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Another "It looks nice, but what to do with it?" flower - passed on to you! I would love to see how you use this!

Me 'n Nina in "lickidly bliss"
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Everything here is from KimB's Just Because Kit
Olivia Dorazio (my) Junkyard Garden Swirls

If you've ever been a tourist in the Okanagan then you would have put a visit to Tickleberries as a Have To Do on your list. And so, on the last (full) day of my visit with my sister we (as the official slogan of Tickleberries has it) ... we slung our lip over an ice cream. We hadn't had many photos taken during her stay, so I was hoping to catch one of us here, but it turned out there were not any people about - a very rare thing at Tickleberries. Nina's on the shy side, so I thought I would not get a photo... that is I made a deal with her I would not get one UNLESS someone 'happened' along. Well, ha! I kinda did have to use a bit louder than my usual voice to lure a couple in close enough to have them snap this, but I am glad I did. KimB's colorful Just Because Kit was perfect to frame us!

Yes, its very quiet here now, with my sister home, probably as I'm typing this. We had an AWESOME visit. We are so much alike its amazing, and I'm already planning for next year. We packed an awful lot into the short days we spent together. Our salsa turned out, by the way, for those of you who asked how it is. We wound up making two batches.

I'm so thankful to my thoughtful husband who took a day off from his projects to 'chauffer' us about, while we 'gabbed in the back' of the van on our trip across the border.

Mostly, I thank God for this thing called 'sisterliness' - I don't think I can find the words to describe what it truly means. There's a bond that is completely special and unique. I feel like we are small mirrors of personality in both of us. I better stop here, for I'm totally overwhelmed. I love you Nina and I miss you already!

Happy Anniversary to Barry and Judy
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Olivia Dorazio's Junkyard Garden kit
Olivia Dorazio's Jelly Pockets Template

Anniversaries are celebrations of the
Sharing a life together is sharing
steps in time.
It is the giving of songs
and of silences only the heart can see.
The music of love may be different to each
of us, but how beautiful the dance.

Our brother Barry and Sister in Law Judy celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary - unfortunately I missed putting up a card for you. We know you had a few quiet days together on your recent vacation, and I hope you two celebrated in style. What a milestone in your wedded lives and what a close and beautiful family you two have built together. We wish you many, MANY more years together. All our love to you!

Olivia Dorazio's August Grab Bag

CLEARLY, Olivia (me) is a dork. I put this ad up LAST WEEK... erm, a week too early. I totally apologize for any inconvenience for those of you who might have tried to purchase it last Monday morning. It should be there this one, unless I've messed up again. Just click HERE to be taken to the Sophia Sarducci Shop. Each of our designers always have killer grab bags - you don't want to miss this! Oh OH OH, its also Monday Madness, meaning $$$$ savings!

layout by Victoria
Olivia Dorazio's Junkyard Garden Kit

I love how Victoria has used my Junkyard Garden Kit - don't you? Victoria is my first "official" CT member. How funny is THAT? I've had loads of friends and people make layouts using my kit, but I've never researched what an official CT does... so, when Victoria inquired if I needed one, I had to ask her what one does... so now she is one! I look forward to watching her work with my products - ummmm, Victoria, do you have a blog site I can link to?

Ok, there is SO MUCH more I could blog today - an award I've recieved *beaming* and another layout created by my dear friend Shirley... but as I've limited time (playing catch-up after my sister's visit) and blogger will only take 5 photos at a time... this is a logical time for me to end for today. These other items will be featured next entry so stay tuned!


  1. thanks sis how you did the layout of Barry and I ..I am so glad your time with Nina was so awesome ...the ice cream looks yummie...I will have to check out Sophia Shoppe tomorrow goober is acting up again ...boohoo

  2. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 04 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

  3. Another lovely freebie, and some great layouts.

    Congrats on having an "official CT" - you really mean business now!

    Feeling much better this week. However back home with a mountain of laundry :(

    Gave you a wee award on my blog - don't feel obliged to past it on, but I wanted you to know how much your friendship means to me.


  4. Oh Barb, What a beautiful flower!!! Your visit with your sister just sounds heavenly. I haven't seen my sister by my biological father in 6 years and really miss her.

    Love and Hugs, Renae

  5. Good Morning Barb;)
    Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic flower with me.:)
    I absolutely LOVE your layout with your sister and the wordart.."The family that licks together sticks together".How cute!!:)Does that include envelopes?LOL You know..glue.. Okay..that was baaaddd.hehe
    How have a CT member.!! What a gorgeous job she did on the layout too.!:)Can't wait to see what else she comes up with.!But don't you quit doing them now..cause I LOVE yours too!!:)
    Happy 20th Anniversary to Barry and Judy.May you have many,many more enjoyable years together.:)
    Well..It is getting later by the minute and I haven't even made my bed yet.I started to when Jim was getting ready for work...and it looked so inviting I crawled back in it for a minute and he walked over to me and said I looked like an angel.hehe..LOVE is SOOO BLIND.LOL


  6. It sounds like you had such a great time together! My family just left town this morning. It is sad to see them go, but the memories we made are priceless!

  7. HEE HEE GF- I LOVE the LO- but loved Valinda's comment on the licks- bwahahaha. That is just tooo AWESOME! I miss mine too- spoke to her again this morning as she has started digi ( eventually)-and phones me daily now to find out how to do things!LOL
    Wayne left today and feeling rather wonely - he hasn't been away for over 4 years- ( well longer than 1 night-kwim?)- I'm getting soft and mushy in my old age I tell you and miss him madly already!

    Tart- We had traditional South African MILK TART and Lemon merangue for breakfast LOL!
    And yup two LARGE DOGS, One kitty, Nathan, myself and Waynie sat watching TV on the bed till lunch time-LOL. Can't even remember what the movies name was- but it had ice-skating in it- so I enjoyed it-hahahahaha!
    And YUP- we talk more, eat more and make a lot more noise around a BRAAI- hahaha
    it's standing around the fire that seems to make it more social!
    Ok girl- I'm filling up blogger here for you!

    AND GOODNESS going over now to wish Judy too!
    MWAH and soentjies vir jou ( kisses for you)

  8. Hi Barb, Just droppin by to say hello! Thank you so much for your always kind and inspiring message you left for me yesterday!!!!

    Love and hugs, Renae


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