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It was Kat's birthday recently and I revived this Safari Kit for her as a prezzie... and seeing how she had been to the zoo recently too. Since then, I've recieved more requests for this kit so I'm including it today. If you're new to scrapbooking, you can also download it, along with instructions on how to assemble a scrapbook page using templates, at Christian Woman Online. CWO also has some other scrapbooking downloads you may want to check out too, including Darlene Schat's scrabble alpha! Just click HERE to visit - the entire CWO site is a wonderful place to be - filled with uplifting information etc... if you noticed the scripture tags and my banner on my blog, this is where I got them from! God never wanted us to blog alone (lol!) and at CWO you can check out and join in a blog ring.

You may notice I've posted two entires today... the second entry was 'loaned' to me from my friend Valerie - a sentiment about her sweet daughter Gabrielle... I hope you enjoy it, Val's writing is so good! It made me think of when I was a little girl and how my dad called me "Barbara Jean the Noise Machine"... hehe... he said I even talked in my sleep!


Leslie put together this pretty layout, of her husband's parents on their 25th wedding anniversary - very nice, Leslie! Thanks for sharing.

Leslie used my Peach Blossom Element!

Our house feels very empty at the moment. Our daughter Dez and her boyfriend just left for Calgary where they will be working for the coming months. After having both girls home in one weekend, and now with Miles gone to work I am sort of rattling around in this place lost...

We took Dez and Adrian out to the 'new house' yesterday, for a tour. Bonnie and Roman are still working diligently to bring it up to move in point. I swear they must sleep there - there is a tremendous amount of work to do. Thanks so much you folks for this!

I AM getting very excited about it all. I pack a box here and there during my clean up times now, and we've even taken a few boxes out and stored them. I put the first linens in the closet yesterday - it was a neat feeling... like I have one foot here and one foot there!

Well, I have a few days of catching up to do around home, letters to write and a wedding invitation to finish designing, so I shall leave you for now... back tomorrow with more 'good stuff'. Have a wonderful day!


Remember Drive In's?

Yes, they still exist! My friend Sonya made a 'drive in' in her vehicle for her twin boys to watch, the other day... but this is the REAL Mc Coy!



  1. Thank you so very much for both of these awesome DL's today!!!

  2. Thank you very much for the simple safari kit. it will be useful

  3. WOW..thank you SOOO Much for the Safari Kit!!
    We are taking my daughter to the Circus on the 16th and I hope to scrap a wonderful page with this!!! You are awesome!!

  4. WOW..thank you SOOO Much for the Safari Kit!!
    We are taking my daughter to the Circus on the 16th and I hope to scrap a wonderful page with this!!! You are awesome!!

  5. Thanks for the link!

    The vintage forks would be handy for recipes. Great idea!

  6. Thanks for the Freebie :) and THANK YOU for putting my layout up on your blog :) I feel so HAPPY to see that you liked my layout enough to put it up.. I know you are a very popular blog and I am priveledged.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


  7. Thank you for the kit and the corners. Moving is a big job and I wish you luck.

  8. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    I love the safari kit.Thank you for sharing it again with us:)
    Thank you for your comment on my paper too..Soo glad you like it:)
    I am late getting here today.I checked this morning and you hadn't blogged yet for today.My dd has today off and wanted me to go to lunch and a matinee with her.We had a really nice time this afternoon.:)
    Have a wonderful evening:)


  9. Wow!! I love the Safari Kit!! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

    Would you happen to have any giraffes? Thaey would be the perfect compliment to this kit!!


  10. Hi Barb! *LOL* I guess I generated some advertising on my blog for your safari kit huh?? :-) It's beautiful and I so apprecite it!! I am so glad your girls were home to visit sounds like you had a wonderful time ((hugs)). Thank you so much for the beautiful corner frames. I will talk to you soon!

  11. Thank you for the wonderful photo corners and the great mini kit.

  12. Love the mini kit! TY!!!

  13. Thank you so much for the Safari Kit and for introducing me to Christian Women Online. What an incredible resource.


  14. Hi Barb, Love your Safari kit, just been to the zoo and have heaps of photo...You Rock! I also love the vintage fork idea, hoe awesome! Hugs Sonia


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