Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pastor Jim spoke today on "Shining Your Light". If you read yesterday's blog entry, you'll see this is just what my scripture was about. He embellished on that theme in some thought provoking ways. Don't you love when this happens? There seems to be a 'flow'!

I've got some very 'good stuff' coming up in the next few days. You'll want to stay tuned here.

I put together a slide show of something which happened to me on my walk the other day.

Note: if you click the little four-arrowed symbol, bottom right of the slideshow you can view the show full screen. To advance each slide just CLICK on the screen. To exit the full screen show, just hit your ESCAPE key. Enjoy!


  1. awesome slide show barb ..way to go

  2. Great show, BUT... Ow! Ow! OWWWWW!!!!!!!

    Your poor hand! Your poor very prettily manicured hand! That daisy is so cute!

    Chris xx

  3. Hi Barb, That was just too cute! Your nails are beautiful!

    Can you believe I am almost 2 months behind in scrapping Zoey's life! I have never done this before. I become obsessed with something and it seems it is all I want to do. I better be able to spend my time wisely next week because I have to have Zoey and me ready for the beach for a week.

    Love and hugs!!! Renae

  4. Very nice work my precious wife... perhaps you will choose your pets more carefully!

  5. Did it hurt/itch your bite? I don't think I've ever seen a praying mantis in REAL life. Thanks for the close ups ... minus the ow!

    It IS nice when things flow. I remember when I taught Sunday School ... then would go to service and voila ... same theme ... same basic message. Such a witness to one's spirit!

    TTFN ... Cis from the North

  6. ouch! I didn't know they bit either!! :) I love your nails!! Mine are in such disarray it is not worth trying to paint them!


  7. LOL... that is so funny... thank you for making me laugh... thank you for all your prayers... thank you thank you .. thank you.

  8. Yowzers!! i didn't know they bite either!! but then i sure would not have picked it up!! LOL GREAT slide show! LOVE your nails too! :D Definitely looking forward to what's up your sleeve in the near future!! hehe Have a BEAUTIFUL day!! :D


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