Friday, October 17, 2008

I got a parcel. I got a parcel. I got a parcel I got a parcel I got a parcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcelIgotaparcel

*boing boing boing!*

Am I excited, does it show? LOL!

When I was little my Gramma used to send me little 'care packages' filled with bits of things, nothing expensive or lavish, just things that were just for ME. In a family of 8 kids, 'just for me' was pretty special. I still get this feeling.

The feeling does not start with the arrival and unwrapping of the parcel - it comes from when someone tells you its coming. Thats when I start my own 'parcel advent calendar' - meaning every day I open that little 'window' in the mailbox to see what prize is revealed. Ahh, I'm adult truly, but there's still MAGIC in the fact a parcel can arrive from across the oceans to me. This part of me NEVER wants to grow up.

So it was that a few weeks ago my good blog friend JanMary, who lives in Ireland, sent me an email telling me to expect a little 'something' in the mail. Well, I've been skippidey dooing down my driveway every day since.

This little video says it all - only substitute the word 'boyfriend' to BLOG friend, ok?

And then, it arrived. There in my very own box was THE much awaited, much anticipated package. Luckily my friends Jim and Elaine had just dropped me off and were already headed up the highway or they might have worried about me, for I was taking photos of my mailbox and acting pretty excited - I'm sure anyone would have been suspicious of me LOL!

YAY! - its here

And I did wait till I got indoors to open it JM. And I even asked Mr. Miles if he wanted to be home when I opened it as he was at school and phoned me on a break. Such constraint!

Making me Work!

And inside the wrapper was wrapping paper - awww you didn't have to JM!

Shopping in STYLE

Inside was this LOVELY reusable shopping bag so I can shop in style, assured that I'll not likely see another bag like mine walking around town here. Do you read on the tag this bag was created from recycled plastic bottles? And the funds it cost go toward a great cause!

Its already been to my favorite thrift store, JM and did not come home empty. It was so fun I'm going back today. I'm sure your bag is the reason I found some great buys. *wink*

New kinds of candy to love!

And CHOCOLATE. I'm really trying to lose 5 to 10 lb, but trust me, this chocolate is worth waiting all day and giving up other stuff for a square or two. I compared this chocolate to our own and its MUCH creamier and richer. The curly twirly (long skinny bar) was filled with the PERFECT chewy stretchy-pully toffee center. The Dolly's are plain fun.

JanMary, this was SUCH a treat and delight. Thank you for this sweet gift. I'll have to round up some of our Canadian goodies for you and the children to try too! Thank you for making my tummy smile!

If you've not been to JanMary's blogsite you're missing out. She's always got a good mix of humour, photography, crafts and information. Just click HERE to say HI! She's got a contest going on right now and you could win a custom Layout!

Have you ever recieved a parcel from a blog friend? I'd love to know!


  1. So glad it arrived safely and that you are enjoying the contents :)

    I have been enjoying the anticipation of it arriving too!

    Take care, and have a lovely weekend.

  2. oh my gosh Barb! I get the same feeling when I get real mail. Even if I'm buying myself a parcel lol isn't that bad? I feel kind of the same way that you comment on my blog tho too, so I guess I am just excitable? Yes the purple layout is a double pager- most of mine are, but lately I am trying some single pages to shake things up a bit. How was your thanksgiving? I sure do miss canada- It is so lovely this time o year! Hope all is wel.. and PS more layouts on the blog by tonight :O)

  3. Ooh! How fun! What a pretty bag! Who would know it was made out of recycled plastic bottles? Enjoy the chocolate! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Mail from friends is always so nice. I have a friend who is completely "computer challenged" so she sends cards and music in the mail to me often. It is always a happy surprise! I try to find nice cards (blank) to send out now an then as well.

    Loved the video - thanks for sharing!

  5. never received a package but have sent a few! it's just as FUN!!! lol don't ya simply LOVE this digi-scrapping community!! how WONDERFUL!! :D

  6. Oh goodies! Yay!
    Love you, miss you and my computer!

  7. I can´t remember the last gift I received in the mail. A parcel that I had ordered online yes, but not a gift like that. What a sweet friend you have.

  8. Hi... You didn't think I would leave you out of my "award" mention did you? I have a special award on my page for you... No work required... LOL


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