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I've included the template for the 'wave' edge for you again as some of you commented that you found that handy! Any more 'shabby' ideas you would like me to create while I am on this theme?

Thanks for sharing your comments and experiences regarding cell phones and getting your ears pierced - for those of you who may have missed yesterday's entry you can read other reader's responses to this entry by opening up yesterday's comments - I sometimes find your comments more interesting than my entries!!! I love my blog to be your blog, a two way conversation!

Speaking of comments - I would like to share a little tip with you that I've learned. When I comment on someone's blog, I will often 'right click' on the COMMENTS function of the blog and then choose 'open in new tab' or 'open in new window' This allows me to switch windows and be able to actively see the blog content while I am commenting. If the blog entry is long, or if I want to respond to certain parts and can't keep it all in my head (usual for me) then I am able to do both things at once. I never lose track any more!


Alternately, you can do the very same thing with your email account - well, for sure I do it in Hotmail all the time. When I don't want to 'reply' to an email (sending it back to the sendee with all the information still attached) sometimes I will open another windows browser window and open my Hotmail TWICE... I use the second browser to create a new email but reffer to the first window in which I recieved the original email. This way, I also have the ability to 'copy and paste' just the sections I want. I'm curious to know if you find this helpful too!


Our moving date remains murcurial. We live in the land of orchards and vineyards and when the weather suddenly decides to warm up then the land wins. Our new home, being on 22 acres, 7 of this in orchard is coming in second to the needs of the fruit trees at the moment. I keep trying to drive but God is in control... I would have had everything over there... but I also know it's taking more than we bargained for in packing etc.

I heard another very interesting article on NPR radio this morning - you might want to check it out, LISTEN TO IT IN AUDIO:

By the time a government water-treatment plant was built in Yuma, Ariz., the extra water it created wasn't needed. Now, climate and population changes have prompted authorities to test the desalinization plant.


I've got another hint regarding exacto knives. When you need to 'shorten' the blade to take it down to a sharp new point, either put a piece of tape on the blade, down past the one you want to shorten it to, or place a cloth over your hand when you press down on the blade so that the old end does not fly up and injure you!

I spent most of yesterday shredding. We borrowed a shredder and I went through our files. I wound up with over two huge garbage bags. I had two thoughts while doing this -

I had the shredder on the floor. I was shredding documents when a cheque fluttered off to the side. I bent waaaayyy down to retrieve it and a sudden chill went down my entire spine... I have fairly long hair and it could have easily fallen into the blades - ! Yes, if you have longer hair promise you will tie it back before you ever attempt this... also it might be wise to put your shredder up high so you're never leaning over it. Always unplug it when you empty the shreds.

The second thought I had was how good it felt to get rid of all this paper. All this stuff. All this past. I read somewhere that we should keep only personal records to about three years... and I had to draw a parallel to my personal life. Its not that we ever want to bury the past, simply that we need to compost some of it. We don't want to forget or deny any of it, but it does us no good to keep packing it with us everywere. I think that spiritually its the same... sort of like this:

The past should be like a springboard, not a hammock.

Phillipians 3:13-14

Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead,

I strain to reach the end of the race and recieve the prize.


So, with another busy day ahead I reluctantly beg my leave of you till tomorrow. Thanks so very much for all your comments and encouragement... when I take my coffee breaks through the day I love to find my mailbox filled... its my chocolate, seeing as I'm being careful of my waistline! (least till we get to Mother's house for Easter... haha)

Today in History:

  • 1822 - Fla became a US territory
  • 1842 - Dr. Crawford Long - 1st physician to use ether as anesthetic
  • 1858 - Hyman Lipman of Phila patents a pencil with attached eraser
  • 1867 - US purchases Alaska for $7 -200 -000 (Seward's Folly)
  • 1870 - 15th Amendment passes - guarantees right to vote regardless of race
  • 1932 - Amelia Earhart 1st woman to solo cross the Atlantic
  • 1948 - Mahatma Gandhi assassinated in New Delhi
  • 1981 - Pres Reagan shot & wounded by John W Hinckley Jr


Podcasting! Listen at YOUR Liesure!

Miles and I are truly enjoying the world of podcasting... there is a wealth of information and entertainment and knowledge just waiting for you! I hope you will set aside some time to learn how to download podcasts!

what is a podcast, and how do i listen?

Virtually anyone with a computer and recording capabilities can create his or her own podcast. Podcasts may include music, comedy, sports, philosophy -- even people's rants and raves. Find out more HERE


Once I've learned, where do I find podcasts?

The following are a two links to get you started. The first is a general database (with a search feature) of almost every subject and type available - some are Vodcasts too (video podcasts!) The second link is for Christian Podcasts! Enjoy...




  1. another wonderful blog entry full of gifts, verses, pictures and stories both fun and informative, along with links too!! you are a fascinating woman!! Keep up the great work i am enjoying you, so much :) and thank you !!!

  2. Thank you for the shabby wave and the great tips.

  3. Hi Barb ((Hugs)) Jake comes home today...he had the surgery yesterday. DH is picking him up in a few minutes! I assume you are still packing :-) I hope things are going well for you! Thanks so much for this border - very pretty!

  4. Thanks for the template and the shabby border!

  5. Enjoy reading your blog and of course getting the great freebie. Thank you and good luck with the move.

  6. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Thank you for the shabby waves and template.How cool!
    Tnank you also for the info of right clicking on the comments section.That isn't necessary on your blog because your comment window is separate from your blog.:)But there were times on blogs..I would be in the middle of commenting and want to look again to be sure about something..and I would have to start all over again because it asked me if I was sure I wanted to navigate to another page.I would lose everything I had written.:( This will come in handy.:)
    Sooo glad you didn't get your hair caught in the shredder.That would have been awful.I have short hair and wouldn't have that problem.I think.:)
    It's soo hard to be patient when you are moving to another place you just love.Yesterday is not soon enough.LOL But hopefully you will have years and years to enjoy it.:)
    I will have to show your podcast site to my DH.He would love it.:)
    Well..back to the recipe books.:)


  7. Love that sign! How adorable.
    Great photos. I come here just to see the different vista photos you have!

  8. good afternoon barb! just popped in to say hi and enjoy your weekend ;) thanks for all the great tips, btw, and the quote... so true and very inspiring! very scrappable too, lol ;)

  9. Thanks for another pretty one. I sure enjoy reading your blog!

  10. Hi there sweet cheeks! Just wanted to pop in and catch up while Emma was napping. I love your blog it always brings a smaile to my face. That cookie recipe from a few days ago is hilarious! I must say when I got my ears pierced I signed a form and she used a gun so it was quick and relativly painless. I do love your new shabby line and thanks for the templates too! I do always love the photos on your blog and I can't wait to share mine from vacation with you I have some great ones!
    Hugs to you and the Mr.

  11. Thanks for pink shabby border and template!

  12. How pretty and unique, and with so much stuff out there unique is a REAL good thing.Thank you.

  13. How pretty and unique, and with so much stuff out there unique is a REAL good thing.Thank you.

  14. Thank you for your newest freebie...And the interesting read today...Rosemarie

  15. Well, Mrs.Miles you have been a busy little bee today. I am very curious to learn more about podcasting so when I am done writing I am going to check out your links straight away. I want to thank you for the freebie is totally awesome.. you were asking what else.. Well, I ocasionally see TASSLE's in kits and I think how great of an idea that is.. but haven't had the chance myself to look into that.. I love your designs but I am not sure if a tassle would fit into the whole shabby theme or not.. but it would definately be something I would love to see!!! :) You dont have too but I know you sometimes need ideas so you can write that one down and keep it for when you have designers block or such.. I think it would be a beatiful element on heritage photos and such:) If anyone could pull that one off, it would be you;)
    Well, I best hit the hay.. Have a wonderful day!:)

  16. Mrs Miles.. thank you again.. I love the gift.. you are such a gift.. all this wonderful information you have..

    Did you cut yourself with the blade??? becareful please.

    I so know what you mean about getting rid of stuff.. I am trying to simplify.. I have so much STUFF... I have always been that way.. I think crafters tend to be that way. I really am trying to move foward and let the past be what it is.. I also mean it the same way you do.. not to forget but to move on.. I even told Robert that we finally after 3 years we need to take my dear loving dogs ashes to the ocean.. I just couldnt let him go.. ad I know that sometimes you cant let other things in when you do that. so we will do that when I am better.

    well I am off to rest.. talk to you later.. big hugs.. Joy

  17. Thanks so much for the cute freebie, and love reading your blog! :)




  19. Here's a handy shredding tip for YOU :) Take the papers you are going to shred and color on them with fun colored markers or stamp them up, then shred them, and use them as ester grass or gift wrapping accents. We keep a big bag of it handy for when we decide to move, so I cna use it to pad my packing. Oh and of course, they make fun projects for kids, use them to fill a plastic bag then make "bean bags" out of them, you can even sew up little removable covers.

    I am a recycle re-use gal when it comes to my craftiness.


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