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We are semi-settled in our new home... meaning that all our possessions are in. In boxes, many things, but in. And we are in. We are still pinching ourselves.

First of all, before I start into my blog (which my blog entries will be spotty till we get our internet set up... - thats another story altogether) I want to say I'm SO TOUCHED that by all your wonderful comments! I've missed you too, very much. I wish I could respond to each of you, personally via email or on your blogs, but I can't. The reason is this - no internet at home. I've travelled to Mile's work to make this entry and will only have 2 precious hours to do this entry, upload and check my email. I'm not even checking my email till I've taken care of YOU here.

Please forgive me if I've not posted up your Easter Layouts yet - I've recieved your links and they are cued to go... but I will wait till I can do them justice. I appreciate you sending them in! I have not made any elements, in fact I'm dredging up reruns to give you for now - I'm hoping to be creating in the upcoming weeks.


Wow. I think my head was in the sand regarding our move. I can't believe the amount of things one can accumulate in 9 years. I was stunned by the amount of stuff we 'hoarded' over time... some of it I did not even recognise. Its a terrific lesson in downsizing. Even going from a smaller place to a larger place - we have an over abundance.

I think the place I will spend the most time of all is the kitchen ( I know, thats not unusual) but the view is wonderful and the cupboards are quaint and old-fashioned. Two things I love about it are a pull out spice rack, built in... and in another cupboard someone was clever enough to build dividers in for my muffin tins and cookie sheets. Little touches like this are special to me.


Its nice to sit and watch the lake. I find myself just sitting down and enjoying the view. This time of the year is especially wonderful, watching the plants emerging and blossoming. There are 7 acres of fruit on the property and we discovered there is a killdeer's nest (bird) right in the middle of it. I will try to take a picture and post it for you! The eggs are black and white speckled.


We took a walk on Sunday - the one day we had to entirely rest - and the weather was perfect. We strolled by these blossoming trees and were drawn to the industrious bees working away. I'm especially interested in bees at this time because I am reading a book I recently purchased - THE HIVE by Bee Wilson (really, her name is Bee, short for Beatrice) I have a new appreciation for bees and honey after reading it. Realize this - before sugar came along, with the exception of fresh fruit and maple syrup, honey was the only sweet thing people knew. It was so important it's sweetness was compared to what Manna was in the bible:

Exodus 16:31

The people of Israel called the bread manna.

It was white like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with honey.


a single worker bee may visit up to 10,000 flowers in a day!

I had better wind things up here, so I have time to check my email. I promise to come back as soon as I can. Thanks again for all your well-wishes and I will touch base with each of you at the first opportunity!


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  1. Welcome back! I sure have missed you! Glad you are getting settled in your new house. That view is just gorgeous! I haven't seen a killdeer for years. They are strange little guys since they just run around on the ground on their long legs. I think they even build nests on the ground.
    Thanks so much for the beautiful chains! Take care and enjoy your new home! (((HUGS))) Linda

  2. i'm so jealous. your view is simply breathtaking! i hope you are enjoying your new home. miss you lots *hugs*

  3. I have checked every day to see if you were in your new home. You must be so excited! I hope the move continues to go well and we have missed you but realize that you are busy settleing in. All the best

  4. Wow you are back ...I new the new home would be on the front burner ..but I missed you the view and I can't wait to come for a visit ya sis

  5. Welcome back Barb!!!!!! ((((hugs)))) Your veiw is gorgeous - hope you'll share lots of pics of it : D

  6. BARB!!!!!
    I've missed you so much. I've kept checking n to see if you might give us an update and instead you visited my blog and left a note. Thank you so much since I know how pressed for time you were. The view from your house is breath taking! I just might have to come out for a visit. LOL. Lovely chain links BTW, so kind of you to make us a goodie to celebrate your return. I can't wait until you get unpacked and we get pictures of the new place. I do understand the clutter issue, I'm a child of 2 pack rats and have to check myself sometimes and even then I'm horrible. I like moving around so that I am forced to go thru EVERYTHING and decide if I truly need something or not. I've missed your inspiring, uplifting and thought provoking blog entries and am so happy you're back.
    BIG hugs to you and the mister!

  7. Welcome back my friend! Your blog was missed. Your home is beautiful.

    I hope to visit with you again at it soon. (Wednesday perhaps?)

  8. Hi Barb WOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Killer views :-) I think I would be sleeping out on your patio LOL, how peaceful! Glad to hear you are settling in, must have been so much work to move 9 years of belongs.

    I just popped over to say thanks properly and give you a big hug. We have been setting up a new gallery at Let's Scrap and poor Rikki and her Husband John put there hands up for the installation of it. One night Rikki was pulling out her hair and I thought I'd make her a LO to hopefully put a smile on her face, the first thing that came to mind was your valentines LO with the trophy and newspaper clipping. I search both my PC and couldn't find my DL :-( it wasn't in my "BARB" file...... I searched for one hour, I know I downloaded it! Then I popped over and you still had the links up :-) If only you could have seen the smile on my face (LOL), and my LO made Rikki smile also. I'd give you the link but it's in the admin forum and sadly you wont see it there. Thank you so much for keeping your links open, I would have been so upset at myself if I had to change the Lo as I had already pictured the finished LO in my mind :-)

    Hugs Sonia

  9. What a view. Its is breath taking.
    Have fun in your new home. Missed you and welcome back.

  10. How I love reading your blog! You are so full of information it is so fun to come here. We moved 6 years ago after living in the same house for 40 years and I still have boxes in the garage unpacked! It's like a treasure hunt when I unpack one. What a gorgeous view you have! Thanks so much for the chain. It will surely come in handy. cg

  11. WELCOME BACK AND BIGGG CONGRATS on the new home!!!
    your view is just beautiful!! and killdeer? how cool! watch them, maybe you will see them feign injury if you get too close to their nest... cool bird!!! thanks soo much for the books link and of course the awesome freebie!!! missed you but glad youre happily moved in!! :) hugs!

  12. So glad to hear from you!!
    Love the photos from your new home with beautiful scenery!!!
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

  13. Thanks for sharing those photos. Can I come and live with you for a while? I promise not to stay long. :)

  14. Thank you so much for the book link. I can't ever decide if I should read or scrap! I love both very much!

  15. Hi Barb, Glad to know your move went smoothly...Love the pics of your property...Beautiful...Also thanks for the newest freebie...You were missed...Take care...Rosemarie

  16. welcome back barb!! I missed your daily digest ;) your new home looks beautiful, especially the view! lucky lucky you ;) you're so sweet to pop in and update us on what's happening, considering your lack of internet time - and with a freebie no less! hugs!!

  17. welcome back barb!! I missed your daily digest ;) your new home looks beautiful, especially the view! lucky lucky you ;) you're so sweet to pop in and update us on what's happening, considering your lack of internet time - and with a freebie no less! hugs!!

  18. Good Morning Barb!!:)
    I hadn't realized you were able to post anything yet.My bad.:(
    I am sooo jealous!! What a beautiful view to see every day..any time you want.:)I know where your favorite sitting place will be from now on.I can just see you sitting out on that beautiful patio and reading your books this summer.That lake is fantastic.:)
    Thank you soo much for coming to see me.I have really missed your visits and reading your blog and getting your wonderful designs.:)
    I would hate to see how much I have accumulated the last eleven years here.I am a pack rat..I was thinking of pretending I am moving and going through my stuff to see what I can throw out..but it is still in the thinking stage right now.LOL
    It is sooo nice to see how the Lord has blessed you.I am thrilled for you and your DH.:)

    Valinda p.s. Thank you for the chains and links.:)

  19. What a view is right! I so wanted to have a view when we bought our place a year and a bit ago but a view seems to require a few more bucks then we had. Sigh. But we got a brand new, sturdy little house that our brother-in-law built and for that I am grateful.

    Anyway, enjoy that marvelous view and reflect on how incredibly blessed you are!!! Moving is such a hassle and it is nice you have a lovely deck to excape to and unwind on ... away from the boxes and all the organizing etc, etc.

  20. wooohoooo I am so glad you are back... I really felt something was missing in my life. Dont ever leave again. I am so happy you are in your home.. and wowowowowowwow... what a view.

    Hugs.. Joy

  21. Good Morning again Barb:)
    Just stopped in to see what is new.:) How are things going with that beautiful home you have?I sure hope you are taking pics of it all..and will show us!!:)

    Have fun decorating your new home.:)



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