Thursday, October 02, 2008

KimB's Fall Splendor Kit
{part of the AMAZING 70 designer blog train!}


Ah, sorry I'm posting so late, but I was in a bit of a JAM today - literally! I'll share more on this later. So... with no further ado, we wish our Sister in Law Neti a happy, happy day!

Neti, I looked at lovely poems, sweet sentiments, quotes and greetings and finally decided on this cute little video. We know our Dave is spoiling you rotten.

I got spoiled today too, by Valinda - who bless her heart, knows I rarely hold up my end of the bargain to forward them. I am so greedy they just get to me and ... stop. How be I turn it into a lil some sorta giveaway element in the future instead of an award - that way everyone can share! Thank you Valinda, you're such a sweetie! You always bring a sparkle to my day. In case you've not visited Valinda lately, she always has something free and fabulous cooking on her blog! Just click HERE.


  1. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Sorry I didn't get here before now..but I have been sooo busy.Well..Jim has ..LOL He has been reformatting my puter cause it got sooo sloooowwwww. I am trying my best to catch up on stuff and reload stuff etc.Then I found out about the blog parties..and there are several BTW.I want to put a party hat on too and blow my horn when I get to Linda's blog and sing along with her music. Probably won't be many party goers left after they hear me sing.LORL
    Your visit with your friends sounds like fun.:)Glad you got a chance to spend some time together.:)
    Thank you sooo much for acknowledging the award.You deserve it! I Love your blog.:)
    Your canned tomatoes clip is cool.Thanks for showing us your hard work.:)It looks yummy too!
    I really love the video you found instead of the birthday card etc. How cute!hehe Happy Belated Bday Neti!:)
    Not sure how soon I will do another blog.Got lots to do and no time right now.Whew! The hurrier I go the behinder I get.:)If you hear a faint voice off in the distance and wonder what that is..that will be ME hollering...wait up ....wait for me...hehe

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. love the card for our SIL Neti ...way to go ...sorry I am late commenting much going on ya


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