Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Get this...I went to the BIG yard sale yesterday, not once, but TWICE! I burned a trail in the pavement down there when it began and spent $7.50. My buys included a working cordless phone and a limited print watercolor from a local artist, among other treasures. I was fully pleased and happy with this. Then Janice came with the children. And I assured her that really, really it was no problem to go AGAIN with her. No, no, no, in fact it would be a pleasure to take her there.
Janice with her 'treasures'
He's just a few feet high and he has the cutest little stutter that will win your heart over within seconds. He kinda starts off slowly and then his adorable sentiments come out in a rush with a shy toothy grin and sparkling eyes. Meet Zach - my little friend. We took him to last month's BIG yardsale, and he had a blast. This is a perfect place for little kids - there are so many toys, and they are allowed and even encouraged to play with them. He spends at least 1/2 hour trying everything out, and I have fun watching him while mom gets a much deserved break to look over the 'stuff' at the rest of the sale.
A - A - Auntie Barb, there's more toys up there!
Zach figures out a musical toy!
I won't tell your dad you like doll houses! Honest!
Well, the interesting thing happened on this second visit - I espied a like-new lifegear recumbent bike...for only $10...but being as its the end of the yardsale day, and they are anxious to unload and go home...and being its a large item they don't want to haul away...they simply snapped up my $5 offer... I did have to phone my sweet husband to go pick it up after work, as it was too big to fit in Jan's car. Wow, what a deal. Will give it a go later on today!
Have a Blessed Day!
Soothing Razor Burn
One of Janice's friends 'discovered' this tip on her own, being a mom. Razor burn is effectively and quicly soothed by applying 'baby bum cream' aka white zinc ointment.


  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2006

    It looks like you really had fun at the yard sale. Thank you so much for the see thru button element. it's really cute.

  2. AnonymousJune 08, 2006

    How much for the Doll House .. Gaby would have loved it! Got to go to Yardsales around here to find one for her! Love Valerie


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