Saturday, September 30, 2006


Today is the day for my friend Gina's son Nick's funeral. It has been an incredibly long week for her and I imagine it will be very strange for her when everyone goes home, school, work. Please continue to visit her blog and help her get through the next lil while...

Miles rushed home to get me yesterday, because the "conditions were just perfect for photography" on a local little lake. I tossed everything together and off we went. I am still getting used to my camera, and I ended up being frustrated as I managed to have my camera stuck in macro mode lol! It's adjusted now...

We have to practice our song list for Worship tomorrow at Church and the weekend is chock full of work for Miles. Next weekened will be spent with our folks at the coast so I need to get everything wrapped up. Have a wonderful day!


New Fall Desktops

Its time to redecorate your desktop for fall and there are some really pretty (and meaningful) desktops to be found at Crosscards. Just hit the link below.



  1. thanks for the cute oual rope will be running circles around that camera in no time....yes crooscards has some wonderful desktop..

  2. TYS the great rope frame and the site link for fall desktops!

  3. i got off looking at the it for gina, and forgot to say thanks for the cool rope frames and the butterfly!
    have a happy weekend!

  4. thank you very much for the rope oval frame (I haven't spotted the butterfly yet *L* lol) you are very kind and generous, and I appreciate it greatly! Hugs, because I know it is also hard on you when a close friend is going through such emotional pain.

  5. This is darling and so original. I think I may have to use this for some pictures I have of my DD on a horse. :D Thanks! :D

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  7. Thank you for the frame, its so different!


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