Monday, November 03, 2008

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Miles and I drove up to Kelowna, a city 2 hours (usually 2 hours) north of here, only right now its a three hour trip due to a highway closure about 2/3 of the way up from here on highway 97. In a spot undergoing road upgrading a whole section of mountain has developed a fissure and is threatening to collapse. Glad they are taking care of it.

I'm sure not used to the city. I can't seem to focus in all the busy-ness. At any rate, we had some wonderful visit time with our daughter. We had breakfast together and then afterward shopped at a store next door. When we were leaving, something caught my eye ...

An Old Friend!

If you follow my blog you would know that we have a new van - my 50th birthday present. Our old van was sold to a lady in a small community north of us. Actually, its located on THIS side of the highway repairs, so to see our old van in Kelowna was quite a surprise! What are the chances too, of in a city of 109, 000 we would be RIGHT there to see it? I'm still laughing!

We had a bit of excitement on the way home. One block from home, our headlights failed! The switch was stuck on! Praise the Lord it was so close to home - I'd have hated to spend an unplanned night in Westbridge or Rock Creek... or out in the middle of nowhere!

My man is not mechanically inspired, but he stepped up to the plate and got it sorted. We've ordered a new switch and will have to be tricky with getting around the next few days.



The Sophia Sarducci Shop, where I sell my digital scrapbooking kits, is closing its doors. Ah, don't weep for me, Suzanna, it has been SUCH a wonderful place to be. I can't say enough positive about my bosses and co workers. Sophia was the first ever shop I've sold at, and I believe I was directed there through my blog, through the Lord. I'd not went looking, and had prayed to find the perfect place, and Sophia was perfect for me. My boss Saxon was so hugely encouraging to me every step of the way - I hope you will all visit her when you can as she is selling at Scrapbook Elements (click HERE)- I wish her every success!

Now, the GOOD NEWS -

from now to November 15th
in the Sophia Sarducci Store
is 50% OFF

including COMMERCIAL USE...

so, treat yourself to some early Christmas shopping
by clicking HERE!

Thank you all my faithful customers for your support over this last year. It's been amazing!

Me? I'm thinking on perhaps joining a shop (or two) in January - will keep you posted. In the meantime I'm a bit digi-burned-out and need to regroup. This will be a welcome break for me!


An Award - For Me? Awwwwwwwwww!

Poor Betty, this I send you a big MUAH and a super big BEAR HUG for this award, but gurl, I'm going to be honest with you - the award stops here. Ha ha! I have a very busy week ahead of me so I'm going to (blushingly) accept this award but not forward it at this time, simply don't have time. But I thank you from the very bottom of my heart! It means a lot, specially coming from you - I find your blog a wonderful, informative window into your part of the world.

I've only been visiting Betty for a month or so, but I've learned so much about Paraguay through her good blog posts! The reason I'm so interested is because I have a good friend who comes from, and does missions to, Argentina, which is next door to Paraguay. Though my friend tells me about some things, Betty takes the time to write extensively, answer my MANY questions and even includes photos! Yes, I pester her almost daily!

And today is Betty's two year blog birthday. And like all us strange blog people, we seem to GIVE things away on our birthdays, rather than the opposite! So, if you have a moment and would like to learn something new about a new place, why not stop in and say CONGRATS and hello and even...

WIN ME - at Betty's blog!

Ah, what is it you ask? Well, you will have to go over to Betty's and pester her like I do - she's got an explaination and a CONTEST to win these items on her blog.

Thanks so much Betty - I'll eagerly await to see who wins. To visit Betty's blog just click HERE!


its SOMEBODY'S birthday tomorrow...
check back here tomorrow to find out WHO
(and there may even be a digi download in celebration!)


  1. Pretty crazy to run into your old van. I know what you mean about having trouble focusing in the big city. I have lived in Houston, Kansas City, and Phoenix - and cannot imagne being in any of those places anymore.

    Have a lovely day ~ THE BREAD "remake" is on the rise as I type. Send me little prayers for a successful batch!

  2. how fun to see your old van!? i am also looking forward to seeing who is having a birthday tomorrow! :D ALSO, i have come to say that i have an award for you on me blog. Please stop by to receive it and Thank You for ALL that you do! :D (YAY!! i updated me blog!! lol)

  3. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    I know I know!!! But I won't tell..who's bday it is.LOL
    How see your old faitful van.:)What are the chances???LOL
    I can't say I hate cities..just hate driving in them.:)I drove Christy's car back from the airport when we dropped Jim off to go to Dallas and my hands had indentations from the steering wheel cover.LOL I held the wheel so tight in Atlanta.hehe Then when we went to get Jim this last Friday...Christy drove us there and she said her right butt cheek was tight from tensing up.LORL Good thing he only has to go once a year!!:)
    Soo sorry to hear the store is closing.:( Seems to be a lot of that lately.bummers!
    Christy took today off instead of tomorrow I haven't done much blogging until now.She took Freedom to the park for a walk and I am home alone for a little while.
    Thanks for stopping by..don't you just love that song?The video is wonderful and I have watched it sooo many times.:)If I had a blog ticker...hehe
    Am I understanding that your headlights were't working? You do know that if you drive during the day don't have to be tricky about driving around..right?LOL JK

    Have a wonderful rest of the day!You still have a lot of it left.:)


  4. I love Kelowna! We went there on vacations, back when we lived in BC. It´s beautiful area to go to. Glad you had a good visit with your daughter. Is your daughter married? Kids? How many children do you have? And any still at home?
    :) Just curious...
    Thank for the shout out about my giveaway!


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