Monday, June 19, 2006


First things first. First Miles needed me to wrap a few photographs (six feet long!) so, bleary eyed and half awake he set me loose with scissors and scotch tape... what a brave soul. He actually asked me to wrap one, there were three. I figured (in the side of the brain us women think on) that I may as well do all three as one, and hoping to be praised later on, I went ahead, took initiative and wrapped all three. I managed not to cut myself or the carpet - I wrap on a clean sheet on the floor so the pics don't gather dust, oils etc - nor mummify myself in the process. I stumbled back into the office where Miles was scurrying like a caffinated mouse getting ready for work. I confessed my wonderful deed and his response was to inform me that he needed one 'not wrapped' for a demo....sheesh!
The second priority was to be available for my sweet friend Amalia who came over to measure our van for new curtains. She's an awesome seamstress and I am looking forward to the new look of our home away from home. She's brought several samples of material she has on hand... some that interests me has brown elephants on it. he he! We will see what Miles thinks.
Miles made a very sad call last night. One of our students at the school, Val, who should have graduated this year died of cancer a few short months ago. She will still graduate, she's just not with us anymore :( Miles phoned her husband last night and spoke with her husband. He's very broken up and this time is especially hard for him. The school meant a great deal to Val, she attended right up to the very end. In some ways the school kept her looking ahead even though she knew she was not going to be here. She will be much missed.
We went out to the Desert Center last night and took photos. I found myself taking pictures purely to make brush textures in Photoshop.... how geekish am I these days? I don't think I can post another pic in this blog, so I will post the page I created in the Scrapbook-bytes chat above this entry. Here's one of the pics I took to create a brush:
Don't Get Burned!
Keep the grease from splattering. Sprinkle a little salt in your frying pan before cooking.

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