiful card! Or should I say a BOO-tiful card as it was a halloween themed one. I'll really have to take a pic of that too! She rocks at card building, I'm envious of her paper-craftiness!

The candies taste great - the ones in the far dish are like tiny wine gums, VERY sticky to the teeth, but they almost have a floral taste, cuz Sis knows I love the taste of Thrills gum. Do any of you remember thrills?

LOL - the picture I picked of the gum has been altered!

Mr. Miles agrees with this pic tho. He won't kiss me {well he would never REFUSE to kiss me} when I chew thrills, cuz to him they DO taste like soap. I do have to admit that I can only chew it for like 10 mins then it turns to hard rubber, but I do enjoy the flavour.

The other candies are sours - cute shapes!

Fangs Sis!

Speaking of TREATS - KimB has a nice QP for download today, click HERE, and Linda is supposed to be offering another part of her rain kit today... click HERE.

Barb's Apple 'Slaw' or 'Apple 'Sgetti"

I know I've been baking bread almost daily and on the other hand telling you the Miles household is on a diet. We only eat a slice or two a day, thats it. Mr. Miles likes cutting of the 'bumms' - good thing I make round loaves so then he gets 4 on each loaf LOL!

But for breakfast, I've never been a big breakfast eater. Its hard for me to put food in my tummy till noon. But I know I must to have proper nutrition so I created this recipe. Its fast, easy and healthy. And I think Kids would like it because it looks like spagetti, sort of.

1. I take 1 apple. Wash it carefully and dry it. Grate it with the cheese grater into a bowl.
2. top it with any variety of fresh nuts, snipped dried fruits, raisins, raw bran, oats etc
3. season with cinnamon, nutmeg or whatever you wish.

Thats it. I could easily see making a Apple Sketti 'Bar' for kids - grate the apples, have everything else ready to sprinkle on. I think kids eat more if they are given the choice to build it for themselves, no?

I'd love to know if you try this!

Shoeboxes DONE!

I finally got my shoeboxes ready for giving. Last year I totally got behind and had to rush putting them together. This year I put it high on my priority list. I have discovered a few helpful things this year.

1. If you don't have your own custom shoebox you decorate, simply take the flat, unfolded box that Samaritan's Purse supplies and lay it down on the undecorated side of christmas wrap (or any pretty wrap) Use double sided bits of tape to secure the wrap in a few places around the edges so that the wrap and box hold together. Make sure you have a good cutting surface underneath and then, using a sharp xacto knife cut all around the edges. When you are finished you simply have to fold the box together. It helps to use some packing tape to make the box more stable (that the wrap won't rip off on handling) I understand some of the children like the boxes almost as much as the gifts!

2. Make a THEMED kit. What do YOU like to do? If you are like me, put together an ART kit, with brushes, sketchpad, paints, pastels etc. If you are a musician, how bout a harmonica, a recorder or any other instruments that will fit in a box. Some friends of mine take little TOOLBOXES and fill them with inexpensive tools from the local hardware. These may even help a child earn a living one day!

3. Use plastic 'tubs' or containers - the see thru ones. It saves the people who inspect them time of having to open each single one.

4. Start collecting for next year's boxes NOW. A year slips by pretty fast.

5. Collect as a GROUP - if you're on a team or group of any kind, get a box started as a group - many hands make light work!

6. A church member showed us that if you use your own shoebox, a good way to judge the size (cuz there ARE rules) is to lay the Samaritan's Purse BROCHURE out over the top of the box, it should not measure bigger than that. If you don't have a brochure handy then spread your hands wide - the length should measure the span of your two hands, the width one hand span.

Oh, and if you don't know about Samaritans Purse Operation Shoebox, you can find out more by clicking HERE.


I've been really used this week to have my eyes opened to some needs. Some needs I can address in a physical way, some only by prayer, but I am so grateful for having been made aware of them. Now I'll do whatever I can to help.

Find out where you can render a service;
then render it.
The rest is up to God.

~ S.S. Kresge

"Therefore, as we have opportunity,
let us do good to all people..."

Galatians 6:10

The one thing we can ALL do, is lift these needs. Can you do this for me today, please? These are the specific prayer requests I have.

1. For G. for her son.

2. For Barb - who has hurt her back. Her son was in a motorcycle accident this past summer, losing some of his limbs. The family has been through so much. She needs a rest.

3. For G. a friend of ours who lost his wife to cancer a few years ago. He's alone, they had no children. He's hurt his back too. Can't work. Won't accept welfare. Living in lesser circumstances.

Please pray we will be used to help these people. Thank you.


  1. Wow! For a last minute post - that was full of info! How fun getting a surprise parcel - I want one! :) Visiting via the DST blog train - you can visit me here:

  2. boy does that sis know how to spoil you ...and you deserve it ..yummmm apple slaw looks so good ...missing you lots and love ya

  3. apple slaw sounds amazing. I will try it. I am always an adventurer when it comes to food, and finding something healthy is a bonus! I will put your friends on my prayer list. It is obvious how much you care for your friends... and congrats on your special parcel.

    HAve an amazing day - I am off to stack firewood.


  4. Another parcel full of goodies :)

    Hugs and prayers.

  5. Hey girl... as always you have such a wonderful informative post. What a heart you have.. I will pray for your friends.

    I am going to have to try that apple seggie WOW... it really looks and sounds wonderful.


  6. EWWW!! Soap Gum! Aunty Rose loves that stuff. ICK ICK ICK!

    I'm praying for the friends in you blog. Life can get icky and we all need to band together to make it un-icky.

  7. Mmm. The candy sounds yummy and the apple. I will have to try it! I will pray for your friends. Have a great Friday!

  8. Good Evening Barb:)
    I can't believe you have posted so much!! Where to start??:)
    So when is Miles gonna take a pic of you camped out by your mailbox?LOL How fun! Look at all those goodies!How sweet! Literally!hehe
    I get hungry every time I come by here.!! Your bread looks sooo good.I actually got some flour and yeast the other day to make bread.In my machine.LOL I haven't done it yet..but I am prepared.LOL
    I love all the photos you have shown to us.:) You take fantastic pics!
    Your Sgetti looks yummy too.mmmm.
    I will be praying for your friends.My Mom has felt the leading of the Lord to be a friend to a man from her church.He is having an awful time emotionally since the death of his wife.She told him that they can be friends and sit together at the seniors meetings so they don't feel so alone and uncomfortable with all the couples there...No..there is nothing more to it than that.LOL But if more people took the time to be friends with those who are grieving..they just might be able to cope with it a little easier.Right? They just need someone to talk to and share their day with and talk about their spouses etc and HEAL.Mama said it helps her to talk about Daddy.
    Well..I guess I had better go before I take over your blog.LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. Thanks for your comment on the blog!

  10. Hi Barb!
    So you just are racking up the parcels this week. Everyone loves a parcel. As to the Samaritans Purse Operation Shoebox we're taking part at our church as well. I need to go out and finish mine up, I know they're due real soon here. My favorite is a princess box. GO to the dollar store and get a tiara, feather boa, dress jewelery and some make-up; there's also a ton of princess art supplies out there now too. Any little girl will love it. (Sometimes even us big girls would love it.)
    Hugs my friend!

  11. Thanks for your kind words on my Show and dad's sermon books. I will definitely look up that book! It reminds me of the story of the mother who only left her son her Bible and for years he never, ever opened it until he was very old. In the Bible he found money in between the pages of her treasured Bible. Have a great day!

  12. Hello sweetie!!! I have caught up to here and wish I could linger longer - you are such a WEALTH of information and I am learning to make sure that I have eaten before visiting lest I begin to wander in thought as I SMELL the aroma of the YUMMYLICIOUS breads you are baking!!! LOL!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the story and photos of your grandma's dollmaking Barb - HOW special is that for a memory to treasure FOREVER and ALWAYS! WOW, around the world even!!! INCREDIBLE!

    I am up for a breath of air and will be working diligently on some collabs coming up, so if you don't see my TYPE over here in your neck of the woods, PLEASE know that I am thinking about you and am looking forward to a day of play sometime!!! I still need to take care of some things in my computer too and thank you for your visits and sweet thoughts! MWAH!

    Sounds like you are getting a bit SPOILED with all of the parcels coming around lately!!! Hmmmm ... you DESERVE it!!! He, he ...

    Thank you dear friend for posting a link to my goodies - you are TOO kind!

    Have a MOST gorgeous week ahead love and HAPPY, HAPPY!

    Linda :)


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