Thursday, November 06, 2008

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Card Credits:
Paper - LLW - Fall Splendour
Elements - LLW - Fall Splendour and Chance of Rain

Card reads:

Even though you're 'getting on'
You're still pretty 'spunky'
And no matter how the years pass by,
You're still a 'little monkey'!

My sister shares a part of me,
That no one else shall ever see,
And when the days and miles divide us...
The bond we have will live inside us,
Together, sharing dreams, love and laughter...
My SISTER for always,
My FRIEND, forever!

YAY! It's my sister's birthday today. Nina is my only sister, and my 'little' sister. Its funny this phrase for she's not really 'smaller' than me, we are about the same build, but I suppose its because her years are smaller than mine. Thinking in this way, she is a lot 'littler' than me.

Sometimes when I look at this beautiful, self assured, witty, talented lady - my mind morphs back to a little girl with a smile from ear to ear and impossibly long blonde braids in a little brown polyester jumpsuit... you were always such a cute little imp, Sis!

Now, I think you've outgrown the word 'cute', but you are sweet and kind and downright FUNNY at the most unexpected times. You brighten up my days with our conversations and I'm constantly in wonder that my sister has become such a dear, dear friend to me over the years.

Mr. Miles and I are thinking of YOU today and hope you are being lavished, wherever you read this from! We love you!

You may notice, I've added new permanent link to my blog for the website for Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day. Since I've become addicted to working (or shall I say BAKING) my way through this amazing book I thought it would be of value for you to be able to just click to find out about this book yourself. The Authors - Jeff and Zoe are very helpful and prompt should you have any questions about their recipes. Be sure to check back often, and send your friends as there are new ideas and recipes being 'cooked up' every so often.


If you are sitting in the cold and wet today, like me, you might want to cuddle up with a big mug of hot coffee and take a 'virtual vacation' to Guatamala where my new blog friend Betty is Oh, so patiently answering my questions I keep peppering her with about the beautiful place she is living. She's gone and written a good, long, interesting article about the fruits native to the area she lives. A GOOD read! Just click HERE to visit.

I LOVE to ask, Betty, for you actually answer. Warning though, one answer is leading to more questions, we could be at this for quite a while LOL! Thank you for taking the time to do this!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINA, from me too! LOVE your layout/card!!!! :D Have a BEAUTIFUL day!! HUGS! :D

  2. Happy Birthday to your little sis!
    Give her my best wishes!

  3. Happy Birthday Nina ....all the best ...missing you Barb..hope to be up and running over the weekend ..I have missed blogging ...yes that bread is awesome ....all our love

  4. Happy Birthday NINA!!! The card is beautiful!

    Guatamala, oh my! That does sound interesting!

  5. Your poem for your little sister is so sweet, I bet she is going to enjoy visiting your blog today! Nothing like a surprise!
    I too love baking bread, which does just get restricted to the occasional Sunday due to time and effort! although the end result is always appreciated by the family. maybe i will take a leaf from your book and take a look at this artisan cookbook!
    Where do you find your lovely comments, as I am writing this i have just noticed the one above the comment type box! how true!
    hugs to you Mrs Miles

  6. Happy Birtday Nina!!! Sisters are the absolute best! I have 3. All are older - and all are shorter. I am the "big - little" sis. I loved the poem you wrote for her. You are so lucky to have each other. It is a sunny day, so no hot coffee - just a nice walk with the dogs. Have a delightful rest of the day!


  7. I found that same poem about sisters being miles apart back when I left for college. Now that I live in Germany, it might be a good thing to send again. Thank you so much for including it in this post.

    Now I have somewhere to visit as you mentioned because YES! It is cold and wet here..


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