Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Olivia and Victoria's Tsunami Blue 5 x 7 inch Brag Book

download Page No. 5

Day 3 - final of giving here this Brag Book on my blog - hope you enjoy this third page of the sweet brag book (using my Tsunami Blue Kit) assembled by my CT Victoria! You'll find the link for downloading Page No. 6 at Victoria's blog! Just click HERE.

Who knows what we'll be cooking up for you next?



Author and Conference Speaker {and woman with a heart for God}

Virelle Kidder's "Meet Me at the Well"
could be YOURS! (read on!)

You can win Virelle's book today by visiting her blog (click HERE) and simply leaving her a comment. She will draw next Monday or Tuesday and you could be the lucky one to be adding this wonderful resource to your library!

Why would you want to have Virelle's book in your collection? WELL... - {pun intended} MEET ME AT THE WELL - Virelle's book is sure to touch your heart if you've EVER had to deal with stress. That puts all of us in for it right? I stumbled upon Virelle's book after listening to a radio interview with her on July 11, 2008 - {just click HERE and find that particular day, and then click on the audio symbol, to hear the whole show.}

Virelle was sharing her own experiences of becoming overwhelmed with all of the messy business of life, not truly recognizing the critical point she was at - when it all came grinding to a halt... and she aligns this all, this stopping place, with the analogy of the woman who met Jesus at the Well. She teaches us how 'the well' is not a random chance encounter - and how we might all find our way there. GOOD, solid, scriptural and sound reading.

To learn more about Virelle, and her other ministries and publications, you may visit her official website by clicking HERE.

Virelle has generously made her book available for this giveaway after learning of my friend Joy's struggle with having to care for, and find professional care for, her aging Mother - a Mom who's losing all her facilities and has become increasingly difficult, to the point that Joy can no longer do this on her own.

We ALL have a 'Well' in our lives, a place of quiet where we can be close to our Creator -

It is in solitude and silence that I find the gentleness
with which I can truly love my brother and my sister.
- Thomas Merton

We doctors, in the treatment of nervous diseases,
are now constantly compelled to prescribe periods of rest.
Some periods are, I think, only Sundays in arrears.
- Sir James Crichton-Browne

The green oasis,
the grassy meadow in the wilderness;
where, after the weekday's journey,
the pilgrim halts for refreshment and repose.
- Charles Reade

Joy sent me an email update yesterday, I'll share:

"Just a quick note... yesterday was so very rough... but GOD is so very good... we are at HOSPICE HOUSE.... we are doing much better today... I was very nervous about the room they were going to give us... when we turned the corner to her room... I was praising GOD... she has a wonderful room right out the doors is a beautiful pond with Koi... and a stream... it sounds wonderful... Even tho she has not been awake to understand it I have told her it is out there... and the wonderful thing is that she is very claustrophobic.... and we can open the french doors and they are wide open and air and water sounds are flowing in. PRAISE GOD.... thank you so much for keeping us up in prayer... I will email later when I can..."

So, THANK YOU for all of you who continue to lift Joy up in prayer at this difficult time. If you would like to personally leave a few words of encouragement for her, you can find her blog by clicking HERE.


My friend BUNNY has suffered a LOSS, recently.

It took me like 10 minutes to actually 'GET IT'... you will know what I mean but you'll have to visit to figure it out, just like I did. Its worth the time. You'll surely chuckle. Not meaning to laugh at your LOSS Bunns, but Gee. Just click HERE.



Yeah, as IF!

But its fun to pretend, right?


And YOU can love your own photos to bits and pieces too, hang in a famous museum, or do all sorts of cool effects by simply visiting the website I stumbled upon the other day. Its called Dumpr - and you can play with several FREE effects and save them too, as well as some paid pro ones too. Just click HERE.


  1. wow ..I am so glad for Joy ..a room made in heaven. That will lift some of the heavy burden from Joy. Love that new site you found ..I will have to check it out. And I did enter to try for the book ...some like a book to have...well sis have an awesome day love ya
    hugs and lots of tugs

  2. Awesome brag book, thank you

  3. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 28 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

  4. Such a sweet brag book, and perfect for little boys =) Thank you so much for sharing it!

  5. Thanks for leading me to your blog. It's a great one and thanks for your nice comment on mine.


  6. These are fun photos. I'll check out the link.

    Have a great weekend!


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