Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Now, with this alpha, I highly suggest you add your own drop shadows and use an OUTER bevel to bring it to it's potential. If you're a newbie to scrapping and don't know how to do this and are working with Photoshop you can always ask me and I will see if we can work thru that together! More zoo animals are on the way.

I'm sorry if I've not been about - I'm currently help my dearest prepare our income taxes, finish up a website (ugh - proofing!) and I'm designing a cd cover for a little girl who has luekemia and I'm packing as well. Thus today's entry will be short but sweet.


(poor DH!)

I just wanted to share a picture with you, of interest - it's about the Grand Canyon Skywalk which I was learning about on BBC radio last night. It will be opening almost immediately. It belongs to the Hualapai Indian Reservation. I heard the natives saying while some are very opposed as they feel this is very sacred ground, others are hopeful this venture will be the ticket to give hope and jobs to the young people. Whichever, it seems to inspire a passion to these people.

The skywalk juts 70 feet out into the canyon - 4000 feet above the Colorado River. It can hold up to 120 people comfortably. It was built with a million feet of steel beams. It was designed to hold 72 million pounds, stand under an 8.0 magnitude earthquake 50 miles away and be able to take in excess of 100 mile per hour winds. The bottom and sides are glass, 4 inches thick.

To find out more you can visit the GRAND CANYON SKYWALK WEBSITE


Let Them BUG You!

I know, Moms... you hate the thought of bugs in your house but lets face it... it's inevitable your child will be fascinated enough to want to adopt one of those interesting critters. Well, if you find yourself in that situation you may need to know the care of the little fella.... fortunately there is a website just for this purpose.



  1. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Thank you for stopping by and saying hi and for your lovely comments on my Spring Colors.:)
    I knew you were busy..but just didn't know "how" busy you were.
    I love the new rope alpha..how cool!Thank you sooo much.:)
    Okay..onto the sky walk of the Grand Canyon.Not me..no way..LOL I remember us going to the top of a mtn..in the Smokeys and at the top there was a spiral walkway to a look out tower.I got about half way up that walk and that was as far as I could make myself go.:)The family went on ahead and I let them.LOL
    BTW..do they give you parachutes?LOL Of course if they did..that would be a sign to me to retreat.LOL
    Have a fantastic day today.


  2. Hiya Barb!
    Well I'm glad you managed to find time to blog today. Seems you have a full plate this week. Thank you for the alpha- it's cute. I'm glad you like me razzing you since you seem to razz me too I figured you were fair game. As to "neiner" that's what my siblings and I would say to each other as we stuck our tounges out at each other. It's a friendly taunt filled with love and giggles.
    Hope you get everything done that needs doing.

  3. Love the alpha! Thanks!!!

  4. i totally understand about not being around, i HAVE to get to my own blog :) thanks for all that you share with us, links and freebies!! and good luck with all youre doing offline too! i LOVE it :)

  5. Hi Barb! Hope you are having a nice day!! Nick and I are having a lazy day...the repair man for the washer is supposed to come first thing in the morning! We shall see :-)

  6. Hi, thank you for the freebie...Thank you for the interesting tidbits today..And your poor hubby, LOL


  7. Thanks so much for the Rope Alpha. It's great! :o)

  8. Thanks for the freebie today. My heart is beating so fast looking at that picture of the skywalk. oh my goodness!

  9. thanks so much for the rope alpha..I was looking for something simlilar today..and here it is! God does know how to drop little blessings our way when we least expect it..HE is good. thanks again.

  10. Thanks so much for the fabulous rope alpha and the rope elements you posted several days ago!

  11. I love this alpha - Thank you! I am going to use it for the layouts of my little cowboy. Thanks again!

  12. Great alpha; thanks! Love the pic of the grand canyon also!

  13. love the bug site ..can'tr wait for Missy to even think that it's possible to have a bug for a pet..hehe..right now it's a shriek of it's a bug ..kill it ...love the rope alpha.....rememeber to stop and breath ..

  14. thanks for the alpha barb! you have the cutest designs ;) and you're such a sweetie to share it with us!!

  15. Hi

    Thanks so much for this.

    I love to check out your blog, and it is one of the ones that has inspired me to start my own blog. Only been digi-scrapping a few months, but loving it.

    So thanks for creating, blogging and generously sharing.

    JanMary from N Ireland.

  16. Cool rope alpha - thanks a bunch!! ;)


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