Friday, October 31, 2008

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I snuck my little trip in to the thrift store yesterday - between picking up a few last minute items for Mr. Miles birthday. While I was there I checked a rack I normally overlook. Most of the clothes are simply 'dated' and far too big. But yesterday, this dress caught my eye.

I looked the tag up on the internet - only found one other Dress Town dress - I think it was on ebay - a german sales add for a pretty, soft mint green shorter dress. Asking $100 US. From the small amount of information I could glean, this was a company from Manitoba, Canada.

It came with this broach affixed - a perfect match to the pretty pearl accents sewn onto the neclkine and wrists.

I'm not sure if you would call this an 'empire' waist?

The belt ties at the back into a bow.

click to view larger

Hangs to floor length. This dress is 100 polyester - the kind they used to make ladies stretch slacks out of, heavywieght. I'm grateful for this because I get cold easily. I will appreciate this in the winter.

While my hair still had a bit of curl from dressing up for Mr. Miles' birthday celebration last night, I had him snap a photo before leaving for a workout at the gym.

This cost me an entire $2...

Canadian. With our dollar the way it is, this is REALLY inexpensive.

Thank you for all your comments and well wishes for Mr. Miles birthday yesterday. We had a wonderful day, and we have more quiet plans this weekend. So, I will be visiting everyone for Show and Tell - early next week!

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  1. My goodness, don't you look fancy?! Very pretty!

  2. What a beautiful dress! And such a good bargain! Something to be proud of, my friend! I am glad you guys had a great day!

  3. I LOVE a good find! A few years ago, i came across sme old dresses of my mothers. They were te Jackie O - 60s style, and the funny thing, they keep coming in and out of fashion. So happy you had a good day yesterday! Have a wonderful weekend!



  4. That really is a great find! I love going second hand or consignment store shopping when in Canada. There are some great deals out there. You just have to have time and patience to look for them.

  5. Doesn't every wife need a new/old dress for her husband's birthday??? Especially if you look that good in it:) Happy Birthday to him, and have fun the two of you;)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Miles!! :D And what a GREAT dress deal!! Also, thank you soooooo very much for ALL you share!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! :D

  7. Love your dress - very stylish and elegant - and what a bargin - even nicer when you know the price!

    Enjoy your continued birthday celebrations.

  8. It's a beautiful dress - thanks for sharing.

  9. Two dollars! Are you kidding!!!! Wow! That dress is just stunning. You're gonna knock his eyes right out of their socket!



  10. That is a pretty dress and fits you so well.
    What a great find!
    Oh! Happy Belated birthday to Mr. Miles. I hope it was great!

  11. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    I have DeJavu! I just left a comment and clicked on something and lost it all.:(
    It went something like this...
    Wow! What a fantastic deal!:)How cool! You look pretty in it too!Looks like it was made for you.:)
    I am getting ready to go get Jim from the airport.Yay!!He's finally coming home.He passed his test he won't have to go back until next year.Whew!!Am I glad of that!:)
    I forgot about the Friday show and tell ..until I came to your blog to see if you had posted again.OOPS!!:)
    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  12. Your dress is quite's so nice too, that it even comes with its own brooch!

  13. What a beautiful dress! Great find! And, I'm glad the birthday celebrations went well. Have a great weekend.

    Please feel free to visit my blog anytime.

  14. $2 ??? Incredible! The dress is beautiful and you look great in it! What a great find!

  15. I love thrift stores, but I've never found anything so classic (or that looks that good on me!)

  16. It's me again! Actually I do use my china, dishware, tablecloths. I use it all. I'm a believer of enjoying what I can while I still can. After I use it, I wash it, dry it and put away. I have lots of crystal too and that is used many days during the week. I just think it's all to nice NOT to use. kwim?
    I'd love to see the china that was left to you.

  17. What? No new post?


    Thought I would get my own back !!!

    Don't worry - no pressure :)

  18. Check out my blog today. Have something for you!


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