Friday, June 30, 2006




I hope you enjoy my barb wire element! I had created this look for my banner, when in speaking with Kristin - aka Wyowoman - she mentioned this would be a great element to create. The downloadable one is 12 inches long and can stretch across an entire scrapbook page - or alternately, you may want to use it in smaller pieces. I also took the drop shadow off the png - so you can add your own depending on your Layout!

Busy, busy I tell you! Did not even have time to phone our Aunt Rose last night and wish her a Happy Birthday - but will try that tonight. If you're reading this Aunt Rose then Squee Squee Squee for you.

James doing the Graduation 'NANO NANO'

I was invited to a small folks graduation yesterday! My young friend James graduated out of preschool - cap and gown and all. The young grads entertained us with several poems and songs ( with actions, no less! ) Guess when you grow up you no longer have to do the songs and things. Thanks for inviting me James! I've created an online gallery of the festivities, and you may visit it by clicking HERE.

Alison with the Babe-licious Smile!

I spent a good chunk of time helping my sweet friend Alison get her banner up on her blog - looks GREAT Ali! I am so proud of you for sticking it out even though we both would have liked to toss Photoshop into the trash lol!

I won't QUOTE a scripture here, but instead, I point you to the right and up a bit of this entry, where you see the bible gateway scripture of the day. In case you have not noticed yet, you can click onto the little audio icon ( MAKE SURE YOUR VOLUME IS ON! on your computer ) and the entire PASSAGE will be read to you in a really expressive way!


Mess-less Spray Painting

This is a hint for those smaller items you want to spray. Simply place the item inside a large paper shopping bag - yes, they still exist - then spray! The bag will keep the extra paint inside. Leave your item inside to dry. Once dry, remove your item and throw the bag away!


  1. thanks for the barb wire element..and that good tip..have a great weekend

  2. aw... that James looks like a cutie! I am so excited to have my custom made barbedwire!!
    I use that paper bag trick for spray adhesive!


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