Thursday, March 29, 2007


Miles to the rescue! Even though he is 'swamped' with all sorts of work, he rose to fill my need here on the blog - for you all! Thank goodness - as yesterday was filled from end to end!

Miles had a meeting in Penticton - one hour drive north. Because most of you who read here might not know about where we live... well our community is about 4000 people and Penticton is much larger, so a drive there is basically like going from the country to the city. It's always exciting to me. Miles always frees up a bit of spending money for me, no matter how stretched our budget is!

We took our friend Melanie along with us, picking her up along the way. Miles dropped us of at a store on mainstreet, along with a cell phone so he could phone us and have us ready for pick-up when his meeting was done.

I need to interrupt this thought for a moment to talk about the cell phone subject for a moment. See, we've only had a cell phone for a VERY short time - ya, I know, we are VERY behind the times... anyways I have to tell you I am finally getting the gist of it and actually figure out it's ME ringing... and there's not a rattlesnake in my pocket, or I'm not having a fit... its the cell phone in my pocket! LOL Alright, you KNOW what I'm asking here - I would love your cell phone stories! I am sure there are many of you who've got good cell phone stories to share here?

Ok, so Mel and I combed the MTF store from end to end. We bought some wonderful things - including a shower curtain for our new home, some heavy duty rubberized gardening gloves for moving and since we will be living on 22 acres, possibly for getting our hands in the soil... and snacks and ... tea!

I think my tea was my favorite buy - I've looked at it before and desired it, but yesterday I took the plunge. Miles and I have our habits... yes, coffee and tea. These are our areas of weakness and we lavish ourselves in this area. I've learned a lot about tea from my friend GINA too, as she is the ultimate Tea Lady!

Miles and I differ in our tea tastes. Miles likes a good, strong, black, highly caffinated tea while I love herbal teas. I'm down to the last bag of the supply my sweet sister sent me for Christmas ( :) thanks Beans!) So the one I chose at the store had me intrigued. I chose a blend called Wild Encounter. The ingredients are:

hibiscus flowers, apple pieces, rosehips, elderberries, strawberry pieces, passion fruit pieces, kiwi pieces, raspberry pieces, sunflower blossoms, rose petals, blue corn flowers, fruit flavors. mmmm....

Not only are the ingredients yummy, but they are PRETTY and they come in the coolest triangle shaped bags! You can read more about them at the Novus website HERE.

Don't look at the price on the website, as I said we bought them at MTF which is a discount store - prices are way cheap... you can read about why the prices are cheaper at the MTF website
HERE, though basically its because they buy damaged or liquidation merchandise. So shopping there I paid $3.99 Canadian while they retail on the Novus website for $6.50 American - quite a savings!

Next we walked down to the mall to spend to the last pennies - which I did within 13 cents. I managed to buy an entire flat of strawberries which we will be living on for the next week - good for the diet at least.

OWWIE MEL - in my day we did it with a hammer and nail - kiddin!

Melanie got her ear re-pierced. I haven't watched this process for quite some time... so long in fact that I was floored by how much it has changed. We got it done at Claire's. The whole set up is so formal and business-like. Not at all what I remember from my childhood. Now we have rubber gloves, forms to fill out and choices of several dozen studs to choose from. Way back when I was done, I don't remember any rubber gloves - did not have to sign my life away and you took what you got for a stud, usually meaning it was some gold or silver button looking thing. How 'bout you?

I have another thought for you to ponder... there was an article on the news the other night. A young woman gave an interview because she was upset because she got asked to get off for wearing too much perfume. Not once, but twice. I really had to think about this one because though I agree that we should have personal choice to wear perfume, I know some people are very sensitive to it. I think that even tho, I would have not wore it TWICE knowing that the same driver would be bothered by it! What are your thoughts on this?


I thank the Lord we don't have to do this for all our needs...

(he's going for boxes, folks - home hardware keeps a bin just for clean boxes...)

Could’ve Been
With J Moss and Tye Tribbett

(K. Franklin)

It could’ve been me with no clothes, no shoes and no food to eat
It could’ve been me, without Your love
Lord tell me where would I be
It could’ve been
Me in the cold with [everything gone]
No house, no job [outside all alone]
Sitting trying to figure out [where I went wrong]
Can somebody help me [tell me what do I do]
Can’t feed my kids need [money for the rent]
Bills after bills but [everything’s spent]
The enemy telling me you [might as well quit and]
With tears in my eyes crying [Lord please get me through]
See it’s easy to complain [‘bout material things]
When you don’t have to worry [‘bout whatever life brings]
But somebody tonight [don’t know what they gonna eat]
So I gotta be careful [‘cause it could’ve been me]
See that’s the reason [I just can’t thank You enough]
No matter how hard I try, Jesus I realize
Breakdown : Oh…Oh

Vamp 1
Thank You [2x] [then I] could’ve been me
You didn’t have to do it, no. Thank You

Vamp 2

Too good to stop now Father
I wanna give You thanks some more
All the things I’ve been through
Now I see I’m better than I was before
When I think about all You’ve done
How You’ve opened up every door
I can’t help but say thank You
And if You wanna help me get up on the floor [help me now]

© 2005 Zomba Songs/Kerrion Publishing (adm. by Zomba Songs)/Lilly Mack Music (BMI)

This day in History:

1871 - Albert Hall opens in London
1932 - Jack Benny debuts on radio
1973 - US troops leave Vietnam - 9 yrs after Tonkin Resolution

I also want to share a little tip with you readers too - I'm always amazed how many people don't know about this. When you want to select a portion of text from a document, web page etc... simply place your cursor BEFORE the place you want to begin, then hold down your SHIFT KEY, then, holding down the SHIFT key all the time, place your cursor where you want your selection to end. This means you don't have to DRAG... even if you go down pages and pages!
Now, further (and this is a way way cool ink saving tip...) at this time, if you are wanting to PRINT this selection you have made - and ONLY this selection, you now go to PRINT and when your dialogue box comes up, choose SELECTION... your printer will print ONLY what you've highlighted!

Thats a WHAT Type File???

This is a list of file extension names or suffixes that indicate the format or usage of a file and a brief description of that file extension. In general, if you have the program that uses that file extension, that program can be used to open or otherwise use the file.

Every File Extension in the World


  1. Thank you Miles - this sign is just too cute!!!!! : D

  2. Woohoo, first to post...Thank you for the 2 days of freebies. Went away overnight...Had a great time...Pretty interesting stuff today and yesterday. On the pondering of the woman with the perfume. I'm with you..I think the woman should have had the consideration the 2nd time around and not wear the perfume. Or at least maybe not to have worn so strongely...I'm allergic to most perfumes and have a hard time breathing from coughing. If the driver is coughing and driving this could be a bad safety issue for the passengers...Well my thoughts on it...Till tomorrow...


  3. Thank you Miles! Love the sign. Also want to thank you (Barb) for all the zoo elements. They are awesome. I understand the cell phone story. I've had a cell for a few years now and wouldn't know it was my phone ringing until I changed the ringtone to one called jungle. It literally about scares me everytime it rings. But hey, I know it's my phone. I think it even scared my friend one day. Check your phone for unusual ringtones. Some can really get your attention.

  4. I have to say.. I wish My hubby was as creative as Miles!! LOL That would make my freebie makin cut in half.. LOL you are so very lucky. :)

  5. Hi Barb ((hugs)) We still don't have a cell you are not behind in the times we are *LOL* I had a cell phone for years when they first came out for work and it really turned me off to them plus the one time I needed it - it didn't work!!!

    My puppy had surgery today *Sniff* he blew out his knee and had to have it replaced. Nick is very sad..doesn't understand where his doggy went!

  6. Thank you for the GREAT sign. Love it.

  7. Good Evening Barb:)
    Thank you soo much for coming to see me again.:) did a fantastic job on that sign.:) Thank you so much.
    I will only comment on the ear piercing right now..if I can stay awake long enough.LOL When I was about ten years old...or there abouts..I kept begging my Mom to let me get my ears pierced.Over and over I would beg her.One day I came home from school and she had me sit down in the kitchen chair and commenced to pierce my ears.She numbed it with an ice cube and used a needle and cork.As soon as she got the needle through..she pushed a wire earring through it.Every thing was fine til I got hot one night and threw the blankets back real fast and my earring was hung up in the blanket..OWWWWW...that hurt.
    I have two holes in each ear..but the second holes I got done by a person at Claires.:)Sorry Mom.LOL

    Have a great rest of the evening.There isn't much left of it here.:)


  8. way to go sis to you soon

  9. thank you for such beautiful verses!! and WONDERFUL gift :)

  10. Hi Barb, the cell phone story, cute, my hubby had a cat moewing for the ringer on his cell phone, on one occasion he was in a store and a clerk came running thinking there was a distressed kitten in the store, lol. as for my hole in the head! my mom used a needle and thread when I was a baby, when I was in hairdressing school I had several added only to the right ear lobe I was a little, off balanced, I have since let the extra holes grow back but the girls needed a lobe to practice on I had four extra holes before they were done. We love Penticton, I shop there once a week (grocery's)it also takes us 1 hour to get there but as you know the shopping is poor in Cawston. It's closer to go to Osoyoos but my mom lives in Pen and we drop in after our shopping trip to let the kids have a break before the trip home. I love your blog, and all your stories take care....Lucy.

  11. 3-30-07

    Good Morning Barb:)
    Are you having fun yet?LOL All that packing and unpacking..that ought to help a lot with the weight loss.:) I am going to look through all the diabetes cookbooks to see what sounds good to us is my huge plans for the day.Oh..and try to keep awake.LOL I would much rather be packing.LOL..NOT!! I just got de' javu.LOL.Probably not spelled right..but you know what I mean.LOL

    Have a great day today..don't over do.:)


  12. Thank you & Miles for this awesome sign!!!
    Sounds like you had a great day!!

  13. Thank you & Miles for this awesome sign!!!
    Sounds like you had a great day!!


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