Thursday, September 21, 2006


I woke this morning to the sound of rain pattering outside and a sound that made me think of a duck taking a bath in a pond. This was Miles, shaving. (rinsing his razor) He's such a sweetie - getting up ahead of me and making me fresh coffee to wake up - not instant, not drip - no the real thing for me, fresh french pressed! As I come out to the computer I notice the light coming in thru the kitchen window has a new quality to it and I open the curtains to discover a fresh scrubbed earth outside. The colors are subtly changing with fall and the sunshine is bright but holds no heat.

Janice came over yesterday while the boys were in pre-school - yes, little Zach is already in pre-school! We spent the afternoon picking out her camera and all the accessories online at London Drugs. Woo Hoo! She will go pick it all up this weekend and next week we will be able to post tons of pics! I am so excited for her.

She brought me a dozen farm fresh eggs. Do you like 'em? They conjure up all sorts of warm thoughts in my mind as even as a child I knew how special they were. Seeing the rich brown shells and the rich, lemony yolks causes me to dream of making lemon merangue (sp?) pies and cream puffs and omlets... So, when she arrived with them in hand I already had plans to make a big fritatta using the ingredients on hand. It turned out perfect, filled with asperagus, onions, sun dried tomatoes, salami, basil leaves and various cheeses. Perfect for fall, for breakfasts, lunches or suppers. If you would care for my recipe please email me at

Smell-less Onions

We all know how one tiny sliced onion can affect the entire contents of our fridge... Here's a clever solution someone passed along to me. Use a large glass jar with a tight sealing lid. Mark the top of the jar so it will be dedicated only to onions. Store any sliced onion inside the jar - you will be able to clearly see the contents and they won't smell up your fridge!


  1. looks good and I missed out..thanks for the element...have a great day at school

  2. Oh Barb, that leaf element is super cool! I'm lovin it! As soon as I do my computer clean up, I will be back for that!

    Enjoy your time w/ Jeanie this morning! TTY when you get home!~G

  3. The fritta looks soo good. I must make one again soon. Thanks for the element


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