Tuesday, June 27, 2006


With the weather sizzling - hovering close to 40 degrees Celcius, the water draws people like a magnet. We live on the shores of beautiful Osoyoos Lake - you can see here at a nearby hotel thru the webcam at the Sandy Beach Motel. Once you get to this Osoyoos Webpage just click the Osoyoos webcam link, located top left of the page.
As the heat builds, and we start to sweat, our bodies cry out for liquid. There are entrire markets built on trying to slake our thirsts. Yesterday, as we were watching the news, we noticed a shift in the commercials. Whereas during the cooler, rainy weather, there were generally mostly food commercials. Comforting, warm food. Now that we've had a certain number of 'degree' days - days over a certain number of degrees, the big companies are paying big bucks to monopolize your screen in hopes you will rush out of your house screaming for Coke, Pepsi, Juice and....yes, in this day and age, water.
Now, I'm middle aged, and I have a real hard time with the concept of buying water. In my lifetime you always just turned on the tap, and there you have it. Water. It was what you drank because you couldn't afford pop or juice or whatever. It was not something you went about flashing the lable of your drink container, anyways. And, somehow we've come to the conclusion that the water that comes from our tap is inferior to the water that comes neatly bottled - that its better to drink and toss than simply fill up a glass. In my way of thinking, if you don't trust your tap water, thats an issue worth correcting!
Its sort of funny, really, that companies get us to pay for drinking water. I always envision someone on the other end, filling new bottles from their garden hose or tap, packaging it, and here we are drinking it and feeling like its special cuz it has a fancy label on it that promises it is crystal, or glacier or pure.
Real Water.
When it all boils down (pun intended) the only thing that matters is that it IS water - when you become GENUINELY thirsty water is what quenches. Oh, they may ADD things to the water, but it all CONTAINS water in the first place, no?
We drink when we are not thirsty. We fill ourselves up with all sorts of liquids, and don't have to thirst. Its like life today. But doesn't water take on a whole new aspect when you drink it when you are thirsty? Jesus wants us to thirst for His word and he promises to slake it ... completely.
You know, when I started this blog, I didn't really know exactly what it would be, but I offered it up to the Lord, and asked Him to use it for whatever purpose He had in mind for it. He has used it to create a thirst in me. I do not PLAN out what will be written here, I trust He will provide me with what should be here daily - my thirst, His water!
JOHN 7:38
Whoever believes in me,
as the Scripture has said,
streams of living water will flow from within him


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Congratulations to our Grads at the Okanagan Similkameen Learning Centre, where my dear husband instructs!

The Centre is a place where adults attend on a drop-in basis to complete their highschool. Ages range from teens to 80 and upwards! I know firsthand the value of the Centre as I graduated a mere 6 years ago! There are Centres in three communities - Keremeos, Oliver and our own town of Osoyoos. I would especially like to congratulate our Osoyoos grads - Miles says Rob Tunnel has worked hard for his certificate, and there's a soft spot there for him. Patty and I've enjoyed 'Scrapping' together (scrapbooking, that is...we DON'T fight in school...) I look forward to working with you more, Patty!

Linda James - what a sweetie! Linda is a Gramma who has been not only attending school for this past decade, she's also held a job down at a local cafe. She just bubbles and glitters with happiness - WAY TO GO Linda, you deserve this so much!!

Val Scheer. Your not HERE - but you will be with each of us tonight. You worked SO hard. School was a passion with you. You lost a valiant battle with cancer, but you won over going passively. We love and miss you Val. Just 3 months short of your celebration day - we will have a space reserved for you tonight, center stage ... in our hearts. You were a HUGE inspiration to all, teachers and staff and students. We will look out for your husband, Gary in his time of need. We are so glad he will have an opportunity to share tonight what a special person you are, and what school meant to you.

Please pray for the Grads of our school as they accept their awards today.



This is a way you can use a paper clip to pit a cherry - Over a bowl or sink, unfold a paper clip at the center, and depending on the size of the cherry, slide either the clip's big or small end throught the top. Loosen the pit and pull! You can even leave a stem on your cherry, for decoration - simply insert the clip from the bottom. Be careful, as cherry juice stains!


  1. I feel the same way about bought water! Course we had to buy it when living overseas for 6 years (health reasons). But when I am home, bring on the tap!

  2. AnonymousJune 27, 2006

    thanks for the wonderful element...so very true...bless you and your ministry...great place to have one...right here on the internet

  3. just learning to like water....now at work I always have a 2 litre of water ..the pop just does not come close to quenching that thirst...what a neat tip for cherries....


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