Monday, September 18, 2006


Well, its looking like Blogger doesnot want me to upload my pictures of the weekend - and I'm not about to fight w/ it as I've learned Blogger is more stubborn than me... at least I got to put an element for you. I really, really wanted to put up a pic of the birthday card that Miles made me, but photoshop won't open it. Its a typical Monday.

First of all - CONGRATULATIONS SARAH - she's having her first baby! This is an exciting time for you and we will keep you in our prayers, and of course, I will create an element specially for you in the near future.

CONGRATS go out to ALISON (link to left) as well, for she just got hired for a new job! Way to go!

I will try to post some pics in the next few days. The weather on Friday was like me... moody. I think with all the hurry and stress and excitement lately my emotions were like the proverbial pressure-cooker and it ended up with me 'blowing a gasket' in Tonasket (rhymes pretty nicely, hey?) Poor Miles - he's come to the realisation that when I get to that point he better give me 5 to walk around and cool down because I feel like a trapped wolverine. Yes, this is me.. I feel its important to share w/ you so you know I have good and bad days just the same as you.

I used to boil over quite often, but Miles the Lion Tamer has gentled my heart to the point it happens very rarely, and he just loves me right out of it. I think it used to scare him, in fact, it used to scare me. It usually disappates quickly and then we can laugh about it. Miles is always gentle and that helps me a lot. We kind of have a joke - when I'm sweet all the time he calls me Polly (short for Pollyanna) and so when I was mad he was calling me Godzilla, which we married to Polly and now I was dubbed PollyZilla for Friday.


A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

The weather cleared up for Saturday and Sunday, and we actually had a great time together and got some much-needed rest. I got to use my camera lots but need to learn more, more more. Imagine my surprize and disappointment to find that all my amazing pics I took for most of the trip were sized to only 800 x 600 pixels...sheesh!

Nuff for now. You all have a good monday!

An Apple a Day

Truly, this is a simple tip, but it is fall, and apples abound, fresh and inexpensive. We live in the Okanagan, so we can actually go right to the packing house and pay only .25 lb! Also, I think I can't find one person I know who is not dieting right now.. so I think the following article is valuable for you to know why you should be eating them apples! Personally - I love to just core and cube an apple, add 1/4 cup trail mix (raw kind) and sprinkle with Watkins Cinnamon for a quick and tasty snack - before I'm tempted to go for something unhealthy!


  1. thanks for the element..they are neat....and nice to know things turned around on your birthday you to bits

  2. You poor thing... yes.. you can have a rough day.. I totally know what you are saying.. I am glad you are able to laugh at them together.. that is awesome. cant wait to see your pictures.



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