Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Please keep my friend Gina's family in prayer. Her son was in an accident, and though he does not have life threatening injuries it is a very difficult time for the family. How suddenly our life can change. I was ruminating on this all day, yesterday. After hearing about Steve Irwin my mind went immediately to his wife and family. Even though his risk was far greater to be injured or killed was completly increased due to his lifestyle, I'm know it hurts none the less. Every moment becomes more precious when we ponder that only God knows when our last one on earth is - and those of our loved ones. It 'wobbles' our world when tragedy strikes within the cirlce of those we know - for in the back of our mind we can't fully accept it won't happen to us. It's hard to know exactly what God wants from us at these trying times but I do know He wants us to pray for each other.

ROMANS 12:12
Be joyful in hope,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.

First the school, now our own home, and today, I will look after ... me! I'm talking about make-overs. I'm on a roll and now that the structures are all looked after I'm thinking I should touch up my 'lil self. Cleaning is hard on your nails, gals - so I'm planning on giving my hands a good conditioning, then will clip and file and paint the nails. Grooming 101 at my household. Miles may come home and wonder if he's got the right house! Speaking of which, I read an article recently which provides some sound advice on looking good - especially if your starting to 'move on' in years. There are always some basic things you can do to keep yourself looking younger. You don't HAVE to start melting into grey hair, buns and polyester - well, polyester has changed A LOT since our mother's days, I admit...

Looking Good

Here are some of the grooming ideas I learned:

  1. Shape your brows - its like getting a mini facelift, it completely changes your face!
  2. Use color to structure your face. Remember, light shades highlight or brings attention to features and dark shades play them down.
  3. Don't use too dark of a foundation - test it on your neck first, so you don't appear to be wearing a mask.
  4. Use eyeliner - it really brings out your eyes. Apply only a thin line right on the edge of your upper eyelid. If you put it on too thick, 'erase' the extra using a q-tip moistened with makeup remover. If your over 50, try to stay away from black - choose dark brown or grey.
  5. After 50, consider lining your lips a little bit. Key word, a little bit. Make sure your lip pencil is good and sharp, and use a slightly darker shade than your lipstick.
  6. Always wear mascara.
  7. Don't be afraid to play. Why not ask your cosmetician at a local drugstore to 'experiment' on you - hey, it washes off!

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  1. thanks for the tips and yes it time for Barb to relax soak those feet and put on the peel face stuff and have a good cup of tea or coffee....


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