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Just a short one today, folks, as we have company coming for coffee and dinner! I hope you have a wonderful day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FINE FRIEND BECKY - you can wish her one yourself at her blog HERE - and the bonus is you get to enjoy her wonderful blog! It's the BIG ONE... she's three - ohhhhh today! I'm sure she would love all the advice you've got for getting through the thirties...

My Beck came for her wednesday vistit YESTERDAY, as she was unable to come on the actual day... we danced in the orchard with me... Oh no, we are not nuts... we had been out to see if we could see the new killdeer babies, but they were gone, and as we walked by a beehive I decided I should HAVE to take a picture of a very busy hive... I came close to it and a bee was not impressed with my intrusion... I got the message and backed off quickly and we went on our merry way... about 1/2 the way down a row of trees I was stalked by that one bee, who was determined to get a piece of my hide... and he DID... I was doing some kind of a wild dance to rid myself of it (probably the exact wrong thing to do) and it stung me on the neck before flying right into my shirt. My shirt now is missing two buttons and I had to remove my shirt almost altogether.... good thing we are out in the country... would have been quite the spectacle. Oh, Becky did her own lil dance as it buzzed her a bit in the breaks. I eventually did rid myself of it. A word of advice... don't wear Pineapple Body Creme just before going out into an orchard... you might appear as YUMMY as I did to a bee....


she says:

This is my LO for my second photo inspired color challenge @ the Pocket Pearls Palace

On the photos you can see a bracelet (it's one of the swatch bijou collection - you should really check this stuff out, they have wonderful jewelry!). My boyfriend gave this to me as a lucky charm when we had to write our "first state examination" in psychology...


SLdesign - Thankful papers (recolored)

Barb Derksen - Swirly Overlay

Laura18k - Glitter Paint (recolored)

CSTEP Carrie Stephens - Inflorescence (frame recolored)

Krash - Glitter Doodles

Bren Taylor Boone - Beaded Brads

LWD Lisa Whitney Design - Real Stamped Alpha

SBS Stefanie Burt @ Pocket Pearls - Glitter Glue Dots


(and one sore back!)

I filled this cart up TWICE yesterday... oh sure, you know how it is... you get going and just can't stop? This may look like a lot, but the gathering it was easier than you might think. Because the needles were lying thickly atop the gravel it simply 'rolled up' in some places... like turf!


In case you might be wondering what was in that parcel we recieved early in the week, it was a housewarming gift from our Aunt Rose and Uncle Bog - how very sweet! It's a citronella candle ring for our patio... hmmm, thanks so much for whichever bird told them we love candles.... and thank you Aunt Rose and Uncle Bob... perhaps we will ALL be enjoying them on the patio sometime?

Today in History:

1754 - Mutiny on the HMS Bounty occurs.

1919 - 1st successful parachute jump is made

1974 - Last Americans evacuated from Saigon.



Well not THE CS3 - but at CNET they say you can create your own version by using different programs... best thing is they are all 100% FREE!

You can learn all about it by watching the video at the following link:



  1. Good morning friend & thanks for the berfday greetings. And thanks so much for the beeyooteeful hummingbird feeder pressie! Can't wait to find a spot for it!

    Glad you didn't react to the bee sting & I shall not forget the wild 'bee dance' in the orchard & throwing off clothes & tearing thru hair. Evil crazy psycho Bee!

    Have a great day! HUGS!!!

  2. These frames are terrific! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Good Morning Barb:)
    I can't believe I missed your blog yesterday...where was I?LOL
    I LOVE your blue papers and the frames for today.Thank you so much.:)
    I hate that you got stung by that bee.Where did I read that if you get stung by a bee... put a penny on it for fifteen minutes and it will take the sting out and you won't swell? hmmm .:) I can remember when I was a teenager..I got next to a tree by a barn and hornets came after me and stung me seven times.I had to go to the clinic and get pills to help me.It wasn't fun.:) My oldest son is highly allergic.We almost lost him to a yellow jacket when he was a kid.His throat started closing up and his eyes were watering something fierce and he had silver dollar sized hives breaking out on his body.Scariest thing I have ever gone through.That is why you don't see flowers around my house.I have three azalea bushes and he doesn't go near them when they are blooming.:)
    Have a fantastic weekend.Hope your sting is better today.Oh..if you swell from it..just rub some crisco into the area and put some meat tenderizer on it.That is what they did at the hospital.I thought that was the oddest thing..a hospital having meat tenderizer handy in the emergency room.LOL


  4. I thought I would leave a comment here for both the Judy Blue papers and frames. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!! You do such great work! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  5. Barb, the frames and the papers are gorgeous. Thank you so much. I love your charm layout. What a cute idea to use the brads like that. Really nice.

  6. Barb!
    Hi! I love you. I'm busy. I'll catch you later!
    Hugs to you and the mister,
    P.S. I hope my comment and dash made you smile, but I need to run.

  7. Barb these look lovely! Thank you!
    : D

  8. Barb, Thanks for the frames and the beautiful papers.

    So sorry the bee got you, but maybe you are just so sweet that he wanted a taste of you. LOL

    I love the candlering, too. What a lovely gift.

  9. LOVE your blog again today!! GREAT spot to visit EVEN without your awesome freebies! thanks soo much and i am sorry to hear you got stung!
    take care and have a great day!!

  10. Hi - goodness - if that was just a quick note, how long is a long one?! Always love to drop in and catch up on your world. Thanks for the great frames - the first blue one is my favourite.

  11. Thanks for the wonderful papers and frames.


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