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Boy, when I get on a kick to create a certain type of element I just can't stop making things along the same theme. No, I have not forgotten about the zoo animals... I do have some plans to create more of 'em... but I needed to take a break from them for a bit. I've included a template along with this pink element so that you can cut out your own decorative borders from the papers of your choice!

Packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning. Thats what's new with me. So, because my life is not boring to me but is not particularly entertaining for you to read about, I will use some interesting filler for you to brighten up your day. I feel responsible for you all - you often leave me wonderful comments about my blog being a highlight in your day - so I shan't disappoint! :D

So recently I featured a picture of my dearest husband losing his breakfast onto his lap. That was in front of his computer. He should not eat there. He WON'T eat there any more. If he does, he knows more than his eggs will be scrambled. Well, funny but I was grazing the internet today and I found something which would have come in handy (well course he will disobey me and eat cookies over his keyboard!) Someone was certainly thinking when they created the following item - a keyboard which you can wash in the sink. Truly!


Unotron washable keyboards and mice
(courtesy TechDigest)

Keyboards and mice get pretty disgusting. That is, we know they get disgusting, but because they don't look all that bad, we tend to let it slide to the point where they're literally laden with more bacteria than the lavatory seat. Unotron offers an alternative: SpillSeal keyboards and mice that can be washed in normal (or antibacterial) soap and water whenever you like. Available in wired or wireless models, starting at $30.


(these are my faves - they used to grow on my Gramma's lawn!)

My friend Alison was 'sperimenting around with a new chocolate chip cookie recipe the other day and deemed it unfit for her to waste her time on again... I wonder if she has tried the following recipe I found for engineers to make them?


Chocolate chip cookies are food created by reagents found naturally in the environment. Reagents are combined and then baked, i.e. treated with dry heat, especially in an oven for a prescribed period of time. This procedure is used to create crunchy disks (known as cookies) for human consumption.


1. 532.35 cm 3 gluten (White Lily ä All Purpose, Knoxville, TN)
2. 4.9 cm 3 NaHCO3 (Arm & Hammer ä , Princeton, NJ)
3. 4.9 cm 3 refined halite (Mortons ä Table, Chicago, IL)
4. 236.6 cm 3 partially hydrogenated tallow triglyceride (Land o’ Lakes, Arden Hill, MN). Store 2-8 ° C
5. 177.45 cm 3 crystalline C12H22O11 (Dixie Crystal â Granulated Extra Fine, Savannah, GA). Can be stored indefinitely if properly handled. It is recommended that sugar be stored in an odor-free environment at 40 - 100°F and less than 60% relative humidity.
6. 177.45 cm 3 unrefined C12H22O11 (Dixie Light Brown â , Savannah, GA). Store in an odor-free environment at 50 - 90° F and more than 60% relative humidity. Can be stored for over one year if stored as recommended.
7. 4.9 cm 3 methyl ether of protocatechuic aldehyde (Penzey’s â , 35% alcohol. Product #92256, Brookfield, WI). Store at room temperature.
8. 2 calcium carbonate-encapsulated avian albumen-coated protein, Gallus sp. Store 2-8 ° C
9. 473.2 cm 3 theobroma cacao (Nestle’s Toll-House Semi-Sweet Morsels, Nestle’s SA)
10. 236.6 cm 3 de-encapsulated legume meats (sieve size #10), optional. See Limitations.


Reactor Vessel, 2-L jacketed round, 100 Btu/F-ft2-hr
Reactor Vessel, 2-L with radial flow impeller
316SS sheet (300 x 600 mm)
screw extrude attached to a #4 nodulizer


1. To a 2-L jacketed round reactor vessel (reactor #1) with an overall heat transfer coefficient of about 100 Btu/F-ft2-hr, add reagents one, two and three with constant agitation.
2. In a second 2-L reactor vessel with a radial flow impeller operating at 100 rpm, add reagents four, five, six, and seven until the mixture is homogenous.
3. To reactor #2, add reagent eight, followed by three equal volumes of the homogenous mixture in reactor #1.
4. Additionally, add reagent nine and ten slowly, with constant agitation. Care must be taken at this point in the reaction to control any temperature rise that may be the result of an exothermic reaction.
5. Using a screw extrude attached to a #4 nodulizer, place the mixture piece-meal on a 316SS sheet (300 x 600 mm).
6. Heat in a 177 °C oven for a period of time that is in agreement with Frank & Johnston's first order rate expression (see JACOS, 21, 55), or until golden brown (10-12 minutes). Reduce time if cookies are too brown; extend time if cookies are not browned sufficiently to make a crunch when bitten
7. Once the reaction is complete, place the sheet on a 25 ° C heat-transfer table, allowing the product to come to equilibrium.


60 cookies of medium golden-brown color are generated.


A technologist should visually examine each batch of cookies produced. If either consistency or degree of browning is insufficient, the mixture should be remixed and/or time of baking adjusted.


2. Care should be taken to mix reagent 9 evenly through the mixture to ensure “chips” are equally distributed in each cookie.
3. For high altitude baking (585 meters): Increase reagent 1 by 25%. Add 2 mL H2O with reagent 1 and reduce both reagents 4 and 5 to 33% each.
If cookies are not sized consistently when placing on sheet, yield may be affected.
Note: Some humans have serious allergic reactions to consumption of some reagents in this product, especially reagents 9 and 10.


Crocker,Betty et al. 1979. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book. Golden Press, New York, p. 108.

This day in History:

  • 1797 - Nathaniel Briggs of NH patents a washing machine
  • 1941 - Novelist & critic Virginia Woolf dies
  • 1943 - Composer Sergei Rachmaninoff dies
  • 1969 - Eisenhower the 34th pres dies in Washington at 78
  • 1979 - Nuclear accident at 3 Mile Is - Middletown - Pa

courtesy sxc

Psalm 139:13

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb.

I was thinking about this scripture the other day, when my dear friend GINA and I were chatting.
Gina has not knit before, and I've promised to teach her sometime in the future. I try to tag scripture in my mind with visual things, and in this case it caused me to want to learn more about what it means to 'knit' something together. Besides the usual way of joining fabrics together with knitting needles there is also a definition which describes 'knit' as to tie or link together or to gather something into small wrinkles or folds. So God took time to create us - He followed a pattern and did not just jumble us together. I wonder how long He thought about exactly we should physically be like - and how He made each of our 'parts' work together seamlessly!

courtesy sxc

Learn to Knit - and some Free Patterns too!

I hope Gina, you wait for me to show you, but it never hurts to do some research ahead of time! The following two sites are terrific resources, and who can't love some free patterns?




  1. i just LA LA LOVE your blog!!! thank you for the scallop & template, totally AWESOME! and I WANT that washable keyboard lol my DS eats at the puter alot and i use it (ugh) i constantly wipe it down. LOVE the recipe lol great find! oh and i LOVVVE knitting & crocheting!!! thanks for the patterns!!! you ROCK!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the scallops!

  3. Good Morning Barb:)
    Thank you for your lovely scallop and template.How cool!
    Thank you also for coming to see me this morning and leaving such a sweet comment.I debated whether to say anything or not.But that is what blogs are for ..not just to give away freebies.:)I think things are going to be better this time around.My dh is actually looking up recipes for me to follow and he said he will follow them too cause he needs to eat right.Now how is that for support?:)Prayers will still be appreciated because any time you change the way you have been doing takes effort and determination to do it.:)
    Thank you for your prayers and support too.You are a true friend to want to help.:)
    Have fun packing and cleaning!:)


  4. Hi Barb ((hugs)) I am off to the dentist today :-( Just stopped in to say hi in case I miss you later! Love the template! It is so funny you just made that...I made one last night myself! Great mind must think alike :-)

  5. I love the scalloped border! It's just beautiful!

    Thanks so much for sharing! Renae

  6. Wow! Am I the first to comment? I love the scalloped border and template today! Thanks so much!

  7. I just realized that I've never left a "thanx" to you! I come over atleast once a week and read all your tips and I really LOVE the wonderful stuff you share...

    So Thanks, thanks, thanks lots and lots of times!!!

  8. TFS! Love this

  9. Thanks, I like this and love having the template provided also!

  10. Thanks for the pretty border and I love the recipe- it is going to my daughter who is a chemistry major!

  11. what a great invention!! now THAT is something I could really use. skip the sliced bread - washable keyboards are WAY more useful! lol :)

  12. Loved the washable keyboard idea. I spilled a glass of wine over a keyboard a few years ago (long story!) and despite meticulous cleaning it persisted in confusing certain letters - made it look like it was permanently inebriated!

  13. Gorgeous day here my friend. I hope you took a teensie break from packing to go outside.

    I ended my day with a staff meeting & I'm sorry that I forgot Wednesday was our walking day. Staff meeting frustrated me so I wouldn't have been pleasant company.

    Love the knitting analogies!

    I could also use a keyboard like that. I eat & drink in front of my puter all the time. :)

  14. Thank you for the template - I love templates, and thank you for the knitting pattern website. Knitting and crocheting rival scrapbooking for my 'me' time.

  15. thanks for everything: the freebies, the links, the quotes, the info, the humor ... etc. blah blah blah and so on! lol! so much good stuff!!!
    :) M

  16. Love the template-but even more I love the verse for the day with the picture of the thread! Amazing to ponder those thoughts-thanks for sharing :)

  17. Thanks so much!! Love the shabby pink!!
    That keyboard would be awesome - especially for someone with kids who KNOW they are not allowed to eat in the 'puter room but still sneak by now and then...LOL...

  18. Thanks for the sign thats just too cute & the scallop borders. Love that idea of a washable keyboard sure beats plucking all the keys off & cleaning it.

  19. Thanks so much for the sign and border, and links and all the info. Your blog is always so interesting! :)


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