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For my show and tell today, I've decided to share my last visit (yesterday) to our local thrift store. Until a few weeks ago, our town had only one thrift, a second one opened recently. I've been to it once, but I'm resisting change. The first one feels like a second home to me. Ha - its most likely because my home has been largely decorated by the items I find.

Dogwood on Teapot

Once in a while I'll get the urge to do a photo safari in the thrift store. The ladies who work there are always taken aback when I ask. I'm sure the idea of someone just taking photos of things is a very foreign idea. They are so sweet, and though I don't know their names, except for one, we've developed a sort of friendship over the years. When I come in I'm often greeted with a "There's our thursday girl!" or "There's our good shopper!" and it feels like I'm entering into a special experience.

*note: Dogwood is our Province's official flower - I wonder if the teapot may be a centennial piece?

Whooo are you taking a photo of?

Once every so often I'll bake something for my ladies - as they are so kind to allow me to take photos. They tell me they would love to see my photos, but I've not printed any out because I have to buy ink for my printer. I'll take them a baked sweet, or a sample of jam, that sort of thing and they always ooh and ahh.

Waves of plates on the shore of a sea of china

And these sweet ladies have even been known to bring me items from their home. For example, if I'm working on a project with buttons, they say "Why, I have many very pretty buttons at home, perhaps I'll bring some." And the next thursday, she will spy me and come out with some and I'll get to pick. Then she won't accept any money.

They are super generous - if you buy more than a few items they will sometimes just 'round out' the price.

However, that said, once in a while one of them will get it in her head that a certain item is worth 'a lot' - which truly, it is not, and will insist on putting a ridiculous and exorbitant price on said item. I think that stems from perhaps its something that at one time was 'state of the art' and this person's mind is stuck back there, or its something that personally meant a lot to them. Its funny when that happens.

Once in a while someone will outright challenge them on it and you will hear their little voice go shrill and defend their pricing. The customer usually tries to reason with them but these ladies, as generous as they are, won't be moved if its one of these items they think is worth more.


For about 1/2 hour I just get lost in the geometrics of the shop. The muted lighting. The angles and undersides. The textures. The arrangement. Navigating through the lens of my camera takes me into a whole new world. Even if all I come away with is photos - I feel the richer.

Froths of lace

One game I like to play in my head is to imagine the stories these items must carry with them. Wouldn't it be interesting if we could know? I'm sure some would be wonderful, some terribly sad. I think it would be so cool to write a novel about the items in the store and to create a story behind how each one came to be there. Don't you?

Glitter fruits

And I SEE all these things and I respond to them - but I'm not entirely sure how to put them together. I look at blogs like Kelli's and hope I can learn to make it all 'gel' I keep surrounding myself with books and magazines and clips of things I LIKE - and I am sure that one day its going to 'happen'. I do know that I'm getting braver to try new things.

Do you know any inspiring blogs I could visit along the lines of decorating with the unique and 'used' and unusual?

Stately Silver

I see so many things I'd like to have that I now follow a general rule. If I have the will power and I really like something - and I feel its not something that will 'move' out of the store quickly, I'll leave it for a week. If its there the next week and I feel just as passionately then I'll buy it, but if its gone - its gone!

I have another rule, one item home, two come back.

Thrift store beauty

Whats HER story?

Her paint (pancake makeup hay?) is chipped in some places and its kind of a nasty little wig she's got happening.

She's sort of shabby, retro cool. A retired 'model' finds herself in the basement thrift store showing of tacky, outdated weekender wear suits and cheap pearls. I'm sure she once graced a really fine store and had her own huge display window. Her arm probably held nothing less than a chic, expensive designer handbag.

She'd simply die if her mannequin friends could see her now.

Shoes - focus forefront

Its very hard to find a good pair of basic black shoes. I've been waiting for over a year. Its not a 'have to have' so there's no panic. Its the heel, you know. Shoes never make it to the thrift store till the heel is outdated.

Shoes - focus on back set

There are some pretty crazy shoes out there. But sometimes they make for good pictures. There must be a neat art display done of just shoes. Hmmmm.....

Pinecone hooties!

Someone had an afternoon to kill - and some imagination. I wonder if they found the idea from a book or dreamed it up out of their head!

Elegant dancing shoe

This shoe made a beautiful photo, even if it didn't quite fit.

Button, button...

This about buttons up my show and tell for today. Thank you for stopping by.

Note: I actually DID buy some items yesterday.

I decided to create a free scrapbooking element out of the lovely silver bouquet in one of my photos. I'd love to see how you use it! I did not add any drop shadows or beveling to it, other than in the preview.


fine for Personal, Commercial and Scrap For Hire
(please just credit me)


  1. Oh, what beautiful and interesting finds! I love thrift stores. You can always find something interesting in them.

    BTW, I love your blog just the way it is. I consider myself to be domestically challenged. It is so inspiring to read other blogs that focus on their homes. It gives me the inspiration to try something creative in my own home. So, keep on, my friend. You are doing a great job!

  2. wow was there with you second hand stores ...thanks SIL

  3. What fun! We used manaquins in the studio - at school. It is amazinhow anything can be beautiful and interesting when brought to life by a talented and creative mind! You are both!!! It is rainy and cold here today. So a fire it is... Have a delightful weekend!


  4. Hi...

    I just popped in from Kelli's place...and I love your THRIFT shopping and snapping experience!

    I do alot of thrifting and antiquing...and have re-finished several of my items and show them on my blog!! As a matter of fact, one of them is for Kelli's meme today!! Stop by and take a peek!


  5. Wow! Beautiful (unique) Photos! I really enjoyed them!

  6. it was GREAT shopping with you!! well, at least browsing through the store together lol! i LOVE the photos and thank you so much for the silver element too!! i thought only our thift store tried the high price stuff! lol our thrift store likes to call itself a Boutique! hehe But what FUN they can be for sure! :D Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

  7. that was so interesting. I have always wanted to bring my camera into the thrifty shoppes but I'm to chicken to ask. You have inspired and emboldened that a real word? I don't think so. Anyway, I loved your show and tell.

  8. It's always nice to feel at home and comfortable some place! It looks like a great thrift store! I've often wanted to take pictrues at mine, but I doubt they'll be so nice!


  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the pinecone owls. I love owls, and I love pine cones. Amazing the things you can get at thrift stores.

  10. I enjoyed the walk through the thrift store (and didn't even have to put my shoes on:) Interesting stuff! Thanks!
    Linda C

  11. What a great post and great pictures. Wish I could visit your special thrift store!

    I love thrift stores, too, and always wonder about the stories behind the items that are there.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a lovely weekend.


  12. I love the thrift stores. The pictures were very interesting.

  13. Your pictures are really neat. I felt like I was wondering around in a thrift store full of cool treasures!

  14. What an interesting post. Some real treasures there - some not so much but still interesting. I enjoyed the tour.

  15. Good Evening Barb:)
    I just got back from spending the day with my Mom.It's after seven and I haven't fed Jim yet..but wanted to send you something.You will know right away what it is.LOL
    I will be back to read your blog..I promise!!:)

    It's the best I can do!!:)

  16. Love the tour of the shop, I always love seeing shops all over the country. The owl too cute. I would make a brooch out of the silver, to go on a scarf.

  17. Check my November 8th post for Miss Ruby's chicken salad.

  18. Thanks so much for the tour...great finds...I like your rule! Not sure if I could resist something I love...I suffer so much from shopper's remorse over stuff I left behind...really, like I think I need help! LOL!!!


  19. What a nice shop with two friendly ladies. The pictures you took there are beautiful ! I love the owls ! they look so funny !

  20. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 07 Nov [LA 07:19pm, NY 10:19pm] - 08 Nov [UK 03:19am, OZ 02:19pm] ).

  21. I´ve never seen a thrift store like this before. Too bad you can´t post smells as well... :), because they have there original own one.
    I love the element you designed! Have downloaded it and will see if I can use it. Thank you for a great post! Again.

  22. Good Morning Barb:)
    I finally made it back.I am a day late and several dollars short though.Mom and I went to the thrift stores yesterday.hehe Then she took me to the grocery store so I could spend the rest of my money.LOL
    I have to remember to take my camera with me.How interesting..all those cool finds you have shown.I hadn't thought of taking pics at the thrift stores.:)I did wish I had my camera though.The scenery was gorgeous.All the trees have beautiful autumn colors and Kennesaw Mountain is gorgeous!!I took a couple pics with my cell phone.But without zoom ..I am not sure how they came out.I just really enjoyed my Mom driving me around and me being able to just soak it all in.:)
    I did find out that the Kmart in Marietta is closing.They had a store wide sale..everything must go...including all the money in my Mom's wallet.LOL The security man at the door said they are expanding I-75 to thirteen lanes and coming through there.WOW!Not sure if it will affect the popular landmark the BIG CHICKEN up the street from there.
    I would love to read your novel..I am sure it would be very interesting.
    Well..gotta go eat breakfast with Jim.

    Hope you enjoyed the link I sent.LOL


  23. YAY- the block is back-lol

    Oh gosh Barb- I had a ball walking through your thrift shop with you- through your words and your photos! We have little antique shops here that I get lost in- I love looking at the old fashions and jewelry( yeah real girly girl-lol)- I must remember to take my camara with- something I don't even think of when going out shopping mind you- HAHAHA

    Thanks for sharing your day with me and I hope you are having a restful weekend-
    Sending loves

  24. What a great place to take pictures! My oldest daughter loves photography, I think we'll take a trip to our local thrift store..Thanks for the freebie, I can't wait to use it.

  25. I like your photography! This was a neat post, wish I could visit that thrift shop with you!


  26. Great finds! I love thrift stores.

  27. You have a great eye for pattern and design...I enjoyed seeing your photos.

  28. You have a great eye for pattern and design...I enjoyed seeing your photos.

  29. Well what a way to have a shopping experience, thankyou for taking us to the thrift store with you, it was most interesting. my home is full of old nik naks, as for many years my husband got hooked on auctions! he just couldn't resist a bargain. My dining room walls are covered in old blue plates, and I have many blue tureens adorning my dining cabinet. My old piano has interesting ornaments sitting on top, ranging from cheese dishes to czech egg cups all painted in bright colours, the egg cups are not worth a penny, but i love them.

  30. I would love to visit that thrift store and I enjoyed seeing some of the things you brought home!


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