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I hope you enjoy this Polar Bear. Thanks again to KAT who provided this reference picture. Aren't Polar Bears such a beautiful animal? I thought I should take a moment or two to get to know some of these wonderful creatures better, so I've rounded up some information about this critter:

Even though a polar bears fur looks white it is actually colorless and is made with hollow tubes. The reason the bear looks white is because the rough inner surface of the tubes make light scatter and reflect at many different angles which gives the white appearance.

If you spray an antiseptic spray on a polar bear, its fur will turn purple.

Not all polar bears hibernate; only pregnant females polar bears do.

Polar bears can smell seal from 20 miles away.

The only predator that polar bears have are humans.

In the last 30 years, only seven people have been killed by a polar bear in Canada.

When a polar bear cub is born, it can not see or hear. It takes approximately a month for the cub to start to see and hear.

The town of Churchill, Manitoba, located in Canada, is known as the "Polar Bear Capitol of the World"

Shadowisdancing – I think I DO have a lion or tiger or leopard tucked away for your girl's 16th birthday, s'long as its not in the next couple of days, but within the week? You know, for her birthday you might also like to create a BIG poster for her??? did you see my earlier link to BLOCK POSTERS? its SO easy to use...imagine how surprized she might be?


How awesome and marvelous is each animal. How unique every single one! I've come to have such an appreciation! Not only did our Father create every creature, but the food that they eat. Every living thing is so connected!


And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food." And it was so.


I was browsing the Internet for Easter ideas when I came across an article on how to dye eggs naturally. Here's what ingredients make your eggs certain colors:

Red Onion Skins – soft lavender to red, depending on how long you
boil the skins and how many skins are in the pot

Red Cabbage Leaves – robin's egg blue

Beet Juice or Cranberry Juice – different shades of pink

Dill seeds – brown to gold color

Grape juice – lavender

Strong coffee – different shades of brown

Yellow onion leaves, turmeric, orange and lemon peels, cumin or carrot tops – yellow

Paprika - orange

Spinach - green

Yellow Delicious apple peels - green/gold color

Blueberries – blue

Grass – green


Hard boil your eggs – let cool completely. Set aside.
Meanwhile, add 2 – 3 tablespoons vinegar to 4 cups of water along with whatever natural ingredients you have chosen. If you're using something solid (ie: cabbage leaves, you can use up to 4 cups) For spices use about 4 tablespoons. Bring your mixture to a boil and let simmer for ½ hour. Let cool – strain. Dip your eggs into the dye. The longer you leave them in, the more intense the color. Turn occasionally to keep the color even. Remove and allow to dry!

The World as You've Never Seen it Before!

Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest. Maps of Nuclear waste, Carbon emmisions, Greenhouse gasses etc
366 maps and PDF posters will be finished by February 2007.


  1. barb,
    Interresting trivia in today's blog. Have you seen the photos of the sealion on Conny's blog? They are so cute! Those sound like neat idea for dying the easter eggs but I cheat and buy plastic since EMma's not old enough to help me dye them yet- plus I can re-use them. Also if I forget where one is and she doesn't find it- we won't have the smelly results in a few days. The bear is super cute but I expect nothing less from you- you are so awesome! I love the poems and such you keep leaving on my blog- you even made me blush today. Well I'm off to upload more photos of my cutie from playing in the yard.

  2. Love the bear. Thank you. Great read today.

  3. love the polar bear elements the zebra in the tree...thanks for the tips on the egg coloring

  4. Thank you for the polar bear freebie...Also enjoyed the info on coloring easter eggs....Who would have thought...LOL Take care...


  5. Good Afternoon Barb.:)
    Thank you for coming to see me again..and for the wonderful comment.:)
    It was my Mom that needed the Dentist.I was along to keep her company.We went to Captain D's for lunch.This one was soooo good..everything was freshly cooked.mmmm.:)
    We went to Good Will again since it was near the Dentist.I got another Cookie Jar to add to my collection above my kitchen cabinets.I really don't need another one..but can't resist the ones that look like houses and have the gable windows.:)Sooo cute.:) Four dollars.:)We shopped a couple other places and then I had to get home.
    I got home and walked in the door and my dh was home already and came to the door and handed me the phone.It was my youngest son letting me know the family is coming over this evening.So..I get to see them and my grand daughters.:)I would love to crash on the sofa for a few minutes..but no time.LOL.
    Have a fantastic evening..see ya tomorrow.:)


  6. Thank you for the polar bear...I love to visit your blog it is always interesting and fun.

  7. I have been enjoying myself reading your blog and downloading the animals and can't remember if I comments on the polar bear or not. If so, I am here again. Thank you Barb for all of your hard work! Connie


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