Monday, September 11, 2006


Howdy Doody!

If I come off as a little goofy today, its because I am. I'm goofy because I'm at my husband's school helping out and that makes my heart smile. Not that there is a lot of call on my limited knowledge, but it is a great time to catch up with some of last year's students. The second reason I'm so lighthearted is because worship went well yesterday - I don't know why I was so nervous 'bout it - but several of you prayed for me and I am sure this carried me thru. The third reason that I am tickled pink is because its only one more sleep 'bfore I get my BIG birthday present. Yah, I know, I should have to wait for the 'official' day (Friday) but I'm very spoiled. I won't share here what I'm getting, tho a select few do know already. Sheesh, if I didn't tell my closest, the stick to me like a burr closest friends, why, I would have simply burst by now! You all will have to wait ... like I have been, one more sleep 'till I have it in my warm little paws. Hint: you will be able to enjoy my present too... guess it and I will make you an element - dedicated to you...

I was up at 6 a.m. (yawn!!!) to make Pepper, Pepperoni and cheddar biscuits for the troops at the school. If I get to help folks then I want their brains to have good fuel, you know!

Since I am at the school, I really can't blog because I have to keep myself available, so I'm going to leave you with a tip for today, and will catch up w/ you all tomorrow.

The Font Thing

I always assume that everybody in the world knows about The Font Thing - but not everybody does. The Font Thing is a FREE little program that allows you to preview fonts without being in another program. Scrapbookers will delight in this program. You may learn more about it and download it at the following link:


  1. can I guess..can i guess ..I guess not ...but sis I know you will do it proud and everyone will love ya...and The Font Thing is neat...everyone will love it

  2. You are a busy bee today! Crank up the music and boogie!~G

  3. An early Happy Birthday to you. Could it be you're getting a new puter? Thanks for the font thing

  4. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you. Do you still need pictures ? XO Val

  5. Happy Birthday Barb! I am guessing that you are getting a Wacom Tablet. I have one, you will absolutely love it.

    Also, thank you for sharing the Font Thing, I had it once but lost it in a reformat :P

    I am glad things went well for you yesterday too ;)

  6. I was thinking of a Tablet but peg guessed before me. Thanks for another great pic. Love reading your blog because you have such a great outlook on life... Thanks again


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