Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

I received this lovely little award from Alicia - on her blog "Confessions of a Snowflake" Doesn't her blog name just BEG you to ask? I love it! Alicia does have a wonderful explanation if you read down her blog - just click HERE.

Thanks so much for your award - I did leave you a message and tell you that most awards make it TO my blog... and often thats as far as they get. I have to be honest. I'll work on getting it forwarded ... if I can eke out a chunk of time in the next week!

This award came with these instructions, at any rate:

This award says I am supposed to

Mention the blog that gave it to me: Alicia

Comment on their blog to let them know you have posted their award

Share 6 Values that are important to you:


Share 6 Things You do not Support

Human Slavery

Share the love with six other blogs wonderful blogging friends!

I NEVER listen well, so I'm awarding it to seven of my friends.

Kim B. - like her blog visitors number - I have a MILLION reasons to love Kim. Kim is one of the most generous, kind, sweet, bananas, funny, real people I've met blogging. You keep me on the edge of my seat, always. (bathroom trips are FREQUENT, you make me laugh so much!)

Kim's having a BIRTHDAY BASH over at her blog (her actual birthday is Nov. 4th, but she's celebrating early on her blog) Funny thing about being designers, somehow birthdays can end up the birthday girl GIVING gifts - so it is with Kim. She's got a KILLER deal for her products AND a Fab-O CU giveaway! Just click HERE to go acelebratin'

Judy - I love how much you've grown in your digi scrapping. You are so creative with your layouts and have even begun to make some things of your own. You amaze me with your insatiable thirst to learn, even though it does not always come easy. I'm so glad we share this interest. I hope little Abi is doing well, SIL!

Valinda - What can I say - you are a CONSTANT in my life. There's not a blog post that goes by that you are not faithful to be here to say hi, encourage me, help me. You are a VERY talented lady, your designs are completely unique. I'm enjoying getting to know the REAL you - via our emails etc. Amazing we have so much to share.

Gina - Gina's been part of my blog family, like forever. We've history together - and is one of the few bloggers I've met 'for real', and if I based all my blog meetings on us, I'd rush out to meet every one of you.

Gina, you are a HUGE inspiration to me. No matter what life throws at you, you push on through. You have such a trustable down-to-earth personality, but you have a sizzle of witty dry humour. You are multi, multi, multi talented - some of your talents are coming to fruition. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for you!

Guys, if you have not been to Gina's and seen her ETSY store you are missing the best handmade Holiday shopping opportunities ever.

JanMary - You're always involved in so many neat projects and things, I can hardly keep track of you. You find and create all sorts of cool ideas and recipes. You can 'bake' things without actually... baking. You share so much great info and insight into your beautiful part of the world. You share your strengths and weakensses and you continuously challenge yourself. I often come to your blog just to be invigorated!

OMGRACIOUS - you MUST go to JanMary's blog to see the incredible photos she's taken of a place called Dark Hedges! Just click HERE. Funny thing is, I'd seen an article online on award winning photographs, and there was one taken here, which I somehow suspected was near where JanMary lives... so, I sent her an email, she said yes indeedy (with a sweet Irish accent, I'm sure) and so she went out and took some photos. Which do you like better, the colour, or b & w? I can't decide.

AmyW. - Even though we've not had a chance to visit for a LOOONGGG time, I miss you so badly. You always super-charged me. You inspire me with your drive to learn and to take the plunge to learn. You've always given me so much support and tons of ideas. Hay Chika, when are you coming back to me?

Linda - You keep me ROTFL. Your blog has my eyeballs and ears swivelling this way and that. I click on your blog and I'm assaulted on all sides. You're a feast for the eyes and ears LOL. Party at Linda's - thats what your blog says to me. And its constant. I don't know how you keep creating non-stop, you MUST burn the midnight oil.

Hmmm... guess I DID forward this award, didn't I? (that wasn't so hard!)



Today I wrestle with 55 lb toms.

Yes, I sent my dear husband to the fruit stand to pick up just another 20 - figured to get that 'last batch' in. He said he just kept putting nice looking ones in the box ... es. Two boxes. 55 lb later.

They should be FULLY ripe tomorrow. His birthday. So ripe or not, they are getting turned into sauce TODAY.

And of course the bread is an ongoing saga. I've been making these AMAZING flatbreads. If you're new to my blog, you will want to scroll back a week or two and find out about this recipe for Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. Or, type into the search-box, top left of my blog for Artisan Bread. Or... go buy the book "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" - TOTALLY worth every penny, and visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE by clicking HERE. Truly, this is a killer recipe. Mix in a bucket, all at once. No kneading - ever.

Puffs up Nicely!

All I did is roll out small fist size balls of dough to about a 1/2 inch thickness. I then placed them in a teflon frying pan, heated at about medium - or just under. No oil of any kind. Just dry. Put a lid overtop, cooking for a few minutes, then check. Once it puffs up like this, and is lightly browned underneath, then FLIP!

Nicely Browned!

When you flip it over it will 'resist' because of the pockets of air trapped in the middle. Take a wide spatula and press down in different spots to flatten it down, then put the lid back on and check in a few minutes. When done, take and remove to a wire rack.

A Fresh Stack of Delicous FlatBread!

I made all these out of what was left of my batch of dough. I'd already made two sets of two flatbreads the previous days - so this recipe makes a LOT. For PENNIES.

Wow, when I think now of what they charge in the stores for even six of these, its astronomical.

Tandoori Chicken Taco

I made these Tandoori Taco's the first night (and yes, I sprouted the alfalfa sprouts myself as well) (and hay, look I used up 1 of Miles' 55 lb of tomatos, ha ha!) Yesterday I made taco's with ground beef and it was 'to die for' too.

I've got a batch of caraway seed pumpernicel dough rising now.

We're still on a diet in our house.

Ya, right.


Time for a little chuckle. This is a small slideshow of my friend, Shreddie. Why Shreddie? Well its because this elusive little creatures (this is a RARE sighting of him) has been visiting my patio for this past spring and summer and has been eating away at the two chairs out there. As Mr. Miles says, its my own darn fault. I thougth he was so CUTE at first that I was leaving nuts out for him. Anyways, after only seeing evidence of his presence by bits of foam and pieces of shredded material clinging to the astroturf on the patio, I finally caught this glimpse of him on the hedge the other day...


If you like to learn about other countries, customs, foods etc, I'd HIGHLY recommend another visit to Betty's blog. Betty is a former Canadian living in Paraguay, and she has been educating us on what its like living there. Seeing as she's been 'transplanted' there from here, she has a perspective of both places, thus her explanations are very helpful, interesting and easy to follow. I had asked her what a drink called Terere was. She has blogged the answer. If I've piqued your curiosity then you can find out for yourself by clicking HERE.

ps - Betty seems open to the questions you might have about where she lives! Thank you Betty!


I did mention tomorrow is Mr. Miles birthday. There WILL be a 'little something' for giveaway. Stay tuned! You won't want to miss this!


  1. Hi Barb,

    Wow, the flat bread looks great! I've been really busy for what seems like forever, but wanted to pop in and say hello. I followed your Me and Miles link. I am so jealous - (in a good way) of your Epson 7800. I want one! That is the printer I used to print my fall prints a few years ago - I used canvas. By the way, the photos on that site are simply put "AMAZING"!!! Sorry I have been such a bad blogger. We only have a few more of these beautiful days left, and then we are supposed to get hit with some ugly weather. Still getting as much outside work done as possible. Have a wondrous day - and here's to a happy Bday for the Mr. Does he have his own blog that you can hack into ~ like he did on your Birthday?

    ciao for now


  2. who you calling *banana's*??- BWAHAHAHAHA- more like a monkey/flake uhum maybe an imp- heehee. AWWWW Barb, thanks so much for your kind words and for the awesome award too! you know's I luvs ya muchly- and I'm just as bad as you at passing them on these days-OOOPS.
    Barb, that flat bread you made- could you not open it up so it forms a pocket like a *shwama*- if you can then I've got to give this one a go- well OK, I'll just pass the recipe on to Wayne as he's the one that loves making bread!! ( yeah- go figure- hahaha)
    loookssss YUMMMMY.

    Looking forward to seeing what you got for tomorrow- wooohooo,
    ok- I just got back from the dentist and trying to drink my coffee now with * half a mouth* and type is NOT a good IDEA!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    I'll check in tomorrow-
    MWAH's and hugs

  3. Thanks so much for visiting, and the award too. I really appreciate it. I have been really behind in passing on awards!

    I loved taking those photos of the trees - thanks for inspiring me.


  4. Thanks so much for visiting, and the award too. I really appreciate it. I have been really behind in passing on awards!

    I loved taking those photos of the trees - thanks for inspiring me.


  5. Yummy! You are going to get me inspired to try it before long. I am very serious when I say "I am a fish out of water" in the kitchen. Hubby is a great cook! I understand about taking a long time to pass on the award. It took me almost a week. So, you are doing better than me! Hope Mr. Miles has a good day tomorrow! Take care, my friend!

  6. Good Morning Barb:)
    Congratulations on your award!!:)How sweet!And I feel so honored that you passed it forward to me too.:)Can I just put ditto on my blog.LOL I agree with your values and the things you don't support.I thought about mentioning one of the Presidential candidates on that second subject...but thought maybe I had better leave that alone.Hehe Publicly anyway!!LOL
    I love that you are making all that wonderful bread.I would love to come have some coffee with you and just sit in your kitchen and smell that fresh bread baking.:)It's a good thing I already had breakfast before coming here or I would have to go raid the bread box.LOL Christy LOVES cheesy bread..like you get from the Pizza Restaurants.Have you thought of trying something like that?mmm..well..I like it too!!:)She can't handle the sauce too well..it upsets her stomach...so she orders cheesy bread or pizza without sauce.Cheesy bread sticks were really a HUGE seller in the Bakery I worked at years ago.You roll the bread into sticks and then roll them in grated cheese ..sprinkle with the spices you like and bake them.mmm:)You can add butter if you want or dip them in melted garlic butter.Just an idea.:)
    You made me laugh with that cute video of your chair eating squirrel.LOL I was expecting you to show us that you had caught him chewing your furniture up.hehe..I love the little narrative ..journaling..wordart..additions.The proper word for it just isn't coming to the front of my brain right now.It's in a file somewhere in my head.hehe
    Happy day before your birthday Miles!! hehe Hope you have a wonderful day today and tomorrow!Both of you!!


  7. Hey Mrs. Miles!

    That flat bread looks like the REAL thing! I'm itching to try it. No I haven't baked up anything from my last batch ... we too are watching how much bread we eat! Not that it seems to help much ... the waistlines, though not expanding, aren't getting any smaller either!

    I would have liked to obtained some tomatoes this year ... but 55 lbs all at once ... you've got your work cut out for you! Next year for sure I'm going to get some toms!

    Those darn squirrels are SO cute ... but so rascally! I try and keep ours as far away from the house as possible.

  8. Congrats on your award! First time visitor to your blog and it is fantastic! Love all of your photos, they are beautiful! Happy Birthday to Mr. Miles!!

  9. you blog is just so yummy today! I am gonna have to fave this!

  10. You are an amazing woman.. first Congratulations on the award. Girlfriend that bread looks amazing. I love flatbread.


  11. Mmmmm, that flat bread looks fantastic!

  12. First off, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm putting "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" on my Christmas wish list. Secondly, I am honestly sitting here salivating over your flatbread. Off to check out the sites you've awarded, and the recipes.

  13. Remind me NEVER to read your blog when I'm HUNGRY!!!! LOL! Your pics are just making my mouth water.... yum!!! Happy B-Day to your wonderful MR. Miles tomorrow.... woohoo! Sorry I haven't been by to say 'hello' lately. :-( I'm such the blogging slacker! Things are going well for me though.... (even losing some lbs. hooray!) We're off tonight to the first of a few Halloween parties we're taking the kiddos to. Soooo.... I'm sure we'll all come home on a sugar high eh??? {{HUGS}} for ya sweet lady!

  14. Those breads looks yummy!! But I won´t be making them, because I really am on a diet. And my self control is not working well these days!

    Thanks for the link to my blog. I really appreciate it!

    I hope your hubby has a great day tomorrow! Happy Birthday!

  15. first of all thank you for your visit!
    I apreciate your comment
    and then I have to say - wow- to this sweet little award, I love the rules, most awards ar so simple*lol*

    I am getting hungry will reading on your post, I HAVE to make those breads( have to print out the recipie!!!)

    Looks yummy
    I abolutely adoe this cute little squrrel*lol* so funny

    And last but not least I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow!!!!
    Take care
    I love those posts you make

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I hope you come back often!

  17. wow love the look of that bread ..yes Mr Miles b-day ..hoping I can get a blog page in ...miss you lots SIL

  18. Thanks again Mrs. Miles! Great flatbreads...

    Jeff Hertzberg www.artisanbreadin5.com


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