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Today's entry is all about scrapping - not fighting with anyone, its about scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking in fact. I have been scrapping for a couple of years now and I can't imagine my life without it. Scrapping is an art form for me. It allows me to define what my life is about and express it on paper. As much as my 'traditional' art (painting and drawing) allows me to share who I am, digital scrapbooking allows me to organize the moments of my life with others.

There's an entire community of scrappers 'out there' and I've made some terrific friendships. I've personally never met a cold or indifferent person online who scraps. I've benefitted from the experience of many designer friends. This is one huge family and I'm so glad to have found my niche here.

my own design and elements

This brings me to a particularly distasteful subject. Most designers I know occaisionally give out free items on their blogs, for us all to enjoy. Do you know that people actually STEAL these free items? I know your begging to know how this is possible, and rather than me type out a huge explaination about this I will encourage you to take a visit to the blog of Rina Kroes who has recently been taken advantage of this and offers a complete explaination. You can visit her HERE Also, there is an entire website devoted just to the subject of piracy alone - how sad that we actually need one, hey? Just because it's free does not mean your not stealing. Visit Stop Piracy HERE

Leviticus 19:11
Do not steal.
Do not lie.
Do not decieve one another.

Now, the digital community is a close knit one and there are some terrific sites to help even the novice get going, with videos and radio and what-I-knows... here are some sites I find very helpful:

DIGISCRAP (tutorials)
DIGI SHOPTALK (radio - in fact they have a session on piracy!)

These are just a few - there are so many more.

paper from the fall pack at CWO

Listen to Free Radio

Get tired of listening to the same old stuff? Why not check out LIVE.365

After registering free, you can access radio stations of every genre, from all over the world - for free. There is everything from the Muppets and Math stations for kids, to classical, sci fi and old time radio with the old shows as well. You can even set 'presets' of your favorite stations! Visit LIVE.365 HERE


  1. I just found your site from Kim's site.. and I love it! thank you for the awesome tips and the great freebies.. although I havent really gotten to them yet.. but I saw them there.

  2. cute little red rooster...and thanks for the tips. Digital freebies is a great place to...they have lots of good thanks for the other sites .

  3. Love the rooster ... Can we adopt him ? Val


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