Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I had to come and make a second post this morning, to share this link with you. It's NASA's view of the fires which are creeping closer and closer to us! Our community is located right to the left of the words British Columbia, right on the Canada/US border. We are threatened by the Tripod fire, while off to our left, the Tatoosh fire is creeping into Manning Park - a provincial treasure which is full of raw fuel in the form of beetle killed pine. Please pray our firefighters get the fires under control.


(you can also zoom in for a closer look!)


  1. thanks for the info...

  2. Thank you for the Nasa info .. it's very cool to watch.. hope all is well w/you though ? Love Ya! Val

  3. We are also being threatened by the fires we have cattle grazing up by snowy mtn. and Forestry has informed us to get them out before the Tatoosh fire burns us all out. Prematurly I'm backing up our pics and most precious items. I'm always reminded of the Garnet Fire and the fires of 2004 in Kelowna.

    Thanks for the NASA visual and the info. Lucie


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