Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Late Fall River and Meadows

I've been so busy designing this past year that I neglected my art. I'm still an active member of the Federation Of Canadian Artists - but I've not painted anything for so very long. To become an active member, I had to have some of my paintings juried and accepted. When I was accepted it was a huge thrill. Then I got sidetracked.

Why, it was only recently I undertook to re-organize my art supplies and realized I'd not touched my watercolors for an entire year! How the time slips away.

I like to paint when an image 'grabs me in the gut' - nothings done that for a while. Then, I saw an image posted on my friend Cicero's blog and I begged for permission to paint it.

I did it digitally, entirely in ArtRage and using a Wacom graphics tablet. It took me two days (because I was inspired - some paintings take me years) I did it with a limited color pallette, on a single layer, with mostly a single sized brush. I only used a small brush to add the fine details at the end.

I'm feeling fulfilled - art is in my blood!


  1. Oh, I love it! The header and the painting. They are beautiful, my friend!

  2. Barb, you have always amazed me w/ that great talent of yours when it comes to art/painting. AMAZING my friend. Truly.~G

  3. Barb... I love the painting.. you are truly so talented... and the wonderful thing is you are so giving and willing to share.

    I love your header!

    I have to comment on one of your other posts... the "WD40" at my house last night was a doctor and she told me that one of her patients told her that they rubbed WD40 on their back and the pain went away.. I told Robert I could hardly wait until he back was bothering him again so I could test that out *grin*

    Thank you so much for your extra prayer yesterday.. I really stressed for sometime and then one of my friends came over about an hour before it started and it was so very nice to have someone there... and once everyone was here and started eating I was MUCH better... they were all very sweet.

    Thank you for allllllllllll you do.

    Love Joy

  4. I love the painting! You are truly gifted. I knew this even before I had seen it. And the header looks great!
    I just wanted to inform you that you have an award to pick up at my place.
    Love ya!

  5. LOVE the painting!! You are sooo talented!! and the new header is BEAUTIFUL too!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! :D

  6. Love the header and the painting.

    We now have artrage, but have not got beyond playing with the glitter on it!!! I can't even begin to imagine how you would use it to create this.

    Your talent shines through as always!!!

    I MAY even blog tonight :)

  7. Barb, I love your new header; it's very much in the Christmas/Holiay spirit.

    And your painting is wonderful! I've been looking and looking at it. I love how you painted the clouds as a reflection in the stream. You are such a talented woman, painting and breadmaking and digital kit creating. Thank you for inspiring us.

  8. BARB!
    the painting is GORGEOUS!!!

    dont make me commission you to do me a sofa sized something!

    You are such an inspiration to me, and my lil Bug.


  9. What a beautiful painting. The whole post today was inspired. When I see your name it always makes me think of my paternal grandmother. Everyone called her Mrs Mills. That's pretty close to Miles. Of course I didn't call her Mrs. Mills. I called her Grandma.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. yes GIRL you are very talented and have a heart of gold ...the Lord has blessed the painting

  11. As I pssed by, and saw this, I apologize for not stopping right then to tell you just how amazing this is. As I look at it, I can "feel" this place. Perfect place for a picnic and a nap!

    Thank you for your blog. It givesme a great read (almost) every day!

    Friday's show and tell sure brought back memories for me. I have a friend who designed aprons from her old jeans as well. She had in mind for them to be used in "country and Western" dining establisments. Cute idea!

    We also had a stool like yours - yellow. It died a horrible death a few years ago. I think I had something to do with it. I did somethingbad to the steps, although right at this moment, I cannot recall what it was. I love the old retro kitchen stuff. We have a great formica table and chairs (red) in our cabin. We picked it up on ebay. Several folks were interested, but we got it becuase we could pick it up... it was in Montana...Shipping was crazy expensive, so no one else bid on it. The people lived close to my son. We picked it up AND had mother's day lunch with him, and his lovely wife. What memories you spark! Thank you for that!

    I am off to get some projects done.

    TY TY TY TY TY TY TY!!!!


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