Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I really didn't know how to name these elements. They could be used for all sorts of things - they can be anything you wish, with a little imagination! I've included a shiny pink staple - and I would love to see what you use them for.

As I was saying... yesterday (we won't go there, will we...) Where, oh where did the weekend go? All that remained was four lonely balloons hiding under an armchair (na, na, Melanie - you missed some!)

Sunday was heart warming for me as we had two friends join us at church! See, our church is little. Adding two extra people on a Sunday is noticeable. Its not because our church is 'strange' or anything. Its just small, is all. I think our friends will agree, the preaching rocks. We have few people but within the few we still have young folks, old folks, kids etc... its all kinda like in miniature, sort of. I like it. I feel very protective of my 'little' church family. But for some reason, when I bring a guest - I feel the same as when I used to bring friends home to my 'real' family when I was a kid. I SO always wanted my family to like my friends and vice-versa.

We took our friend Melanie out to our new house on Saturday, on her way home as she lives north of here. We took a few boxes to unpack and we got to see all the work that's been done. The carpets are laid, the lino too, new windows in the basement. The central vac system even sucks. I am getting totally excited to MOVE IN.


Yesterday was supposed to be a full work day - I was supposed to be helping Miles assign key words into a website - a long an tedious job... sigh... but I was saved by the sun, literally. We woke to bright sunshine and azure blue skies. Yesterday was a day for exercise, so Miles suggested driving me north about 1 hour to a small community called OK Falls where there is a beautiful hike and bike path which lies along the left hand side of Skaha Lake. The path is revamped from the old Kettle Valley Railway bed and goes for miles upon miles. We walked one hour north and one hour back. Such a nice way to get our exercise - and of course I took my camera along!


(he's not a lazy-bum, honest!)

I wanted to share something helpful with you, which I discovered in IE7... perhaps you already know and if so, just ignore this tip. Miles is always asking me to forward interesting websites to him and usually we are both on the chat so its quite simple to do so. If we are not, however, I used to have to open my email to send a link. I discovered, by accident the other day, that if you have the website you want to send then you can just look up on your IE toolbar, locate the icon that says PAGE and using the drop down menu choose 'send link by email' and there's also a 'send page by email' This is going to save me a lot of time!


I mentioned the other day that I am currently reading the book 'Colour - Travels Through the Paintbox' by Victoria Finlay. It's proving to be a fascinating read and Miles has asked me to read portions of it to him, as well. Actually, whenever we travel, we read to each other along the way. We've devoured many, many good books while traveling our way across country!

The latest chapter we read was about how the colour white was used, and in particular how in the past it was used as and in makeup. We all know that long, long ago it was fashionable to appear as pale as one could. Well in the 1870's a fashionalbe and popular product of makeup came on the market - Bloom of Youth, which was manufactured by the company of George W. Liard. Unfortunately, though the makeup might have achieved the desired look to the wearer, it was not very good for the health.

See the use of this product eventually led to the death of, in one instance, a housewife by the name of Maggie Angeloglou. She had faithfully applied the face cream daily until she died in 1877 - of LEAD POISINING.

Maggie was not the first to die this way - lead white had been used all across history, from the Egyptians, the Romans and even the Japanese Gieshas (they liked the look of it because it contrasted completely with their teeth which they blackened with oak galls and vinegar.
Even today we use makeups we know are harmful! But it kinda makes you wonder when Maggie would have 'clued in' to what was causing her to be so sick.

This is how it may have went for her:

  • I would apply my Bloom of Youth.

  • I would begin to feel lazy, unenergetic.

  • I might stop sleeping well - which would give me a pale complexion and hollows in my cheeks.... in those days the men liked this look on us!

  • My legs would begin to feel unstable - I might wind up in bed all the time. In those days, again, men sorta liked us to be 'weak' - this would enhance our attractiveness, perhaps.

  • I would start to notice little blue marks - tiny plumb lines on both my wrists and ankles (good thing we wore long dresses!)

  • Then, I would begin to have some 'plumbing' problems... wouldn't be able to evacuate and would begin vomiting and would deteriorate to kidney failure.

  • I might be acting pretty strangely at this point too....

When do you think we would have figured out what exactly was the cause? Was the price worth it? I think not... in fact, a while ago I provided a helpful link to a website we should all visit regularly ... its all about what companies can get away with putting into the products we use to beautify ourselves daily. Don't you deserve to KNOW what's in your makeup - and don't take it for granted that because you buy from a reputable company your getting a safe product. There really are not many guidelines and controls set up that companies HAVE to follow... so you better arm yourself. You can go to the website here:



Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;

but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.



Today in history:

1855 - Abraham Gesner receives a patent for kerosene

1860 - ML Byrn patents corkscrew (NY)

1912 - 1st Japanese cherry trees planted in Wash DC

1964 - Earthquake strikes Alaska - 8.4 on Richter scale - 100 die

1980 - Mt. St. Helens becomes active after 123 years

Some famous birthdays on this day:

1845 - Wilhelm R”ntgen, discovered X-rays (Nobel 1901)

1863 - Sir Henry Royce, Rolls-Royce founder

1879 - Edward Steichen, pioneered American photography

1924 - Sarah Vaughn, Newark NJ jazz singer

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  1. thank you so much for YOUR blog :) i thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to my daily fix :) i love your creations, verses, hints, links, just everything!! thank you!!

  2. Thank you so very much for these awesome corners & yesterday's wonderful ricrac!!!

  3. Thank you for the great corner things.

  4. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Thank you soo much for your corner thingys.:) They are really cute.I would love to see what scrappers would do with them too.:)Thanks so much for sharing:)
    I went with my DD this morning.She had some errands to do and when I got back..I had several comments and one was from you.I love your visits.:)Thanks for coming by.Bet you didn't even know I wasn't home.LOL Sorry I missed you.Glad the door was locked..cause I left the place as it was..thought I would get it cleaned up when I got back ...and here I sit.LOL
    Your walk with Miles sounds like fun.We use to go to the top of a mountain that is near us..they say it is a mountain...but I think it is proably more of a mole hill.LOL.They have walking trails all around it and you can take your dog with you if you want.I say use to..cause after I broke my ankle real bad..we drive about three fourths of the way up and I can go slow to get to the top.It's a really cool site though..you can see for miles and miles on a clear day.:)

    Well..have fun doing all that work for Miles on the computer.LOL


  5. Yes.. Your walk sounded wonderful. I can't get my hubby to get out of the house that way. When he gets home from work he just wants to relax. I dont blame him. I just need to find another walking partner. Well I guess i do have one My oldest son goes with me when we go out and do my picture taking then he ends up being the subject of most of them. LOL :) Thank you for the thingy's they are cute I will have to play with them to see what I come up with :)

  6. thanks for the tip barb! I never knew you could email links that way before and now that I do I bet it'll make my life a whole lot easier!! lol... looks like you had fun on your walk! I should really get out more often... if only just to see a change of scenery... lol that sand cave looks so cool! your blog is always so interesting ;) love the thingies too, lol, thanks for sharing! <3 Muka

  7. Hi, I love you! Must go vaca now.

  8. Hi Barb! Sorry I missed you! Love the shabby pink corners! Well I figured out what was wrong..something with the server/modem connection. It's fixed now...but my computer is zooming after the clean up!!! :-) Told DH about the cleaner - he tried it at work and loved it!! His computer is running so much faster now. He said to tell you thanks so much for the tip!! ((hugs)))

  9. Barb hugs for the pink corner things and the flower, having a 14 year old daughter I will have alot of use for these. Your trip to OK falls looked stunning, I'm so in love with the name "OK Falls" it sounds pretty.. just by the name.


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