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Today I'm going to share another baking adventure. I'm sure some of you may want to tell me to "shut up already" with all the yummies I've been featuring. (ya, like YOU, KimB, I know I'm torturing you and I did WARN you) But I can't help it, honestly. Its all the fault of Zoe and Jeff at the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I've got a serious addiction! LOL! I think their blog needs a warning on it.

soft and pliable like 'grown up' play doh!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of their Artisan Bread cookbook, Zoe and Jeff have posted a recipe for bagels on the blog and are also giving away two copies as a celebration. So git on over there and leave your 'bread' experience on the blog for your chance to be drawn. Just click HERE to be transported!

I bought the cookbook a few weeks ago - this recipe on their blog is a bit different. I saw the recipe and it beckoned to me. Bagels are something we detour for whenever we go to the city. We usually buy ours at Safeway because they are so wonderful and toothsome - but it adds up! It usually costs somewhere in the range of 8 dollars for a dozen - and we did not begrudge this, for its a superior quality.

These cost pennies, compared.


boiling the bagel

I didn't imagine making them myself. But because of the amazingly easy method for the dough for these things - I had some ready to go - I decided to give it a try!

I used a smaller pot for the water, and adjusted the sugar etc because we had limited fresh water on hand - I bring it in. Besides, I only wanted to do a 'test batch' of a half a dozen.

It was challenging to flip the BIG bagel in the little pot! Flupp!

a new smell for my nose to appreicate!

I used the Peasant Bread dough from the cookbook, with flax seeds too. Then, I decided to experiment with some toppings too. I had some black seasame seeds, some pumpkin seeds, some flax seeds and some oats. So, I did a bit of 'mix and match'

we have success!

Well, Mr. Miles was not home at the time - he was completely unaware. But get this - when he arrived home he gravitated IMMEDIATELY to them, his nose wiggling like Peter Rabbit in the cabbage patch! He did NOT notice that I'd changed the entire kitchen counters around, including the microwave, toaster oven etc. In fact he did not notice that until the following morning.

better than a bakery

I'd never had a bagel hot out of the oven before - and its almost impossible to discribe in words. Crrrunchy on the outside, an almost nutty overtone. Soft and steamy and moist inside. Danger, danger! (Kim, turn your eyes away, girl!)

happiness is an oven-fresh hot bagel

Topped with cream cheese and some of my own homemade rosehip jam from this summer? I think I live in a bakery now.

I think this is the start of me making these a regular part of our diet.

Have YOU made bagels before? Its so easy the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day way...


  1. Mmmmm they look good, i would be eating those all day long :)

    OK OK OK- that's it- I have to buy the book now as Wayne was standing behind me- BWAHAHA
    He went- MMMMMMM, What's that??-
    Maybe I can convince him to make some for me- hee hee,
    You know it's the other way around in this house don't you- he bakes, I paint and tile the house- HAHAHA

    THANKS Barb- those sure look DIVINE- can almost taste em!
    Got to run, going to put out the snacks and stuff before the people start arriving-

  3. Barb!!! Knock it off!!! You are killing me here. It is amazing how a visual can take you to a "happy" place of days gone by. I used to work at a place called Pumpernik's... we made our own bagels, and YUMMY - I am going to have to get the book on my Christmas wish list. I am a huge fan of lox, bagel, and cream cheese.

    Mr miles is one lucky man!

    Have a great day!


  4. I am dieing of hunger here!! You actually make me want to make these!! I can almost smell them. And I don´t (didn´t) even like bagels....
    Thanks for a great post!

  5. WOW! Bread making (well, making eatable bread) is art. You captured it perfectly!!!

  6. Mmmm Mmmm Yummy! I keep finding myself saying that on your blog. It all looks so yummy! I am sure Mr. Miles completely appreciated it!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  7. wow! Those look amazing!! So yummy! Thanks for sharing how it's done.
    Linda C

  8. Wow ! that looks more than delicious ! I should come over right away to bite in some of them !
    I never did bakery, I loved cooking, but never baked !

  9. Oh, I love bagels...wish I could have one of yours right now.

  10. You made some gorgeous bagels there! Now I need to try some. I guess you could use the bread machine until you have to form them? Have you had soft pretzels? Yummmmyyy!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too.
    BTW, Alexis Ste*wart (Martha) makes bagels and lots of baked goods. I look at her blog and her baking is amazing, though she can be a bit crude sometimes.

  11. Wow - I am thoroughly impressed!! The bread look absolutely yummy!

  12. They look soooooooo yummy! I'm craving one right now.
    I can't believe you made them yourself.

  13. Well, I did a stint at a begal shop once and so i know how fabulous hot, fresh bagels can be. And yours look delicious but then so does everything you churn out in your kitchen. I'm a horrible friend who hasn't been around much, sorry. I haven't even installed any IM programs on the new computer yet. I almost feel like I'm in limbo. the old shoppe closes here tomorrow, I'm so sad. But I've been asked back at my old one (DXD) so maybe I will be back in a shoppe soon. Sigh. I miss you and Kim so much but I never seem to have time right now. I get to teach SUnday school for the adult class next month. I'm so nervous, so pray for me.
    P.S. A big squeeze for the mister too!

  14. wow ...I am coming for one of the changes looked awesome ...missing you to you really soon ...


  15. Wow, those look amazing! I have never thought of making bagels before till now. Great job!

  16. Your bagels look delish! I never knew they were so easy! Jean

  17. YUM!! Is all I have to say...I have a bag of NY style bagels from a local delicatessen, but WOW, these you made look so delish!!!!
    Kudos to you for being adventurous!! I make a lot from scratch, but I don't know if I'll attempt the bagel thing.
    Great Post!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  18. Your bagels look absolutely delicious!

  19. Can you convert the recepie for me ? I need it in Ounces or Grams!?

  20. My, my Mrs. Miles ... I think Jeff and Zoe should give you a book just for the advertising you do for them! You could give it away for Christmas ... LOL. But I must say, that bread is addicting ... one wants to keep experimenting and experimenting. We are going on a no bread, flour, sugar diet very soon ... so sad. But truly, my waistline will thank me.

  21. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment...It gave me the opportunity to come by your place on the web and to be inspired to make bagels..Gosh, it always thought bagel-making would be hard, but you make it sound easy. Makes me want to try it myself.

    Thanks a bunch!

  22. I have made them. I have. Just not w/ that bread mix - yet.

  23. Wow, so great, you made me want to bake, I ordered the book last week, The blue ribbon sugar cane syrup is just like any syrup, maybe a wee thicker. Its great. I got a mason jar,all the metal cans were taken.

  24. Oh man, yuuuuuuuuumy! I want a bagel so bad right now, dang.

  25. Oh I wish I had a homemade bagel right now...they look so good.

  26. Oh those look so good!!! I could smell them!

    You asked about my photography being time lapsed, yes, it was. Not sure how long. I was bracketing and I can program my Nikon. But I am old school so I was probably shooting on manual. Those photos were taken over a year ago. If you are interested I can check the exif. Thanks for stopping by!

  27. OH MY did you know food is my favorite thing in the world! These look like they are to die for! Ha! In fact, I had bagels this morning. :)

  28. Oh my goodness all that bread looks sooooo yummy! I will definitely try to make this - thanks so much for your comment about my daughter's music box - I'm sure it must be similar to yours!

  29. wow! homemade bagels! mmm. I love the smell of fresh homemade bread or rolls so I'm sure those smell great! thanks for sharing and for stopping by at my place!

  30. Good Evening Barb:)
    I thought I would pop in to see what you were up to and look at you..more bread.:) I love bagels too..especially with cream cheese.mmmm.:)I worked in a bakery and we mostly worked with frozen bread dough.We would thaw it and shape it and put all those different seeds on them...proof them up and bake them.I's cheating..but was a mega grocery store.LOL Have you tried braiding your bread..putting garlic butter and parsley and paprilka on it before baking it? It makes a real pretty loaf.Plus..the whole house smells of fresh garlic bread.mmmm.We use to make cheesy bread too.You just mix grated cheese into the loaf and bake it.:)I may just have to try some bread mouth is watering.LOL
    Well..I have to cut this short.Jim isn't feeling well and is ready for bed..and since he won't go without me..I guess I will say so long for now.:)

  31. They look wonderful! I must try to make them.


  32. About your answer on my aprons:
    Yes, I have some that I just wear in special ocasions, others I wear daily. And this ones, I just peek one and that's all.


  33. I have never seen anyone make those before - I have learnt something new :)

    Love your quote at the top of the comment box too!

  34. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have had a wonderful visit here. Thank you for sharing.
    I was excited to see that you were from British Columbia. I grew up in Vancouver.

  35. Mmmmm. Those look delicious.

  36. Mrs Miles, your blog is sooo yummy!!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting mine :) It is pretty amazing that your verification word was "sight" for my eye surgery post - LOL , too funny! The Lord has been in it all, moment by moment, so I'm sure He laughs with us at the small details too!

  37. wow, they look great! i can smell them all the way over here! i'll bring the cream cheese and be over in a minute! LOL.

  38. I sure wish I could try one of your bagels...toasted with cream cheese! Yum!

  39. We love making bagels at our house! Yours are beautiful with all those yummy toppings!
    I'll have to try to recipe!


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