Sunday, September 10, 2006


Just a short entry today. Have to get ready to lead worship music with Miles this morning and I am as nervous as a cat on a raft. We have not led in close to a year and my pipes are very rusty. I will be fine if no one runs screaming from the sanctuary w/ their hands over their ears.

A big chunk of yesterday was eaten up with preparing basil. Our dear friend Italia grows the most amazing basil ever, and she calls us before she plans to tear the plants up. As you can see, I had plenty of picking, drying and freezing to do.

Enjoy your day!

Send 'em a Cutout

I found this terrific site for Cut Outs - of almost anything! I'm thinking they would be terrific for place settings, kid activities or to tuck into greeting cards! You will have to see what I mean - I am very impressed. You can find them here:


  1. I bet you'll do fine with your singing!

    How nice that you got all that fresh basil! I've thought about putting some in since I use so much of it but didn't know what to do with it at the end of the season. Thank goodness I have time to research before planting it next year ;)

  2. Barb, I know you will be so great at leading the worship. You have a beutiful voice and spirit.

  3. fresh Basil..mmm...and you will be a blessing in your singing and in your love you show for God

  4. i bet the service was wonderful.
    and do i see fall elements here? nooooo..... not ready to give up summer. ! [thank you though for shring :)]

  5. Fresh basil is great! I have a plant under the kitchen window. Basil, thyme, mint... I enjoy just running out and grabbing some while making dinner. :)


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