Tuesday, March 13, 2007


He He, I can't stop laughing at my element – yes PUN! I think of watching cartoons as a kid when I think of hyenas. I've still got a few more animals up my sleeve – but if you dont' see one in particular and you have a good reference photo of one... preferably a good side view or head on, but full animal – please email me at lalalime@hotmail.com and I will see if I can transform it into a zoo element!

I had such a good time yesterday. I spent the afternoon at our sweet friend Melanie's house. Miles and I first met Melanie at the Learning Center several years ago. Mel, as we so fondly call her ( our daughter is a Melanie too ) was attending the center to complete her grade 12. She did it, but attended the following year and we got to know each other pretty well. Mel has grown to hav a special place in our hearts. She's helpful, loyal, kind, gentle and fun! I've been promising to visit her home for the past two years, so it was about time!

We took a walk up to a local garden center and checked out all the bulbs and shoots and stalks and buds which were bursting forth. I love to look at all of them, but truly am glad that I don't have to look after them – as I am afraid I would be a big disappointment in the green thumb area. Not that I don't want a garden, or would not love to try my hand at even homesteading for a year, but rather its a time thing. I have so many interests that I can barely keep up with the ones that I have now. I've found with art, as with any other hobby, as with training for a marathon... its all about practice, practice, practice. You simply have to put the miles in on whatever you choose your passion to be. When you spread yourself too thin, you may accomplish many things, but nothing will be outstanding in quality. Do you know what I mean here?

So I've learned to be an appreciative 'garden watcher' You grow it and I will enjoy it. I might paint it or photograph it or even eat it...

When I arrived home after my visit with Mel, I rolled my sleeves up and took a good workout with ... the oven. Ah, the oven had been neglected for quite some time, the inside of it resembling an science experiment involving carbon particles – as if I'd deliberately tried to burn sugary things in it! I was inwardly groaning at the very thought of how hard it was going to be.

Before I tackled the oven, I did some research on the internet as to find the very best way. In the past I've simply relied on whatever looked industrial strength at the local hardware store – mostly ending up with something which sprayed on overnight and resembling what letting off a big fire extinguisher! I think that in my mind I equated a BIG spray can and a LOT of foaming action with doing most of the scrub-work for me.

This year, after gathering information, I decided to go with plain old ammonia. I did not have an entire night to leave the oven for (didn't want to put it off or I might not get it done at all!) - so I put about ½ inches of water in three small GLASS pans and let them sit while I was out for ½ of the day.

When we arrived home I snapped on the rubber gloves and got right to it! Now granted I had to scrub with a metal scratchie for a good 1 hour – the oven came out sparkling clean!

How about you, do you try to use environmentally friendly ingredients? Do you have a special way of cleaning the oven?


People can be divided into three groups:

Those who make things happen,
Those who watch things happen,
Those who wonder what happened.

John 9:4

“All of us must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us...
for there is little time left before the night falls
and all work will come to an end.”

Miles and I went for our late evening walk again last night. We've been putting in a 1.5 hour walk a night, sometimes 2 hours. Seems like the only time of the day it does not interfere with our schedules. There is something so beautiful in walking in the velvety darkness, watching the waves tossed on water which is streaked pastel colors with the town's lights. Miles listens to music and I listen to the radio. BBC is usually on and they have such interesting articles.

Last night I heard an article about a company which has produced a device like spiderman's web! It is a device which can be attached to buildings and it can draw a person upwards at a speed of 10 feet per second! Look at those towers where you live folks!

I also heard an article from a British man who is going to be part of putting together a project called one geology. It will basically be a site like Google Earth, only instead of mapping the geography, it will map the geology of our world! If you would like to learn more about this interesting project, click HERE

I also have to share an idea I recently read in a decorating magazine. It makes complete sense and is so simple. When you fold your sheet sets up, once you have all the parts into a neat pile, slip the entire set inside one of the pillow cases. How simple and neat is that? How come you folks never told me this before?


Donate Today (its Free!)

Todays link was given to me by my friend Lindsey. This organization will donate tampons to the shelter of your choice! However, at this time they've been so overwhelmed with requests they may not take more shelters on until fall. Still there is good info here, a great cause. I think its so worthy of today's link!



  1. Thank you so very much for today's animal & the beautiful photo's!!!

  2. Good afternoon Barb..morning to you.:)
    I love the hyena and the pun.LOL Thank you for sharing it with me.:)
    We are suppose to clean the oven????? Ah Oh. LOL Well..when I do clean the oven..usually after every thing smells like Christmas Turkey....I just use the cans of oven spray and hope it doesn't work it's way through the gloves and eat my hands off.:)That stuff is potent.LOL I had never heard of using amonia.Bet your sinus's are clear today.LOL Why did you have to remind me that my oven needs to be cleaned?:(...hehe.Sure would be nice to let my cleaning lady do that...but unfortunately..I.. am my cleaning lady.LOL Guess I will add that to my list.... Where is that thing anyway???LOL
    Thank you soo much for coming to see me this morning and leaving such a wonderful comment for me.Let me see..what did I buyed?LOL
    Not a lot really..I did an awful lot of walking and looking.I found a what not..or what some people call a knick knack..It is dolpins breaking out of the waves and has a globe with water and fish.No..not real fish.LOL..It was at Goodwill and when I looked on the bottom of it..it was a music box ..and it worked.!!Cool.My dd has a similar one in her bathroom on the shelf above the commode.So now she has a set.It only cost me three dollars and some change.I know it..I am cheap..but it's the thought that counts.:)
    I had better get busy around here and clean the house and get up the nerve to open the oven door.LOL.
    Have a fantastic day !!


  3. HI Barb, I too used oven cleaner wait 12 hours and scrubbed! Once i left it a whole weekend and it just came off with no trouble what so ever! Now I own a self cleaning oven we picked up from the bargin hunter and it does the work for me. The used stainless steel oven was a steal and works fanastically! My girls love to look inside and watch baking cook and I couldn't let them do that with my old oven the door got much too hot to touch but with this self cleaning oven the girls can touch the door and not get warm. I love your pics our don and anna's garden centre doesn't open until April 1, we have a whole yard to plant; grass, trees you name it! New yard in process! Must go to Osoyoos to get an early start! Take care....Lucy.

  4. Barb!
    How you doing chicky? Thank you for the lovely comment today. As to the hyena I think I'll pass, they always give me the eebie-geebies, even if he's quite well done. Those are beautiful flowers at the garden shop! I'm with you though you grow 'em, I'll praise them. Now then what's this thing called cleaning an oven? It that like that weird think cleaning the drip pans on the stove? Well it's not done often in my house and every time is different so let me know if someone posts the perfect way. Personally that hint of smokiness in my food makes it all the tastier!
    Hugs to you and the mister,

  5. Did I get this link from you? If I did, just ignore it. I found some lovely photos of Osoyoos today.


  6. Thank you for the new freebie...


  7. Thank you so much for the Hyena - he is great!

  8. Thank you for these great elements. My grandchildren visit the zoo a lot...these are going to be wonderful!!!

  9. I am loving your animals. One of my maia's favorite things to do in the dummer is go to the zoo. These will be great for those photos. Hehe I just want to get a picture of her that I can superimpose so she is sitting on your rhino especially.

  10. Barb - Thanks for the great chat tonight!! Hope you aren't in animal overload *LOL* Love the hyena!! How cute! Thanks for sharing! ((hugs)) Off to bed I go..

  11. Love the hyena. Thank you.

  12. Love the Hyena, thank you so much! Beautiful photos of the flowers too! I'm an avid gardener and can't wait to get outside!


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