Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olivia and Victoria's Tsunami Blue 5 x 7 inch Brag Book

download Page No. 3

Its day 2 of giving here on my blog - hope you enjoy this third page of the sweet brag book (using my Tsunami Blue Kit) assembled by my CT Victoria! You'll find the link for downloading Page No. 4 at Victoria's blog! Just click HERE.

Author and Conference Speaker {and woman with a heart for God}

Virelle Kidder's "Meet Me at the Well"
could be YOURS! (read on!)

Ever have stress in your life?

Ok, pretty dumb question. We all have stress, but sometimes when our stress levels reach toxic levels, we're the last to recognize and accept it. Stress has an insidious way of building that we often 'erupt' or 'crash' before we are able to see and do anything about it.

Virelle Kidder has 'been there' - and she's shared her journey with us in her book "Meet Me at the Well" If you did not have an opportunity to read yesterday's blog entry here, you may wish to check back on it, as there's an interview with Virelle which will give you insight into her life and how it changed her, and how it might help you, too. Also, you may desire to check out the audio interview Virelle did with Midday Connection on July 11, 2008 - just click HERE and find that particular day, and then click on the audio symbol, to hear the whole show.

NOW, to win her book, just visit Virelle's BLOG site, {click HERE} and leave a comment. Virelle will pick a name next Monday or Tuesday - I hope you win. After commenting, why not check out Virelle's official website to learn more about her and her other publications! Just click HERE.

credit: KimB's Frame It Vintage

Last night found us at our dear friend Rose's house {hardly EVER get to see my Rose anymore, toooo busy :( } We were not there to catch up on our lives, we were invited to a get-together to say good bye and best wishes to a young family, Matt and Lilly and their two sweet kids - as they are moving to England in September.

I hope you will pray for them as they make this big move. Matt is originally from England - he and Lilly actually met online, how cool is THAT? At any rate, Matt's taking his bride HOME. Would you pray for Lillian, this is a huge thing for her. Lillian grew up in a VERY CLOSE family - she's surrounded by her family almost all the time. This is going to be a big change for her and she may have a difficult time adjusting/being homesick. She's truly going to miss her sisters who spend much time together.

credit: KimB's Frame It Vintage

The farewell party also had a Christmas in August theme - Lillian loves Christmas, and since the family will not be together to exchange gifts and celebrate, her sister Leila and her husband Nathan made sure there were all the trimmings, from a minature tree at the food table, to EGG NOG (frozen all these months in waiting) and presents for all.

Loads of great food - and homemade banana splits for dessert ( d'ya think that was Rose's idea as she works at Dairy Queen? ) Anyhow, Mike was SO CUTE as he meticulously assembled his own dessert.

Matt and Lillian, we will miss you and your children. May your journey be safe, and may England embrace you.

Things change, seasons pass by, families grow, age, pass on, but God is with us always. May God smile down on you, Matt and Lillian. We'll be under the same smile - not far away at all!

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good.
His love endures forever.

Psalm 136:1


Last, but not least, continue to pray for Joy, who's looking after her Mom - at a VERY difficult time. If you've not read Joy's story, read yesterday's blog entry. It would be a HUGE encouragement to Joy if you were to leave her a comment on her blog as well, just click HERE. I'll keep you posted if I get an update on Joy's situation, and THANK YOU for lifting her needs up.


  1. i LOVE your blog and to prove it, hehe, you have an award on my site just waiting for you to come visit and pick it up!! (and check out the simple rules too!) Thank you, for ALLLLLLLLLLL you do!! HUGS!! Have an AWESOME day!! :D

  2. thanks again for the awesome brag book you and Victoria have put together. Sounds like it was a fun and love filled party for Matt and Lillian and their kids ...and yes my prayers for Joy and this family. Thanks sis for sharing ..and for the caring and love you have for all

  3. /hjhllkjm-h---- <-u-panda wrote that.

    I love you barb! You are amazing!! and thank you SO much for coming last night. We are so thankful to Miles for 'man'ning the BBQ and cooking us such lovely food.THANK YOU MILES!!

    Yeaaa I love my eggnog :) I am going to miss my family so much more than even I can believe. God BLess !!! I will send you pictures soon!! Gotta go , mikey swimming lesons!

  4. /hjhllkjm-h---- <-u-panda wrote that.

    I love you barb! You are amazing!! and thank you SO much for coming last night. We are so thankful to Miles for 'man'ning the BBQ and cooking us such lovely food.THANK YOU MILES!!

    Yeaaa I love my eggnog :) I am going to miss my family so much more than even I can believe. God BLess !!! I will send you pictures soon!! Gotta go , mikey swimming lesons!

  5. Thank you, Barb, for the ongoing ministry and mirth of your blog. You are truly a blessing, and a phenomenal woman to share your love of God, family, and friends with all of us ... your talent is the icing on the cake. Thanks, as always, for the gift of YOU,
    All the best,

  6. Now you got me teared up when I read your post on my blog. I can tell you have helped more people than just Joy because plain old regular folk don't reach out like you did. I hope I can be as obedient as you when God calls for me to do anything I can to help others. You inspire many and you are right in that God uses people to inspire and encourage others. Just give yourself a big hug for me since I have only virtual arms here! :)

  7. Good evening Barb:)
    Thank you and Victoria for the cool brag book pages.:)They are wonderful!'
    I have been a busy bee today.First...really bad weather ..then family came over to spend the day.:)Tomorrow ..my Mom is coming over to spend the day..cause her air conditioner stopped working during the storm and she can't get it to go again.:(
    Wow! That has to be hard to know you are leaving a close family and moving miles away.I will be praying for Lillian.:)
    I will have to get back to catch up on your blog some more.It's after eight and I just did finish supper.:)


  8. Thank you so much for the awesome brag book pages.

  9. Awww, my dear Mrs Miles who hasn't the biggest heart of all I know!
    GF- you are truly special, you know that?- if you don't- I'm telling you. hee hee!
    Feeling a lot better today- at least the brain seems to be functioning on some level more closer to home- hahahaha.
    And WOW, what an amazing BB book by Victoria! LOVE IT!
    What is eggnog?- I know it's a drink but what does it INCLUDE?lol
    I've just seen it on the movies.
    Ok off to the next post- I have a bit of catch reading-
    Hope you aren't working that pretty butt off TOOO HARD now- lol

  10. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 27 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

  11. Morning Barb, You are amazing, your friends must adore you. it is so important to find time for close relationships and often it's your closest friends you can forget. we all could learn alot from you.
    Waiting patiently for the junkyard alpha lol!
    warm wishes and hugs to you

  12. Hello, again, Barb -- Thanks for your kind message yesterday. I really appreciate it! You asked that I let you know when I update my blog. I uploaded a new word art piece today, in case you're interested. I think I still had the colors of your brag books on my mind when I did it! Be good to yourself, Melanie

  13. What a nice blog. I love the pics you've posted. They're so crisp and clean. Now I've gotta go grab me those blog pages. Thanks!!


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