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(the start of a) digital painting using Art Rage

Yesterday dawned sunny but cccold. I decided to get out of the house - so worked very hard around the house and was ready and packed up with the computer and wacom and after lunch headed out to our painters group to spend time with the ladies. It's always inspiring to spend time with creative talent... you simply soak some of it up!

Overheard in the Painter's group...

Toni: "Sandy, I have a big BLOB of white left over, would you like it?"

Sandy: "I WOULD - I was just going to have to crack out a new BLOB, now I don't have to!"

See, it does not take much to make an artist happy... a BLOB here and a BLOB there. I always get a kick out of when one memeber puts a BLOB of some new or unusual color on someone's pallette to try.... like interference medium (you mix it with your paint and it adds an irridescent tint to it) - or metallic... something like this can keep the oohhhh's and ahhhh's coming for hours!


where the bridge crosses the lake

Miles darted in like a hummingbird at lunch yesterday - and invited me out on an impromtu photo shoot! We took our bagel-whiches and drove up to the veiwpoint on Anarchist Mountain which affords the viewer a pan of the entire valley. There, we captured the last vestiges of winter, in the form of receding ice, upon the lake.


Its so pretty how the ice has gathered in the lee of this intriquing spit of land which is Hayne's Point Provincial park. If you are in the area, this is THE place to camp - but make reservations well in advance (like a year) as they are in much demand!


see all the camping spots?

Last night was our second-to-last Photography Class at the Learning Center - very, very fun... my husband never ceases to amaze me with how he can wring out every single feature of a program! Everyone was 'wowwed'... we had them all chatting online and sending photos back and forth and all sorts of things. They are always a little overwhelmed when they go home! Next week is the last week so we will have a fun 'play' day to wrap things up.


Let us acknowledge the LORD; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth."

Today is just jam-packed with appointments and activity so I am going to cut this short - I leave you with more spring thoughts!


Some days seem like winter

Some are nice and warm

Rainy and windy days

Maybe it will storm

Warm or cold or wet or dry

What will the weather be?

I think Spring is trying

to play Peek-a-boo with me

by Peg

A spring activity:


Make a popcorn blossom tree. Take and trace a child's forearm and hand on a sheet of blue construction paper with a dark brown crayon. Let them color it brown. Take popped popcorn and put in a ziploc bag with a little pink powdered tempera paint. Shake good . Shake off excess as best as you can. You can do all blossom colors, purple is pretty too. Let them glue the popcorn on their trees.


Search by Sketch

If your an artist - like me... or even if you are not, you may like this handy website... you can DRAW something and then SEARCH for similar type things. Very cool concept!



  1. Good Morning Barb :)
    I love your new cool:)Thank you.
    Thank you also for your lovely comment on my blog this morning.I love it when you come to see me.:)
    How nice to go for a drive and find such a wonderful place to take pics.:)Very pretty.
    I like the popcorn tree idea.How cute!It would be even cuter at the grandkids house.LOL I can just see my carpet after they have pink popcorn glued to it.LOL You should see what the carpet looks like under the table after they eat.Think we are going to put wood floors there sometime in the future.Hopefully before they all grow up and we don't need it there any more.LOL Come to think of it..that would be a great project for this summer.LOL OUTSIDE...:) But if I see any birds flying off with pink popcorn..I am telling the animal cruelty that it was your idea.LOL Okay..that is just too much.LOL I hope you know I am just kidding you.:)It really sounds like something they would enjoy.:)

    Have a fantastic day today running your errands.etc.


  2. Thank you for the wonderful alpha's & the pretty flowers from yesterday!!!
    Love the photo's especially of the frog!

  3. Hmmm...Have tried a few times, and PutStuff can't download - can't connect. Guess I'll try later! :-)

  4. You are such a goober teasing me 2 days in a row about beating me to the punch on posting your blog. Well Emma has decided the past 3 days not to nap but take super long nightime sleeping(last night was 13 hours) and well I've been joining her. It's been so nice to get a nice sleep in after only having had a handful in the past 2 years. It's beautiful where you live but when I come to visit I'll just pitch my tent in your yard so I don't have to worry about having reservations. LOL! Thanks you for the shimmer alpha, it's very nice. I hope you popped back to my blog for today's freebie papers they'd go well with your flowers from yesterday!
    Big higs and have agreat weekend!
    Love to you and the Mr.

  5. Enjoying the freebies...Loved your impromtu photos...Thanks again...


  6. Hi Barb ((Hugs)) I didn't get a chance to talk to yesterday but wanted to tell you that in DST they had a chatter about favorite blogs and I listed yours :-) I hope some people come and see how wonderful a visit here can be! Well I am off to enjoy my birthday weekend with my family!! Wahoo...wish me sun!! That way we can go to the zoo tomorrow!

  7. Barb -
    Your Alpha is gorgeous too!!!!! I forgot to write that before I hit enter!

    Loved your impromtu photo shoot pics!!

    ((hugs)) Okay now..I am off :-)

  8. Thanks for the cute alphabet!

  9. Thanks for the alternative link, and for the doodles today, too! :-)

  10. love the pictures of Hayes Point ..can't wait to come up and visit and camp the letters


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