Friday, October 17, 2008

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The saga continues -

I suppose the ultimate word, as I mentioned yesterday is to be careful when you pay for your gas at the pumps. I found and article from MSNBC titled "Paying at the Pump Just Got More Risky" - Secret Service, Police warn of 'Well Organized' debit card scanners.

You can read the article by clicking HERE

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  1. thanks for this article. I will be passing it on!

  2. Good evening Barb:)
    I had heard that too..They actually put some kind of scanners on the area where you slide your card and then come back to pick it up later..with all your info in the scanner thingy.What's next? Oops..shouldn't have said that.LOL
    I am thrilled for you to have gotten a parcel from a blog friend.How sweet!I love the song you picked out to go with it too..LOL I bet you are fun to watch at Christmas time opening all your goodies.:)Are you able to sleep Christmas eve?hmmm?LOL Enjoy your cute bag and I hope you get to fill it up on a regular basis.:)


  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, it's nice to meet you! It's always fun to get surprise packages in the mail!

  4. awwww sis that is so awesome ....what a wonderful friend you have made....sorry I am not a round crashed it is sitting int he shop ..hope this week to have it back ...boohoo ..oh yes I did get it backed-up before it went down ...thanks for the reminding me...heheheh

  5. I'm here, I'm here- LOL. Arrived back this afternoon. AHHH Barb, my little niece is sooo tiny- she was 6 weeks prem- but man is she STRONG! lol. I miss her and my sis already- was far tooo short. Haven't got to my blog yet as had almost 4 days of mail etc to sift through- hahaha. Also a little travel weary. Drove 3 hours to get to the airport at sparrow fart-(YUGH- lol) then the flight and travel home.
    And how lucky are YOU- Oh my gosh- Love the shopping bag! and I need to loose my winter *comfort eating* middle too- had to wear some summer goodies that were rather snug this weekend- AH AH- no no- hahahahahaha.
    Will catch up tomorrow some more and have some pics for you to see.
    Big mwahs


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