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Happy Summer Everybody! According to Global TV anyways - they inform me that summer began this very morning at 5:26 a.m. Did you wake up and smell the beach? Are you going on vacation? Our little community swells to twice it's size during the summer season, as we have an influx of pickers come to pick our bountiful fruit crop!

Leviticus 26:4

I will send you rain in its season,

and the ground will yield its crops

and the trees of the field their fruit.

Janice and I and Zach had a lovely day at the beach yesterday. We took ourselves to the library to load up on back issues of magazines, gathered a blanket, towel, beverage and 'digger tools' for Zach and drove to the Centennial Park - a quiet family-oriented place.

Zach in the Tube!

Zach had a hoot on the playground toys while Janice and I painted our nails and chatted.

Janice's Golden Raisin Toesies!

We did have an 'incident' while there... Janice had filled Zach's sippie container with Pop...and forgetting what we learned in science class in school, flipped it's lid while it was heated up - ooops! Janice diligently dug out her tide-to-go stick...but that would not have touched the gigondo stain that had erupted over her facade...she eventually had to borrow a shirt and soak it in laundry detergent. Two things of note - Shoppers Drug Mart, Life Brand Sparkling Soda's look to be 100% food coloring...but the Shoppers Drug Mart Life Brand Laundry Soap is amazing...completely cleaned Janices shirts!

Janice Tackling a Major Stain!

(Tide To Go is her Best Friend!)

CBC radio locally, each day has a feature called "Good Question". My conscience promted me to call in yesterday with my question. What happens to the fish in our lakes in the summer, when everyone on the beach who is slathered and coated in various sunscreens/lotions enter the water in droves? Have these compounds ever been tested directly on fish? With the lake heating up like bathwater and the bacteria multiplying like rabbits in the peak season - when its so hot more people are in a lake than out - what impact are we having on these fish. If we fish, are we eating these chemicals they ingest? Besides having to put up with loss of cover due to construction gone insane, and the increase of motorboats and personal water craft...does a poor carp even have a chance these days? Or will we have to wipe them out to learn. I'm not sure when they will air my question, but the program comes on sometime between 7:30 to 8 a.m. What do you think?


Staying Wired! For Free!

Friends of our are snowbirds, and I've often asked them if they encounter internet or wifi connections along the way. They were not aware of many at all! I decided to do research on my own - after all, I plan to check in on you-all every two weeks at the very least during vacation ;) I found a terrific resource which I will share with you! Not only is it the listings, its' FREE wifi listings, all over the place. I also notice at the top of the page there is a link to a blog which will list any recent additions to the listings. Just click on the following words:



  1. keep us posted when you are on the road ..we love you

  2. Such well painted toes indeed! Sorry about the unexpected physics lesson, but these things do happen. And thanks for the great WiFi link!!! (And the cute little ladybug.)

  3. Ooh.. interesting site, though we're really not travelling very far this summer but still a handy website to know about just in case.

    Have a great day!

  4. AnonymousJune 21, 2006

    Thanks so much for the cute ladybug!

  5. AnonymousJune 22, 2006

    Happy Summer to you too!

    your photos are great! and thanks for the bug!


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