Friday, September 15, 2006

Oh, Gee!

Thats what I say pretty much every day! Oh, Gee - I better get some breakfast into me, 'cuz my friend Gina will be checkin' He He - This girl keeps me on track, inline, accountable, in stitches - in delight. Gina "took me in" from SBB chat too, along with Sonya, a while back. She took a chance on us and the rest is history. We all spent some time together on Hello and it wasn't very long before that magical place of friendship was cultivated.

A more dedicated and devoted friend, there's not. I felt connected from day 1 - meeting you in 'real life' was no surprize in reality - somehow we already live in each other's houses before that day! Since then, I eagerly anticipate chatting to you daily - you keep me grounded, you keep me accountable, and I love that you have such a heart for God. Thank you for every moment we share - you make my days magical. Thank you for the georgeous layouts - I will cherish them!

For those of you who do not know Gina (Mrs. G to me) scoot on over to her blog, link to the left, Craftealady. Spending time w/ Gina is like having tea with your dearest friend every day. I think if you read her blog you will see what I mean.

God gave us the gift of friendship so we could know His love on earth.

A faithful friend is beyond price;
his worth is more than money can buy.


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  1. Dearest Barb!

    I wish you a wonderful B-Day! Thinking of you and sending you the warmest hug ever! Love ya! Valerie


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